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American steam passenger ship

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam passenger ship Coamo.

Aboard Coamo when hit on 2 Dec 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Acuning, Cerilo, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Alfonzo, Pedro, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Amaral, Luiz Gomes, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Angos, Philip, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Arculeo, Rosario, Merchant MarineRefrigerator Engineer Coamo +
Arens, William Arlo, USNSeaman First Class Coamo +
Arnau, Francisco, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Arnau, Roberto, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Arostegui, Augusto, Merchant Marine39Fireman/Wiper Coamo +
Aut, Clifton Wesley, Merchant MarineBaker Coamo +
Barry, John Richard, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Benner, Harry Wilford, USNR27Seaman Second Class Coamo +
Bensussan, Salvatore, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Billing, Lawrence George, British ArmyPassenger (Lt) Coamo +
Birzer, Fred Joseph, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Bleau, Sidney Alcide, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Bokulich, Mike, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Bond, Marvin Albert, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Bratton, John Alexander, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Brewer, Leo Frank, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Brito, Joe Naren, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Broomfield, Walter Arthur, British Army28Passenger (CSM) Coamo +
Broyles, Edmond Lewis, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Bryant, Frank Luther, Merchant MarineButcher Coamo +
Bukvic, Nickolas, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Burns, Melvin Thomas, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Carrero, Monserrate, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Castanera, Servando, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Castro, Angel Victor, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Catlett, Granville Aden, Merchant MarineWiper Coamo +
Cicilia, Matia, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Clough, Robert Sheridan, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Cohen, George, Merchant MarineStorekeeper Coamo +
Colon, Emilio, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Colon, Rufino, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Concheiro, Manuel, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Conelius, Thomas Michael, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Coombs, Herbert Edwin, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Corpin, Edwin George, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Corpus, Antonio Pagatpatan, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Corrao, Andrew, USNSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Corriveau, Maurice Victor, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Craven, Louis Frank, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Crowder, George Edward, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Crowder, Harold Eugene, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Crowley, Philip C., USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Curtis, Joyce Ellis, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Davila, Salvador, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Davis, Walter Compton, USNRCoxswain Coamo +
De Priest, Dwight Louis, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Dean, Joseph Newkirk, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Del Valle, Fermin, Merchant MarineWiper Coamo +
Delatour, Joseph Addis, Merchant MarinePurser Coamo +
Demo, Eduardo Octavio, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Dettlaff, Eugene Joseph, USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Coamo +
Di Domenico, Raffaele, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Dilling, James Cumming, Merchant MarineChief Mate Coamo +
Drummond, Frank Graham, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Drvall, Walter Casmier, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Dutton, Percy W., Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Echevarria, Henry, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Cherokee, Coamo +
Ehrman, George Henry, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Esparza, Willie Zamaron, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Ette, James Charles, USNRSeaman First Class Coamo +
Evans, John J., British Army24Passenger (QMS) Coamo +
Fernandez, Jose, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Fischer, Paul Martin, USNRSeaman First Class Coamo +
Foitag, Robert Stanley, USNRSeaman First Class Coamo +
Forbes, Harry, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Frederickson, James Oscar, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Freire, Francisco, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Gabler, Roger James, USNSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Galan, German, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Galil, Awad, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Garcia, Hector Juan, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Gardner, William Elwood, USNSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Gerould, Francis John, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Giovinco, Joseph, Merchant Marine18Deck Cadet Coamo +
Glowczewski, Lawrence Anthony, USNR21Signalman Third Class Coamo +
Goedgedrag, Pedro Victor, Merchant Marine42Able Seaman Coamo +
Gore, Ernest James John, British Army33Passenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Hare, Albert McClure, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Helgeson, Nels, Merchant MarineMaster Coamo +
Helman, Solomon, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Herrera, Luis Alberto, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Hess, Byron Robert, USNRGunner’s Mate Third Class Coamo +
