Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats

HMS Phoebe (43)

British light cruiser

Photo courtesy of Paul Johnson Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British light cruiser HMS Phoebe (43).

Aboard HMS Phoebe (43) when hit on 23 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Austin, George Alexander, RN31Stoker 2nd Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Baker, William Henry, RN21Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Bateman, Peter, RN16Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Bell, Ewart John Charles Henry, RN22Electrical Mechanic 5th Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Brush, George Carleton, RN45Chief Engine Room Artificer HMS Phoebe (43) +
Clarkson, Oswald, RN27Stoker 2nd Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Denton, Stanley, RN23Leading Stoker HMS Phoebe (43) +
Docherty, John, RN40Petty Officer Stoker HMS Phoebe (43) +
Elliott, William Albert, RN27Petty Officer Stoker HMS Phoebe (43) +
Erridge, Albert Charles, RM29Bandmaster 2nd Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Fairminer, Victor Douglas Horace, RNLeading Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Frend, Charles Peter, RNCaptain HMS Phoebe (43)
Game, John Edwin, RN28Leading Sick Berth Attendant HMS Phoebe (43)
Gooch, Frank William, RNAble Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Grant, Thomas Oliver, RN23Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43)
Harrison, William Charles, RNSteward HMS Phoebe (43) +
Henderson, George, RN17Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Howe, Stanley George, RFR38Petty Officer Stoker HMS Phoebe (43) +
Jones, Donald Edwin, RN31Able Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Lamprill, John, RN22Electrical Mechanic 5th Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Lancefield, Ronald Vivian, RM23Marine HMS Phoebe (43) +
Little, Alexander Anthony, RN20Leading Radio Mechanic HMS Phoebe (43) +
Lord, Douglas William, SANF19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
MacCallum, Gordon Blair, RN23Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Mallett, Henry Arthur, RM28Marine HMS Phoebe (43) +
Martin, Peter Jack, RN16Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Maunder, James Noel, RN33Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Maw, George, RN19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Miatt, Geoffrey William Buchanan, RN17Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Millin, Arthur Ernest Walter, RN23Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Mills, Edgar, RN19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Moulder, George William, RN20Ordinary Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Murray, Isaac, RN20Stoker 2nd Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Needham, Walter, RN21Able Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Paul, Ernest Sidney, RN25Able Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Pickett, Edward Isaac, RN19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Rawson, Vincent, RN19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Riley, Victor John, RN19Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Robertson, Alexander Mcgill, RN18Ordinary Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Sancto, Ronald, RN21Stoker 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Sewell, Bertie Wilfred, RN33Able Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Sharpe, Jack, RN16Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Slapp, William John, RN17Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Smith, Hardy Leonard, RN34Petty Officer HMS Phoebe (43)
Stirling, James, RNAble Seaman HMS Phoebe (43) +
Swallow, William Alfred Charles, RN16Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Taylor, Harold, RM21Marine HMS Phoebe (43) +
Tompkins, Ernest Victor, RN24Stoker 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Tribble, Ernest William, RN16Boy 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Turvey, Horace Albert, RN42Chief Mechanician 2nd Class HMS Phoebe (43) +
Wood, Frederick George, RN37Able Seaman (RDF) HMS Phoebe (43) +
Woodfine, Alfred Francis, RN21Stoker 1st Class HMS Phoebe (43)
Woodrow, Harold Frank, RM35Sergeant HMS Phoebe (43) +

53 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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