Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


British motor passenger ship

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor passenger ship Abosso.

Aboard Abosso when hit on 29 Oct 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAdade, Thomas, Merchant Navy34BoyAbosso +
BritishAdams, Frederick Charles, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishAgnew, James Alexander, Merchant Navy23Senior Fourth Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishAkapo, G., Merchant NavyBoyAbosso +
BritishAllitt, William Edward, Merchant Navy30Third OfficerAbosso +
BritishAlmond, John, Merchant Navy22Ordinary SeamanAbosso +
BritishAndrew, , Merchant Navy25BoyAbosso +
DutchArnts, Jacobus Johannes, Royal Dutch Navy28Passenger (Korporaal machinist)Abosso +
BritishAtack, Frederick Rex, Merchant Navy18Radio OfficerAbosso +
BritishAthill, Alan Hubert, RAFVR20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchAvaling, Gerard, Royal Dutch Army32Passenger (Korporaal)Abosso +
BritishBackstrom, James, Merchant Navy35CookAbosso +
BritishBailey, Jeffrey, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerAbosso +
DutchBakker, Maarten den, Royal Dutch Army28Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishBalls, Harry Bertram, Merchant Navy40First ElectricianAbosso +
CanadianBangs, F.H., RAFPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso
DutchBannink, Arend Jan, Royal Dutch Navy37Passenger (Stoker-olieman)Abosso +
BritishBarnby, Thomas, Merchant Navy36StewardAbosso +
BritishBartling, John Victor, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanAbosso +
BritishBean, Ernest, Merchant Navy17ApprenticeAbosso +
BritishBeesley, Edwin George, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerAbosso +
BritishBeggs, Sydney Charles, Merchant Navy33StewardAbosso +
BritishBennett, Sidney, Merchant Navy25Fifth Engineer OfficerAbosso +
DutchBergh, Alexander van den, Royal Dutch Army36Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchBerk, Arie van, Royal Dutch Navy34Passenger (Korporaal machinist)Abosso +
DutchBerkel, Bernardus van, Royal Dutch Army25Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchBijl, Adrianus, Royal Dutch Navy24Passenger (Stoker-olieman)Abosso +
DutchBijsterveld, Adrianus Teunis, Royal Dutch Army36Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
South AfricanBird, George Frederick, Civilian79PassengerAbosso +
BritishBirtwistle, Herbert Joseph, RAF22Passenger (Flight Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishBisset, John Alexander, Merchant Navy26Third Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishBlanchard, Eric William, RAFVR27Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso +
DutchBlokker, Maarten, Royal Dutch Navy32Passenger (Korporaal machinist)Abosso +
DutchBlokker, Petrus Johannes Theodorus, Royal Dutch Army33Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
South AfricanBlom, J., Civilian21PassengerAbosso +
DutchBoer, Theodorus de, Royal Dutch Army34Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
ItalianBonelli, Ugo Achille, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star, Abosso
DutchBoogaard, Jacobus Leonardus van den, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Korporaal)Abosso +
DutchBoogaerdt, Arie Jan, Royal Dutch Army31Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishBooth, Patrick Daniel, British Army22Passenger (Staff Serjeant)Abosso +
DutchBosman, Albert, Royal Dutch Navy35Passenger (Korporaal torpedomaker)Abosso +
DutchBotbijl, Cornelis Jan, Royal Dutch Army29Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishBoyd, Joseph, Merchant Navy21Ordinary SeamanAbosso +
BritishBrand, Francis, Merchant Navy37Able SeamanAbosso +
BritishBreary, Frank, Merchant Navy56Assistant StewardAbosso +
DutchBreebaart, Jan Jacobus Johannes, Royal Dutch Navy43Passenger (Sergeant torpedomaker)Abosso +
BritishBrewer, Edward Victor, British Army28Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishBromley, William George, RAFPassenger (Sergeant)Abosso
BritishBrown, David, Merchant Navy33Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishBrown, John James, Merchant Navy46StewardAbosso +
BritishBrown, William, Merchant Navy23SailorAbosso +
BritishBrown Seboe, , Merchant Navy34CleanerAbosso +
DutchBruijn, Lucas, Royal Dutch Navy28Passenger (Korporaal monteur)Abosso +
DutchBruinink, Johan Evert, Royal Dutch Navy41Passenger (Majoor torpedomaker)Abosso +
BritishBuchanan, William Thomas, Merchant Navy54ChefAbosso +
DutchBurgers, Albertus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army32Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchBurgh, Gerrit Jeskiel van der , Royal Dutch Navy23Passenger (Matroos 3e klasse ZM)Abosso +
