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Panamanian motor merchant

Buchanan under her former name Lexa Mærsk. Photo courtesy of Danish Maritime Museum, Elsinore

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Panamanian motor merchant Buchanan.

Aboard Buchanan when hit on 12 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aage Tang, Svend, Merchant MarineChief Mate Buchanan
Abels, Jenkabs, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Buchanan
Andersson, Frej Morgan, Merchant Marine28Junior Engineer Buchanan
Bourgh, Harold de, Merchant MarineSeaman Buchanan
Brubaker, Ross W., USNLieutenant (junior grade) Buchanan
Covey, Harold C., USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Daniels, Benjamin, USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Daniels, Benjamin Charles, USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Fanslow, Chester H., USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Frank, Harold E., USNSeaman First Class Buchanan
Gabbard, Elisha, Merchant MarineUtilityman Buchanan
Garrett, Wayne O., USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Gault, Carl, USNArmed Guard Buchanan
George, Charles, USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
George, Charles, USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Green, Robert W., USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Hansen, Hans Peter, Merchant Marine56Able Seaman Buchanan
Hermanandez, Rufino, Merchant MarineUtilityman Buchanan
Holik, Horace, US ArmyPassenger (SSgt) Buchanan
Howe, Harold, Merchant MarineUtilityman Buchanan
Irvine, Robert, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt) Buchanan
Iversen, Henry, Merchant MarineJunior Engineer Buchanan
Jensen, Arthur, Merchant MarineMaster Buchanan
Jensen, Lauritus, Merchant MarineOiler Buchanan
Johnsen, Conrad, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Buchanan
Johnson, Hollis H., USNSeaman Second Class Buchanan
Knud, Ebstub, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Buchanan
Knut, Horsberg, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Buchanan
Larsen, J.H., Merchant MarineThird Officer Buchanan
Meyer, George, US ArmyPassenger (SSgt) Buchanan
Nielson, Frants, Merchant MarineEngineer Buchanan
Nieves, Benjamin, Merchant Marine20Seaman Buchanan
Ogier, Frederick, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt) Buchanan
Patterson, James, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt) Buchanan
Pedersen, Arne, Merchant MarineCarpenter Buchanan
Pedersen, George Sylveste, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Buchanan
Pedersen, Knud Harald, Merchant Marine26Able Seaman Buchanan
Pedersen, Sofus J.S., Merchant Marine37Seaman Buchanan
Petty, Sid, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt) Buchanan
Pruul, August, Merchant MarineFourth Engineer Buchanan
Randa-Boldt, Ulv, Merchant Marine22Cook Buchanan
Rodriguez, Claudio, Merchant MarineUtilityman Buchanan
Schmidtsdorff, Erhardt, Merchant Marine29Able Seaman Buchanan
Sepols, Alfred, Merchant MarineChief Cook Buchanan
Steinhorster, Karl, Merchant MarineJunior Engineer Buchanan
Stower, Torloif, Merchant MarineOiler Buchanan
Strangulus, Martin, Merchant MarineCook Buchanan
Train, Martin, US ArmyPassenger (Sgt) Buchanan
Trinkl, Stephen, USNGunner's Mate Third Class Buchanan
Trinkle, Stephen, USNGunner's Mate Third Class Buchanan
Visconti, Albert J., Merchant Marine20Engineer Cadet Buchanan
Vitolins, A., Merchant MarineGalleyman Buchanan
Wilkes, Rufus C., USNSeaman Second Class Baja California, Buchanan
Yuska, Elmer, Merchant Marine20Deck Cadet Buchanan

54 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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