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Dutch motor passenger ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch motor passenger ship Zaandam.

Aboard Zaandam when hit on 2 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
DutchAbdoelrachman, , Merchant Navy37ServantZaandam
DutchAdam, , Merchant Navy22ServantZaandam
AmericanAdams, Daniel P., Merchant Marine43Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
DutchAdenawie, , Merchant Navy37ServantZaandam +
DutchAdriaansz, Wilhelmus Joannes, Merchant Navy47Able SeamanZaandam
Puerto RicanAlicea, Puro, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
DutchAmat, , Merchant Navy30LaundrymanZaandam +
DutchAmin, , Merchant Navy26ServantZaandam
AmericanAnglin, Ernest, Merchant Marine60Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
DutchApon, Cornelis, Merchant Navy46PurserZaandam +
DutchArman, , Merchant Navy50LaundrymanZaandam
AmericanArnold, C.V., Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanArtrip, Denver Tolvey, USNR23Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
DutchAstro, , Merchant Navy32ServantZaandam
AmericanAustin, W., USN21Radioman Third ClassZaandam
PhilippineBadiola, Lorenzo, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
DutchBarendrecht, Jan, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanZaandam
AmericanBarnes, Charles William, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
AmericanBarnes, Gerald Grayson, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanBarron, W.L., USN18Seaman Second ClassZaandam
AmericanBasden, Paul A., Merchant Marine22Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanBayens, Frank, Merchant Marine34Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanBeck, William H., Merchant Marine24Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
BelgianBecker, Eugene, Merchant Marine19Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanBeezley, George Franklin, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchBeije, Marinus Cornelis, Merchant Navy26Fourth Engineer OfficerZaandam +
DutchBeltman, Reinardus Johannes, Merchant Navy42ElectricianZaandam
AmericanBerkeley, Robert Brooke, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +
AmericanBerokus, Vincent Francis, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
BelgianBeyen, Robert, Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanBlankenship, Elmer, Merchant Marine19Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanBodinelli, Harry E., USN26Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchBoela, , Merchant Navy33ServantZaandam +
DutchBoenawan, , Merchant Navy31ServantZaandam
DutchBoesri, , Merchant Navy23ServantZaandam +
DutchBoogert, Gerard K. van den, Merchant Navy30StewardZaandam
DutchBorman, Abraham, Merchant Navy26TrimmerZaandam +
DutchBos, Johannes Jelte, Merchant Navy21Fourth Engineer OfficerZaandam +
AmericanBoucher, Norman, Merchant Marine22Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanBoyette, Ed, USNRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +
AmericanBrionco, Th., Civilian37PassengerZaandam
DutchBroekhof, Willem, Merchant Navy26Second OfficerBilderdijk, Zaandam
AmericanBryant, Burt, Merchant Marine23Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanBurrill, Joseph Raymond E., Merchant Marine31Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanBurton, Ferris H., USN14Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanBynes, Anthony, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanZaandam
AmericanByrd, Harwood B., USN31Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanCabanillas, Peter John, Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchCalame, Antonie Johannes Frederik, Merchant Navy51ElectricianZaandam
AmericanCallahan, A.L., Civilian38PassengerZaandam
AmericanCardin, Alfred Joseph, Civilian45PassengerZaandam
AmericanCerdon, Frank, Merchant Marine38Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanCraddock, J., USN20Radioman Second ClassZaandam
AmericanCrow, Marwin Eugene, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanCrowley, Louis Victor, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanCrum, J.W., USN25Radioman Second ClassZaandam
PhilippineCruz, Dioscoro de la, Merchant Marine32Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanCutting, Dick H., Merchant Marine22Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchDas, Thomas, Merchant Navy55Able SeamanZaandam +
LatvianDavidonis, Eriks, Merchant Marine26Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanDazzo, Joseph Anthony, USN18Repatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanDearwester, Kenneth Wayne, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanDecker, Pete Johnson, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanDefina, Joseph Paul, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam +
Puerto RicanDelgado, Leonzia, Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanDeocariza, Augustin Gacer, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
PortugueseDiaz, Camillo, Merchant Marine42Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchDijk, Arie van, Merchant Navy22Fourth OfficerZaandam
DutchDijkhuizen, Gerrit, Merchant Navy48GreaserZaandam +
DutchDijkhuizen, Michiel, Merchant Navy59GreaserZaandam
DutchDjemoer, , Merchant Navy32LaundrymanZaandam
DutchDjojo, , Merchant Navy21ServantZaandam +
DutchDommelen, Marinus Gerardus van, Merchant Navy47ConfectionerZaandam +
