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Llandaff Castle

British troop transport

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British troop transport Llandaff Castle.

Aboard Llandaff Castle when hit on 30 Nov 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAdcock, Sidney, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishAsplin, John Pownell, Merchant NavyChief OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishBaron, Alban, Merchant Navy32Assistant StorekeeperLlandaff Castle
BritishBayley, George, Merchant Navy60Mess Room StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishBell, George Joseph, Merchant Navy40FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishBell, Kenneth Sidney, Merchant Navy26SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishBell, Sidney John, Merchant Navy36DonkeymanLlandaff Castle
BritishBevan, Richard Robert, Merchant Navy55Assistant BarmanLlandaff Castle +
BritishBlake, Sydney, Merchant Navy26FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishBlythe, Arthur, Merchant Navy20Assistant CookLlandaff Castle
BritishBorg, Charles, Merchant Navy22BakerLlandaff Castle
BritishBrew, Robert, Merchant Navy38Radio OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishBuchanan, Brian, Merchant Navy21SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishBulstrode, John William Alfred, Merchant Navy57BakerLlandaff Castle +
BritishBurgess, James, Merchant Navy30Assistant StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishChilds, Ernest V., Merchant Navy20Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishClarke, Fred, Merchant Navy20SailorLlandaff Castle
BritishClutterbuck, Cornwallis Jasper, Merchant NavyMasterLlandaff Castle
BritishCollier, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy35FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishCollins, Robert, Merchant Navy41FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishCornwell, Richard, Merchant Navy27HairdresserLlandaff Castle
BritishDames, William, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishDaniels, Peter, Merchant Navy56GreaserLlandaff Castle
BelgianDe Bruyne, Oscar, Merchant Navy57StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishDe Monne, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy31GreaserLlandaff Castle
BritishDouglass, Charles, Merchant Navy20Assistant BakerLlandaff Castle
BritishDowner, Leonard, Merchant Navy28Assistant StorekeeperLlandaff Castle
IrishDriscoll, John, Merchant Navy29Lamp TrimmerLlandaff Castle
BritishDrummond, Maurice George, Merchant Navy26QuartermasterLlandaff Castle
BritishDullea, Charles H., Merchant Navy35Second Assistant CookLlandaff Castle
BritishDunn-Sims, Robert G., Merchant Navy30Second CookLlandaff Castle
BritishEdmonds, George, Merchant Navy31Deck StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishEvans, William E., Merchant Navy21SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishFields, Dennis, Merchant Navy17Ordinary SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishFord, Herbert Charles, Merchant NavyJunior Second OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishFox, Thomas, Merchant Navy30First Assistant CookLlandaff Castle
BritishGair, Stanley, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishGamble, Dennis, Merchant Navy19SailorLlandaff Castle
BritishGeorge, Wallis, Merchant Navy28CookLlandaff Castle
BritishGlasson, Stanley, Merchant Navy42First Bed Room StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishHague, Norman, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishHale, Thomas, Merchant Navy22Passenger (DBS)Llandaff Castle
BritishHall, Henry S., Merchant Navy20Assistant ButcherLlandaff Castle
BritishHall, Ronald Austin, Merchant Navy29FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishHarms, Victor F., Merchant Navy23Second Assistant CookLlandaff Castle
BritishHatfield, Charles N., Merchant Navy53NightmanLlandaff Castle
BritishHeadley, James L., Merchant Navy35Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishHenbury, Frank A., Merchant Navy39Assistant BarmanLlandaff Castle
BritishHerbage, William Albert, Merchant Navy36ButcherLlandaff Castle
BritishHill, Robert, Merchant Navy40Engineer's StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishHolland, Alfred, Merchant Navy40Carpenter's MateLlandaff Castle
BritishHolland, Sidney E., Merchant Navy25Assistant BarmanLlandaff Castle
IrishHurley, John, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishKelley, Hubert J., Merchant Navy44QuartermasterLlandaff Castle
BritishKelly, John R., Merchant Navy22Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishLacey, Thomas, Merchant Navy30FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishLemon, Geoffrey T., Merchant Navy20StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishLenton, Ernest, Merchant Navy63Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishLewington, Dennis, Merchant Navy22WriterLlandaff Castle
BritishLunt, Peter, Merchant Navy34Head WaiterLlandaff Castle
IrishMadsen, Timothy, Merchant Navy25QuartermasterLlandaff Castle
BritishManning, William, Merchant Navy38FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishMartin, William, Merchant Navy34Chief CookLlandaff Castle
BritishMasters, John, Merchant Navy30Boatswain's MateLlandaff Castle
BritishMatfield, Alfred, Merchant Navy35Assistant CookLlandaff Castle
BritishMcCabe, Edward, Merchant Navy20CookLlandaff Castle
BritishMcCarthy, John, Merchant Navy30GreaserLlandaff Castle
BritishMcKay, Henry, Merchant Navy26Bed Room StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishMcKinty, Ernest, Merchant Navy40Second OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishMills, Frederick, Merchant Navy26StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishMoores, Charles E., Merchant Navy25QuartermasterLlandaff Castle
BritishMuscat, Geatano, Merchant Navy30GreaserLlandaff Castle
South AfricanNadasen, S., Merchant Navy19ScullionLlandaff Castle +
BritishNewton, Stanley, Merchant Navy38Engine Room StorekeeperLlandaff Castle
BritishPatmore, Albert, Merchant Navy30SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishPenney, Alfred, Merchant Navy65GreaserLlandaff Castle
BritishPotbury, Maurice Eldred, Merchant Navy37Fourth OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishPotts, John G., Merchant Navy20CookLlandaff Castle
BritishReynolds, Stanley, Merchant Navy46ShipwrightLlandaff Castle
BritishShearman, Thomas R., Merchant Navy35LibrarianLlandaff Castle
BritishShuker, Pheobe, Merchant Navy21Assistant BakerLlandaff Castle
BritishSmith, Harold P., Merchant Navy33Second BakerLlandaff Castle
BritishStevens, Benjamin, Merchant Navy43Chief BarmanLlandaff Castle
AustralianStevens, Harry A., Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishSullivan, Cornelius, Merchant Navy31Boatswain's MateLlandaff Castle
BritishTyrer, Richard, Merchant Navy41CookLlandaff Castle
BritishVincent, Frederick J., Merchant Navy25SailorLlandaff Castle
BritishWalker, Geoffrey A., Merchant Navy23Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
IrishWalshe, Daniel, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanLlandaff Castle
BritishWard, Walter E., Merchant Navy34Linen StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishWarr, Edwin F., Merchant Navy26Assistant StewardLlandaff Castle
BritishWest, Horace R., Merchant Navy34Deck StorekeeperLlandaff Castle
BritishWilliamson, John, Merchant Navy33FiremanLlandaff Castle
BritishWindram, Creighton Early Causley, Merchant NavyThird OfficerLlandaff Castle
BritishWright, Henry G., Merchant Navy32QuartermasterLlandaff Castle
BritishYarnell, Alfred, Merchant Navy37Able SeamanLlandaff Castle

96 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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