BritishByrne, Gerald, Merchant Navy23Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishCalley, John Scott, Merchant Navy41Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishCandy, Richard Stafford, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso +
BritishCarmichael, John, Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishCarmichael, William James, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanAbosso +
BritishCarroll, Francis, Merchant Navy41PantrymanAbosso +
BritishCheesman, Joan Alexandra, Civilian20PassengerAbosso +
BritishChristian, John Edward, Merchant Navy30Assistant BakerAbosso +
BritishCole, J., Merchant NavyCleanerAbosso +
BritishConnolly, Thomas Joseph, Merchant Navy25SailorAbosso +
BritishCook, Reginald, British Army23Bombardier (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishCooper, Richard Henry Arthur, Merchant Navy19BoyAbosso +
DutchCoumou, Henry Cristoph John, Royal Dutch Navy33Passenger (Luitenant ter zee 1e klasse)Abosso
DutchCouten Piccardt Wieringa, Johannes Gerhardus van, Royal Dutch Navy27Passenger (Luitenant ter zee 2e klasse)Abosso +
BritishCox, Willlam Marshall, Merchant Navy32FiremanAbosso +
BritishCrabtree, Walter, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishCroft, Harold, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 1st Class)Abosso +
BritishCundy, Robert Arthur, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishCurrin, Robert, Merchant Navy41Chief StewardAbosso +
South AfricanDale Lace, Lance Ernest Cecil, British Army46Passenger (Lieutenant Colonel)Abosso +
BritishDavenport, James Reginald, Merchant Navy22QuartermasterAbosso +
BritishDavies, David George, RAFVRPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso +
BritishDavies, Edward Vaughan, Merchant Navy60MasterAbosso
BritishDavies, Joseph, Merchant Navy31CarpenterAbosso +
BritishDe La Bere, Ann, Civilian18PassengerAbosso +
DutchDegenkamp, Johannes Evert, Royal Dutch Army27Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishDesmond, Dennis Alexander, RAFVR31Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchDienaar, Nicolaas, Royal Dutch Army42Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishDiment, Ralph Francis, RAF37Passenger (Corporal)Abosso +
BritishDobson, Percy Claude, RM46Sergeant (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishDolan, Edward, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishDonnelly, Thomas, Merchant Navy39Chief CookAbosso +
BritishDowling, Richard Joseph, Merchant Navy52First Radio OfficerAbosso +
BritishDown, Charles Joseph, Merchant Navy22Fourth Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishDrake, Joseph, Merchant Navy22Seventh Engineer OfficerAbosso +
DutchDrost, Hendrik Roelof, Royal Dutch Army32Passenger (Korporaal)Abosso +
BritishDuncan, Irene Beaton, Civilian23PassengerAbosso +
BritishDunn, William, Merchant Navy48StewardAbosso +
BritishDunne, Daniel, British Army27Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishDutton, George, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishEdington, William Stoddart, RNR49Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (E))Abosso +
BritishEgbene, James, Merchant NavySteward's BoyAbosso +
DutchEster, Dirk, Royal Dutch Navy30Passenger (Stoker-olieman ZM)Abosso +
BritishEveritt, Arthur Claude, Merchant Navy21Junior Engineer OfficerAbosso +
DutchFeijst, Barend Sijtze van der, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishFitzpatrick, Desmond, Merchant Navy23Assistant BakerAbosso +
BritishFletcher, Wilfred Edward, Merchant Navy18Deck BoyAbosso +
BritishFoggo, Arthur Richard, RAFVRPassenger (Flight Lieutenant)Abosso +
BritishFoxcroft, Arthur O., Merchant Navy54StewardAbosso +
BritishFrackleton, Edward, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanAbosso +
DutchFrank, Berend Jan, Royal Dutch Navy23Passenger (Matroos 2e klasse)Abosso +
BritishFray, Roger William, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchFrederix, Hubertus, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanAbosso +
BritishFreeman, George, Merchant NavyBoyAbosso +
BritishFreeman, S., Merchant NavyCleaner (Assistant)Abosso +
BritishFurminger, Ernest William, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishGallant, Harry, Merchant Navy23SailorAbosso +
BritishGallon, Albert, Merchant Navy31BarkeeperAbosso +
South AfricanGalloway, Hedwig Matilda, Civilian56PassengerAbosso +
BritishGannon, Thomas C., Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishGittings, John Alexander, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishGoodrum, Harry Walter, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishGore, James Arthur, RAF29Passenger (Flight Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishGough, Arthur Allerton, Merchant Navy33Second Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishGraham, Joseph Robert, Merchant Navy42PantrymanAbosso +
BritishGreen, Arthur, Merchant Navy40Chief StewardAbosso +