CanadianDover, John, Merchant Marine38Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam +
DutchDuin, Teunis van, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanZaandam +
DutchEbbeler, Evert Johannes, Merchant Navy56Chief Engineer OfficerZaandam +
AmericanEbner, Vernon Edwin, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanEhret, Elmer C., Merchant Marine32Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
AmericanEllis, Wade Benjamin, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +
Ely, T.G., CivilianPassengerZaandam
AmericanErland, Edward, Merchant Marine57Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanFawks, Arnold Gray, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanFeliccia, Vincent, Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchFeltz, Kuno van der, Merchant Navy34Steward/GunnerZaandam +
Puerto RicanFernandez, Jose Torres, Merchant Marine34Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanFisher, Alfred, USNRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanFitzgerald, James Vincent, Merchant Marine46Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanFitzsimmons, Cecil R., Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanFlanagan, E.C., Merchant Marine41Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
DutchFlorus, Johannes Marinus, Merchant Navy41GreaserZaandam +
AmericanForman, Bert, Merchant Marine37Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanFrank, Speed T., Merchant Marine25Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
PhilippineFreitas, Arthur, Merchant Marine32Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanFudala, Stanley Adam, USNR18Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
AmericanFurr, Claude F., Merchant Marine38Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
DutchGeeratz, Mathieu Jean, Merchant Navy40TrimmerZaandam +
DutchGiesen, Hendricus Gerardus, Merchant Navy22Able SeamanZaandam +
DutchGiessen, Dirk Theodorus van de, Merchant Navy21Fourth Engineer OfficerZaandam +
AmericanGilbert, James, Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanGomez, Arsenio, Merchant Marine44Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanGorlitz, Erhard, Merchant Marine55Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
AmericanGrace, Charles, Merchant Marine62Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
DutchGroeneweg, Gerard, Merchant Navy28FiremanZaandam +
AmericanGrossman, Max, Merchant Marine20Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
DutchHage, Hendrikus Johannes, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerMaasdam, Zaandam
AmericanHanson, Norman Erling, Merchant Marine21Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchHarlaar, Arie Cornelis, Merchant Navy46BarkeeperZaandam +
DutchHennink, Gerrit Jan, Merchant Navy35Mess Room BoyZaandam +
DutchHeus, Jacobus Johannes de, Merchant Navy46StorekeeperZaandam +
AmericanHines, Mid Hagood, Merchant Marine31Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchHoen, Henri ’t, Merchant Navy37Chief StewardZaandam +
DutchHoogendam, Nicolaas, Merchant Marine17Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchHoogerwerf, Jan, Merchant Marine23Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchHoose, Hendrik, Merchant Navy46BarberZaandam +
CanadianHughes, Jack, Merchant Marine20Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanIzzi, Basil Dominic, USNR19Seaman Second ClassZaandam
AmericanJankowski, Matthew Marcel, USNR18Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
CanadianJensen, Axel Lauritz, Merchant Marine37Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanJensen, Donald Eli, USNR21Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
AmericanJohnson, Everett William, USNR23Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
AmericanJones, Osten, Merchant Marine31Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanJowdy, Emil James, USN20Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
AmericanKacevich, Vincent Stanley, USNR17Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
FinnishKalroth, Ivar J., Merchant Marine40Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchKari, , Merchant Navy24ServantZaandam
AmericanKarlin, Louis, USNR18Seaman Second ClassZaandam
DutchKarssen, Kasper, Merchant Navy28Second OfficerZaandam
AmericanKavish, Albert, Merchant Marine31Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanKenny, Daniel S., Merchant Marine46Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanKillingsworth, Rosser Gibson, Merchant Marine41Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
DutchKlink, Cornelis Adriaan, Merchant Navy30BakerZaandam +
DutchKohaut, Karel, Merchant Navy41ForemanZaandam +
RussianKorren, John, Merchant Marine47Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam +
AmericanKovaleski, Stanley, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
DutchKreuk, Willem, Merchant Navy43Able SeamanZaandam
AmericanLabbe, Normand Leon, USN17Seaman Second ClassZaandam +
AmericanLandman, Charles J., Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchLange, Johannes Jacobus Charles de, Merchant Navy49Second OfficerMarken, Zaandam
DutchLangendoen, Klaas, Merchant Navy46Boatswain (Bosun)Zaandam +
DutchLataster, Adam, Merchant Navy31WaiterZaandam +
DutchLauw, Tjoen Giap, Merchant Navy32DoctorZaandam +
AmericanLeahy, James Joseph, Merchant Marine32Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchLeeuwen, Hendrikus van, Merchant Navy44CarpenterZaandam
