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American turbine tanker

Photo courtesy of SSHSA Collection, University of Baltimore Library

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American turbine tanker Caddo.

Aboard Caddo when hit on 23 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Anderson, August Julius, Merchant MarineMessman Caddo +
Atonso, Marcel, Merchant MarinePumpman Caddo +
Barnett, Alvin Wayne, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Caddo +
Bogdonovic, Adam, Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Caddo +
Boshinsky, Ernest Mitchel, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Caddo +
Buckner, Worth Bagley, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Caddo +
Caylor, David Aubrey, Merchant Marine17Utility Caddo +
Charlock, Franklin Bruce, Merchant MarineWiper Caddo +
Chiles, Edward Hughes, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Caddo +
Clensay, Calvin, USNSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Collins, Lawrence, USNRSeaman First Class Caddo +
Coscia, Joseph Paul, USNRSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Coulbourne, Charles Harris, USNSeaman First Class Caddo
Cuellar, Guadaloupe Cerda, Merchant MarineGalleyman Caddo +
Currier, Leonard Alfred, USNRSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Davis, Arthur Aloysius, Merchant MarineMachinist Caddo +
Delk, Hugh Gordon, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Caddo +
Della, Dewey, USNRSeaman First Class Caddo +
Dempsey, Paul Sullivan, USNRSeaman First Class Caddo +
Derbyshire, Ernest John, USNSeaman First Class Caddo +
Deschenes, Paul Joseph, USNRSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Devins, Thomas Vincent, USNSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Doell, Charles Henry, Merchant MarineThird Mate Caddo +
Dupont, Lemuel Anthony, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Caddo +
Filfalt, John Adolph, Merchant Marine26Ordinary Seaman Caddo +
Gale, Norman, Merchant MarineMessman Caddo +
Gallagher, Anthony Joseph, Merchant MarineCook Caddo +
Gilman, Philip Leroy, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Caddo +
Horn, Charles Thomas, Merchant MarineWiper Caddo +
Hornbrook, Augustus, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Caddo +
Johansson, Edwin, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun) Caddo +
Johnston, Daniel Lamont, Merchant Marine36Second Assistant Engineer Caddo +
Kendall, Richard Wallace, USNRSeaman First Class Caddo +
Knudsen, Edward John, USNREnsign Caddo +
Lande, Bendik, Merchant MarineChief Mate Caddo
Lewis, Clyde Augustus, USNRSeaman Second Class Caddo +
Meares, John Elihu, USNRSeaman First Class Caddo +
Morgan, Joseph Albert, Merchant MarineJunior Third Mate Caddo +
Muller, Paul B., Merchant MarineMaster Caddo
Olsen, Ole Andreas, Merchant MarineSteward Caddo +
Olson, Leif Martin, Merchant MarineSecond Mate Caddo +
Ponce, Alfonso, Merchant MarineUtility Caddo +
Rogers, Charles J., Merchant MarineFourth Assistant Engineer Caddo +
Rosenblatt, William, Merchant MarineRadio Operator Caddo +
Sharples, Robert Stone, Merchant MarineOiler Caddo +
Simpson, Ernest, Merchant MarineChief Cook Caddo +
Snoga, Raymond Benjamin, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Caddo +
Spiegel, Robin, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Caddo +
Stevens, Clarence Mann, Merchant MarineOiler Caddo +
Torres, Hiram, Merchant MarineMessman Caddo +
Van Brogen, Raymond, Merchant Marine27Able Seaman Caddo +
Watson, Arthur Sydney, Merchant Marine48Chief Engineer Caddo +
Wegmann, Harold Philip, Merchant Marine43First Assistant Engineer Sylvan Arrow, Crijnssen, Caddo +

53 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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