DutchGroenenboom, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army28Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishHackman, John, Merchant Navy25PlumberAbosso +
BritishHaigh, Walter, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHall, Gordon Lawrence, British Army31Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishHamlett, Sidney Herbert, RAFVR23Passenger (Corporal)Abosso +
BritishHargrave, Owen Russell, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishHarrigan, James, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHawthorn, John, Merchant Navy21QuartermasterAbosso +
BritishHazard, Gerard, Merchant Navy17Deck BoyAbosso +
BritishHeald, Sydney, RAFVR22Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso +
DutchHeij, Joachim, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
DutchHemmerlé, Antoon, Royal Dutch Army27Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishHenning, John Duncan, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardAbosso +
DutchHertog, Johannes Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army34Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchHeusden, Jan Hendrik Christiaan van, Royal Dutch Army32Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishHill, A.E., Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHill, William Reginald, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHobdell, Harry John, Merchant Navy22Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishHockaday, Horace, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHogan, Philip, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHolohan, Edward, RNAble Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishHood-Webb, Richard Ernest Leonard, Merchant Navy27Radio OfficerAbosso +
DutchHoogland, Jan, Royal Dutch Army27Passenger (Tweede-Luitenant)Abosso +
BritishHopkins, William, Merchant Navy39CookAbosso +
BritishHorey, John William Frederick, British Army22Lance Bombardier (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
DutchHoutman, Marinus, Royal Dutch Navy27Passenger (Korporaal monteur)Abosso +
BritishHowells, Richard Alexander, Merchant Navy41Chief StorekeeperAbosso +
BritishHughes, Ernest William, Merchant Navy50Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishHumphries, M.E., RAFPassenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso
BritishHynes, William Joseph, Merchant Navy52Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishIlori, A., Merchant Navy26BoyAbosso +
DutchImhoff, Gustaaf Willem van, Royal Dutch Army34Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishIvory, Edward Peter, Merchant Navy41Able SeamanAbosso +
BritishJackson, Thomas Tindale, Civilian62PassengerAbosso +
BritishJohnson, Arthur, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishJohnson, John, Merchant Navy22ElectricianAbosso +
BritishJones, Charles H., Merchant Navy26Assistant StoresAbosso +
BritishJones, Glyn, Merchant Navy30StewardAbosso +
BritishJones, Henry William, Merchant Navy56Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishJones, John Lewis, Merchant Navy38QuartermasterAbosso +
DutchJong, Jan Diederik de, Royal Dutch Army37Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchJuda, George Henri, Royal Dutch Army34Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishJude, Patrick, Merchant NavyAssistant CookAbosso +
BritishKangley, Edward, Merchant Navy26StewardAbosso +
BritishKehoe, Terence James, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishKelsey, Robert Ronald, RAFVR30Passenger (Leading Aircraftman)Abosso +
BritishKenyon, Reginald Arthur, Merchant Navy40Chief OfficerAbosso +
DutchKiburg, Adriaan, Royal Dutch Navy32Passenger (Matroos 1e klasse)Abosso +
BritishKingston, James Edward, Merchant Navy39BakerAbosso +
DutchKlappe, Steven, Royal Dutch Navy24Passenger (Matroos 1e klasse)Abosso +
DutchKnijff, Leonardus Albertus, Royal Dutch Army27Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
DutchKolhorn, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army35Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchKopuit, Louis, Royal Dutch Army20Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchKrift, Rutger van der, Royal Dutch Navy25Passenger (Stoker-olieman)Abosso +
BritishLawry, Charles Mervyn, RAFVR20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishLloyd, John, Merchant Navy19Deck BoyAbosso +
BritishLumsden, Carlos Gerald Hugh Edward, RAF39Passenger (Squadron Leader)Abosso +
BritishLunn, Bertha Nellie, Civilian66PassengerAbosso +
BritishMaddocks, Arthur Stanley, Merchant Navy23Carpenter's MateAbosso +
BritishMainey, Thomas Henry, Merchant Navy35StewardAbosso +
BritishMankerty, Frank Edward, Merchant Navy31Assistant BakerAbosso +
BritishManneh, Jim, Merchant NavyHeadmanAbosso +
BritishMansbridge, Jack, Merchant Navy35StewardAbosso +