AmericanLeovy, Thomas Monroe, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchLinden, Nicolaas Gerardus Adrianus van der, Merchant Navy18Mess Room BoyZaandam +
AmericanLindholm, Gustav, Merchant Marine50Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanLopez, Rafael Arcangel, Merchant Marine36Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
Puerto RicanLopez Vega, Felix, Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanLorenz, V.A., USNRadioman Third ClassZaandam
AmericanLosewicz, Joseph Louis, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanLucas, James R., USN20Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
PhilippineLuna, Fernando Gebago, Merchant Marine33Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanLyder, Edward, Merchant Marine46Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
AmericanLysk, Stephen C., Merchant Marine24Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanLyttle, George Douglas, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanMachek, Joseph V., Merchant Marine20Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanMaddox, James Show, USNR29EnsignZaandam +
AmericanMaghakian, Leon N., Merchant Marine19Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchMaidin, , Merchant Navy21ServantZaandam
AmericanMalouz, Anton, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanMangum, Calvin Howard, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
DutchMarkassan, , Merchant Navy32Cook’s MateZaandam +
AmericanMartinis, Walter C., Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
DutchMatarie, , Merchant Navy28ServantZaandam +
DutchMatassan, , Merchant Navy21ServantZaandam
DutchMatelan, , Merchant Navy33ServantZaandam +
AmericanMathews, C., Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanZaandam
AmericanMathews, Marion Jackson, Merchant Marine35Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
DutchMatrawie, , Merchant Navy33ServantZaandam
AmericanMcCormack, Edward Gregory, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanMcDermott, James Thomas, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanMercer, Belmont Lord, Merchant Marine44Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
DutchMijlhoff, Jan, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerZaandam
AmericanMills, Frederick J., Merchant Marine34Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
DutchMoehamat Asik, , Merchant Navy18ServantZaandam
DutchMoes, , Merchant Navy41Cook’s MateZaandam
DutchMoestar, , Merchant Navy22ServantZaandam
AmericanMoore, Henry, Merchant Marine73Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
AmericanMorrison, Harold Franklin, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanMorton, John Walker, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanMouledous, Leon J., Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanNassy, Victor N., Merchant Marine21Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanNeigos, Guillermo, Merchant Marine44Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
DutchNieman, Theodorus Johannes Antonius, Merchant Navy27CookZaandam
AmericanNieves, Ramon, Merchant Marine38Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchNijenhuis, Lieffert, Merchant Navy42Chief CookZaandam
DutchNoordhoek, Johannes Jan, Merchant Navy32Third Engineer OfficerZaandam
DutchOemar, , Merchant Navy39ServantZaandam
DutchOesin, , Merchant Navy24ServantZaandam +
DutchOever, Jan van den, Merchant Navy44CookZaandam +
AmericanOlsen, Lawrence, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanOwens, John, Merchant Marine42Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
SwedishPalmquist, Leon, Merchant Navy19Able SeamanZaandam
AmericanPayne, Robert Emmett, Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
DanishPedersen, Alfred, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanZaandam +
AmericanPertho, Harry C., Merchant Marine33Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
DutchPet, Gerardus, Merchant Navy18WaiterZaandam +
AmericanPeters, Kalor T., Merchant Marine31Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
BelgianPets, Gustaaf, Merchant Marine20Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanPhipps, Henry J., USN20Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchPia, , Merchant Navy23ServantZaandam
AmericanPippel, John Nelson, USNRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +
DutchPiscaer, Joseph Petrus Johannus, Merchant Navy32CookZaandam +
CanadianPitcher, Edward, Merchant Marine23Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchPlouvier, Eugène Auguste, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerVolendam, Maasdam, Zaandam +
DutchPlugge, Jacobus, Merchant Navy26StewardZaandam
DutchPoelman, Riemer Johan, Merchant Navy22Fourth Engineer OfficerZaandam +
DutchPoly, Franciscus Johannes, Merchant Navy43PantrymanZaandam
DutchPonimin, , Merchant Navy25ServantZaandam
AmericanPower, John, Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
AmericanReicker, Lawrence Allen, Merchant Marine35Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanReid, J.L., Merchant Marine21Repatriated SeamanZaandam
AmericanRichards, Harry, Merchant Marine41Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanRichter, Willy, Merchant Marine28Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchRieborn, Jochem Herman, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanZaandam
