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Norwegian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Norwegian steam merchant Senta.

Aboard Senta when hit on 13 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
SwedishBerndt, Hans, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
BritishCheetham, James Stanley, Merchant Navy17Junior Ordinary SeamanSenta +
BritishDippie, Alexander, Merchant Navy17TrimmerSenta +
NorwegianEriksen, Erik Thorleif, Merchant NavyDonkeymanSenta +
NorwegianGjelstad, Anton, Merchant NavyCookSenta +
NorwegianGranøe, Mauritz, Merchant Navy43Chief OfficerSenta +
NorwegianHansen, Paul Kåre, Merchant NavyTrimmerSenta +
NorwegianHenriksen, Karl Bernhard, Merchant Navy43Second Engineer OfficerTrolla, Senta +
BritishHerring, William, Merchant Navy26TrimmerSenta +
NorwegianHolta, Oskar Walter, Merchant NavyGunnerSenta +
NorwegianJenssen, Eugen Petter Mørch, Merchant NavyStewardSenta +
NorwegianJohansen, Arvid, Merchant NavyGunnerSenta +
NorwegianJohansen, Harald Eilert H., Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Senta +
NorwegianJohnsen, Gerhard, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
NorwegianKristoffersen, Leif Helge, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
NorwegianKvamme, Ottar R., Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
NorwegianLarsen, Magnus Johannes, Merchant Navy46Able SeamanSenta +
NorwegianLoftaas, Leif Kristian, Merchant NavyStokerSenta +
BritishLopez, Oswald, Merchant Navy22Galley BoySenta +
NorwegianMadsen, Martin Nicolay, Merchant Navy33FiremanFerm, Senta +
NorwegianMatre, Karl Christoffer, Merchant NavyCarpenterSenta +
BritishMead, George, Merchant Navy32Radio OfficerSenta +
NorwegianMidtgård, Peder Andreas Wilhelmsen, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
NorwegianMolnes, Sigurd Hans, Merchant NavyThird OfficerSenta +
NorwegianNilsen, Lars, Merchant Navy46Second OfficerSenta +
NorwegianNilssen, Jørgen, Merchant Navy48StokerSenta +
SwedishOlson, Svend, Merchant NavyStokerSenta +
BritishParker, William, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoySenta +
NorwegianPedersen, John Hilmar, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerSenta +
NorwegianPedersen, Peder, Merchant Navy47StokerSenta +
NorwegianRasmussen, Trygve Konrad, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSenta +
NorwegianRustad, Conrad Emil, Merchant Navy47MasterSenta +
NorwegianSivertsen, Sivert Andreas, Merchant Navy57Chief Engineer OfficerSenta +
NorwegianVang, Sten Albert Emanuel, Merchant NavyStokerSenta +
NorwegianWold, Kåre, Merchant NavyGunnerSenta +

35 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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