BritishMarcus, Alick Arthur, RAFVR20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishMarshall, Jerome Joseph Leo, Merchant Navy48Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishMartin Saweh, , Merchant NavyCleanerAbosso +
BritishMatthews, Harry George, RAFPassenger (Warrant Officer)Abosso +
BritishMaughan, John Robert Skelton, British Army28GunnerAbosso +
BritishMay, Albert Victor, Merchant NavyQuartermasterAbosso
BritishMcCarthy, William Alphonsus, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishMcDonald, Laurence, Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishMcDowell, Thomas, Merchant Navy43Chief StewardAbosso +
DutchMeijer, Jan, Royal Dutch Army33Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchMeijer, Pieter, Royal Dutch Army36Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishMidgley, Harold, Merchant Navy37SailorAbosso +
BritishMillis, Ernest Thomas, RAF30Passenger (Warrant Officer)Abosso +
BritishMoore, Charles Earl Noel, Merchant Navy19Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishMoore, John George, Merchant Navy22Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishMorrison, Graham Philip, RN22Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
DutchMuller, Hendrik Jan, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishMurphy, John, Merchant Navy28CookAbosso +
BritishMurray, John Keith, RAFVR22Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishMylrea, Wilfrid, Merchant Navy53Chief Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishNimbly, Tom, Merchant Navy48CleanerAbosso +
BritishNwamno, William, Merchant Navy40CookAbosso +
BritishO'Neill, J., Merchant Navy30SailorAbosso +
BritishOldfield, William, Merchant Navy52ButcherAbosso +
South AfricanOlivier, S., Civilian28PassengerAbosso +
BritishOrr, Edward, Merchant Navy40StewardAbosso +
DutchOudejans, Gerardus Antonius, Royal Dutch Army33Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishOultram, John Robinson, Merchant Navy53Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishPascoe, George Alfred, RN20Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishPennington, Albert, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishPettigrew, Gordon Hood Whitelaw, RAFVR21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishPickering, Harry, Merchant Navy42Senior Second Engineer OfficerAbosso +
DutchPoortenaar, Hendrik, Royal Dutch Army36Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishPowell, Rupert Dudley, RAFVR20Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchPrins, Cornelis Martijn, Royal Dutch Navy26Passenger (Korporaal torpedomaker)Abosso +
BritishQuinn, Thomas James, Merchant Navy38Assistant ButcherAbosso +
BritishRandle, Harry, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardAbosso +
DutchReijrink, Theodorus Christianus, Royal Dutch Army29Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchRenema, Andries, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchReuhl, Willem Mathijs, Royal Dutch Army28Passenger (Eerste-Luitenant)Abosso +
BritishRhodes, Sidney, RAF29Passenger (Flight Sergeant)Abosso +
ItalianRiani, Columbo, CivilianPassenger (Internee)Arandora Star, Abosso +
DutchRietbroek, Joseph, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishRigby, Cyril, Merchant Navy29Senior Third Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishRiley, Hugh, Merchant Navy19Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishRoach, Frederick, RAF34Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishRobert, Forkae, Merchant NavyCleaner (Assistant)Abosso +
BritishRoberts, Henry Charles, British Army31Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishRoberts, Robert, Merchant Navy46StewardAbosso +
BritishRoche, Gerald, RAF23Passenger (Warrant Officer)Abosso +
BritishRodham, John Pratt, British Army21Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
DutchRos, Jan Emile Robbert, Royal Dutch Navy38Passenger (Officier marinestoomvaartdienst 1e klasse)Abosso +
BritishRosser, Edwin George, RN26Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
DutchRueb, Albertus Willem, Royal Dutch Army29Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchRuyter, Dirk F. de, Royal Dutch NavyPassenger (Quartermaster)Abosso
BritishSadler, Albert, Merchant Navy35Chief BakerAbosso +
BritishSaxton, Harry, Merchant Navy32Assistant ButcherAbosso +
BritishSayle, William Arthur, Merchant Navy34Boatswain (Bosun)Abosso +
DutchSchanstra, Jacob, Royal Dutch Army41Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchSchiering, Antonius Marie Franciscus, Royal Dutch Army32Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchSchippers, Jan, Royal Dutch Navy24Passenger (Luitenant ter zee 2e klasse)Abosso +
BritishScott, Francis, Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishScott, Thomas Edward, Merchant Navy24Assistant CookAbosso +