Rodes, C., CivilianPassengerZaandam +
AmericanRollins, Leonard T., USN17Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchRoos, Jacob Reinder, Merchant Navy23StewardZaandam
AmericanRoyston, Cyril W., Merchant Marine26Repatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam
DutchRuiter, Wilhelmus de, Merchant Navy65OilerZaandam +
DutchRuytenberg, Gerrit, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanZaandam
AmericanSabol, Edward A., Merchant Marine18Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchSakiman, , Merchant Navy34CookZaandam
DutchSakiman, , Merchant Navy47ServantZaandam
DutchSamion, , Merchant Navy47LaundrymanZaandam +
SpanishSan Juan, Ramon, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanSanford, Donald Eastman, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
DutchSardijn, Johannes Jacobus, Merchant Navy32First CookZaandam +
AmericanSatterwhite, Joe Julian, USNR24Seaman First ClassZaandam +
DutchSchakel, Jacob Daniel, Merchant Navy59TrimmerZaandam +
DutchScheepers, Johannes F., Merchant Navy30StewardZaandam
AmericanSchlegelmilch, Edison Frank, USNR21Repatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchSchram, Marinus Johannes Lodewijk, Merchant Navy56Chief StewardZaandam
AmericanSeawell, Ernest Nello, USNR21Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanSeperski, Walter Paul, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanSharbono, Sylvester Frank, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanSigmund, Lawrence Lester, USNRepatriated Armed GuardExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanSimpson, Frank Albert, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanColoradan, Zaandam +
DutchSjakes, Hendrik Jacobus, Merchant Navy46Second Engineer OfficerZaandam +
DutchSlot, Cornelis van der, Merchant Navy35OilerZaandam
AmericanSmith, Charles Byrd, USNRRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +
DutchSoenan, , Merchant Navy23ServantZaandam
DutchSoepian, , Merchant Navy24ServantZaandam
PortugueseSouza, Celestino de, Merchant Marine41Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
AmericanSpencer, Edward, Merchant Marine34Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanSpilman, Bernard Washington, Merchant Marine21Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchStael, Johan, Merchant Navy24Third OfficerZaandam +
DutchStaleman, Johannes, Merchant Navy48Chief OfficerZaandam +
DutchStamperius, Jacob Matthias, Merchant Navy58MasterZaandam +
AmericanStandish, Chester Arthur, USN20Repatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam
DutchSteehouwer, Jan, Merchant Navy33Third Engineer OfficerZaandam +
DutchStenekes, Sietze, Merchant Navy56Able SeamanZaandam +
DutchStolk, Lucas, Merchant Navy17Deck BoyZaandam
DutchStoppelenburg, Jacob Dirk, Merchant Navy40TrimmerZaandam +
AmericanStrout, Hollis E., Merchant Marine32Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanSwanson, Theodore, Merchant Marine30Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
PhilippineTabenera, Agapito Saragella, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
DutchTabri, , Merchant Navy20ServantZaandam
AmericanTajes, Ramon, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchTamidin, , Merchant Navy40ServantZaandam
DutchTerlaak, Jacobus, Merchant Navy30StewardZaandam
AmericanThornton, Patrick, Merchant Marine44Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
DutchTol, Gerrit van, Merchant Marine21Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanTomson, E., Civilian49PassengerZaandam
AmericanTorres, Victor John, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
DutchVaal, Pieter Gerrit de, Merchant Navy19StewardZaandam
DutchVerroen, Henri Carolus Paulus, Merchant Navy37Assistant PurserZaandam
AmericanVillard, Charles, Merchant Marine39Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
DutchVliet, Johannes van, Merchant Navy21Radio OperatorZaandam
DutchVuijk, Johannes Fredrik, Merchant Navy44Radio OperatorZaandam +
DutchVuyk, Cornelis, Merchant Navy28TrimmerZaandam
AmericanWalker, Fred Douglas, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
DutchWarnas, Alexander Johannes, Merchant Navy35Able SeamanZaandam +
AmericanWaro, Arthur Nolte, Merchant Marine50Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam +
AmericanWassong, J., Merchant Marine27Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam
BelgianWatjau, Jan, Merchant Marine36Repatriated SeamanFirethorn, Zaandam
AmericanWenz, Phillip Michael, Merchant Marine25Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
DutchWepster, Jan Pieter, Merchant Navy56MasterVolendam, Zaandam +
AmericanWiedeman, Gaylord H., USN25Radioman Third ClassZaandam
AmericanWilgen, Tuines van, Merchant Marine22Repatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam
DutchWilleboordse, Marinus, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanZaandam +
AmericanWinslow, Chas. A., Merchant Marine20Repatriated SeamanSwiftsure, Zaandam
AmericanWitkowski, Paul, Merchant Marine55Repatriated SeamanExamelia, Zaandam +
AmericanYoung, Sergius Alexis, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanChickasaw City, Zaandam +
AmericanZambuto, Joseph Umberto, Merchant MarineRepatriated SeamanZaandam +
DutchZijl, Willem van, Merchant Navy30ButcherZaandam
AmericanZinn, Edward Adolph, USNRepatriated Armed GuardFirethorn, Zaandam +

287 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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