BritishShaw, John Farrell, Merchant Navy29Steward HairdresserAbosso +
BritishShirley, Wilfred, RAF36Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishSinclair, Alexander Hunter, Merchant Navy64SurgeonAbosso +
BritishSkae, John Telfer, Merchant Navy31Assistant ButcherAbosso +
BritishSkutil, Ernest Theo, Merchant Navy31Steward HairdresserAbosso +
BritishSlawson, Thomas Reginald, Merchant Navy55PurserAbosso +
DutchSliedrecht, Adrianus Willem, Royal Dutch Army42Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchSlot, Pieter, Royal Dutch Navy32Passenger (Sergeant machinist)Abosso +
DutchSluijter, Johannes Mattheus, Royal Dutch Army39Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchSluijters, Jacobus Johannes, Royal Dutch Army30Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishSmallshaw, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy22ElectricianAbosso +
DutchSmit, Hermanus Gerardus, Royal Dutch Navy34Passenger (Majoor machinist)Abosso +
BritishSmith, John Stanley, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishSmith, Philip Copeman, Merchant Navy27Sixth Engineer OfficerAbosso +
BritishSnowball, , Merchant Navy30Steward's BoyAbosso +
DutchSorias, Abraham, Royal Dutch Army20Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
DutchSpaans, Martinus, Royal Dutch Army31Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishStarling, John Gidney, Merchant Navy30Radio OfficerAbosso +
BritishStevens, George, Merchant Navy47Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishStevenson, William Harold, Merchant Navy41Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishSwinney, Thomas William, Merchant Navy58CookAbosso +
DutchTasseron, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army34Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishTate, Reginald William, Merchant Navy54MasterAbosso +
BritishTebbit, Harold Paul Lister, Merchant Navy18Third Radio OfficerAbosso +
DutchThiele, Cornelis, Royal Dutch Navy41Passenger (Korporaal kok)Abosso +
CanadianThomson, William B., RAFPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso
BritishThorne, Anne, CivilianPassengerAbosso +
BritishToms, Keith Stanley, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchToorn, Cornelis van der, Royal Dutch Army38Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishTuck, Sidney Ronald, RAFVR21Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishTudor, Thomas William, British Army20Serjeant (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishTyler, Frederick, RAF36Passenger (Warrant Officer)Abosso +
DutchVeldkamp, Egbert, Royal Dutch Army31Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
DutchVerdouw, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army31Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
DutchVerdouw-Bognaz, Irene, Civilian29PassengerAbosso +
DutchVijverberg, Johannes, Royal Dutch Army28Passenger (Soldaat)Abosso +
BritishVillars, Ernest Joseph James, RAF30Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishVince, Walter Redvers, Merchant Navy42Second Radio OfficerAbosso +
BritishVirgo, Denis James, RAFVR26Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
AustrianVivenot, Alexis Johann Maria Freiherr von, Civilian33Passenger (Internee)Abosso +
DutchVliet, Hendrikus Mac Leot van der, Royal Dutch Navy27Passenger (Matroos 3e klasse ZM)Abosso +
DutchWagensveld, Maas van, Royal Dutch Army24Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
DutchWagenveld, Gerardus, Royal Dutch Navy36Passenger (Schipper)Abosso +
DutchWagner, Hendrik Frederik August, Royal Dutch Navy40Passenger (Sergeant monteur)Abosso +
BritishWalker, John, Merchant NavySteward's BoyAbosso +
BritishWalshaw, Charles Alfred Tozer, RAFVRPassenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
BritishWard, Charles Frederick, RAF22Passenger (Sergeant)Abosso +
BritishWatkin, Arthur, Merchant Navy37Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishWebb, Gordon Allison, RAFVR23Passenger (Pilot Officer)Abosso +
DutchWeug, Jan Gerrit, Royal Dutch Navy39Passenger (Korporaal konstabel)Abosso +
BritishWilkins, Charles John, Merchant Navy25Assistant PurserAbosso +
BritishWilkinson, Benjamin Frederick, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardAbosso +
BritishWilletts, Jabez, British Army21Gunner (DEMS gunner)Abosso +
BritishWilliams, Howard Lloyd, Merchant Navy25QuartermasterAbosso +
BritishWilliams, Joseph Toe, Merchant NavyBoyAbosso +
BritishWilliams, Prince, Merchant Navy28BoyAbosso +
BritishWood, Cyril William, Merchant Navy30Second OfficerAbosso +
BritishWood, Robert, Merchant Navy47Chief BakerAbosso +
BritishWright, Alfred Ernest, Merchant Navy31Second OfficerAbosso +
DutchZilverschoon, Marinus, Royal Dutch Navy25Passenger (Matroos 2e klasse)Abosso +
BritishZink, Frederick, Merchant Navy58StewardAbosso +

310 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.