Hitchcock, Maxwell, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Horan, Malachy Patrick, Merchant MarineChief Engineer Coamo +
Hughes, Allean Clifford, British Army31Passenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Hughes, David John, USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Coamo +
Hunte, Lionel Gittens, Merchant MarineStorekeeper Coamo +
Irizarry, Jose Cisanto, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Jackson, Norman, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Jesurun, Angelo, Merchant Marine55Waiter Coamo +
Jimenez, Esteban, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Johnson, Louis Alfred, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Jones, Charles Fleetwood, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Jordan, Jackson George, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Jorge, Mario Quintana, Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Coamo +
Kaliakoudas, Angelo, Merchant MarineButcher Coamo +
Karschner, John Thomas, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Katz, Arrin, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Keenan, William, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Kemish, George Edwin, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Kravos, Antonio Jon, Merchant MarineWatchman Coamo +
Kristof, Joseph Andrew, Merchant MarineCarpenter Coamo +
Kulonis, George John, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Lameiro, Enrique, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Letson, Burness Frank, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Levett, Henry Alexander, Merchant Marine19Deck Cadet Coamo +
Lewis, Eugene J., Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Lindner, Otto Alois, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Lucas, Aylmer, British Army22Passenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Mabie, Richard Earl, USNBoatswain’s Mate Second Class Coamo +
Manning, John Charles, British Army41Passenger (Capt) Coamo +
Maresca, Frederick Louis, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Marks, William Arthur, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Marquez, Rafael, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
McCann, Robert Emmett, USNRSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Melendez, Hilario, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Mentzer, Wesley Garfield, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Millan, Frank, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Milliken, Willoughby Sharp, Merchant MarineThird Mate Coamo +
Miranda, Wilfredo Juan, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Mora, Juan De Dios, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Morales, John, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Morgan, Eric Mitchell, Merchant Marine27Junior Engineer Coamo +
Morrell, Jesse, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Mueller, Robert Henry, Merchant MarineSecond Mate Coamo +
Mulligan, Raymond Joseph, USNRSignalman Third Class Coamo +
Munoz, Antonio Aguilera, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Nash, Frederick George, British Army52Passenger (CSM) Coamo +
Neil, George Forrester, British Army26Passenger (Sgt) Coamo +
Norup, Oluf Peter Fenger, Merchant MarineBaker Coamo +
Novoa, Norbert, Merchant MarineFirst Assistant Engineer Coamo +
Ogenio, Cipriano, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Padilla, Nicolas, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Palenque, Moises De Paul, Merchant MarineFourth Assistant Engineer Coamo +
Pietersz, Enrique, Merchant MarineSteward Coamo +
Pinero, Laureano, Merchant MarineQuartermaster Coamo +
Prescott, Frederick Alfred, British Army33Passenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Prince, Leon, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Pryde, Archbald Waddell, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant Engineer Coamo +
Reina, Bernardo Estaban, Merchant MarineStorekeeper Coamo +
Reynolds, Alfred, Merchant MarineJunior Engineer Coamo +
Rivera, Jose Antonio, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Rivera, Mateo, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Rivera, Sebastian, Merchant MarineOiler Coamo +
Robelo, Norberto, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Roberts, Frederick Askin, British Army26Passenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Robertson, Gene Arnold, USNRRadioman Third Class Coamo +
Robertson, Thomas, British ArmyPassenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Robles, Pablo, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Rodriguez, Santos, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Romer, Virgilio Augusto, Merchant MarineWatchman Coamo +
Rosario, Ralph Albert, Merchant MarineButcher Coamo +
Russ, Robert Vivian, USNSeaman First Class Coamo +
Samko, Andrew, Merchant MarineMessman Coamo +
Sanders, Oliver Sherod, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Schein, Julius, Merchant MarineButcher Coamo +
Senat, Herbert Dixon, Merchant Marine27Electrician Coamo +
Seoane, Juan Castineira, Merchant MarineDeck Engineer Coamo +
Shun, Lee Quey, Merchant MarineUtility Coamo +
Sibley, James Eugene, Merchant MarinePurser Coamo +
Sikora, Steve Joseph, Merchant MarineWiper Coamo +
Skurvin, Alex, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Smith, James Henry, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Sprague, Donald Morgan, USNSeaman Second Class Coamo +
Stephen, James William, British Army27Passenger (Sgt) Coamo +
Stires, Walter Everett, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Coamo +
Taylor, Albert Ernest, British Army48Passenger (Capt) Coamo +
Thisby, George Campbell, USNRSignalman Third Class Coamo +
Thode, Augustin Cecilia, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun) Coamo +
Thode, Donato, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Coamo +
Tipton, Robert Clair, Merchant MarineRefrigerator Engineer Coamo +
Tonge, Thomas, Merchant MarineWaiter Coamo +
Tremus, Carlo A., Merchant MarineQuartermaster Coamo +
Turley, David Ernest, Merchant MarineFourth Mate Coamo +
Uribe, Antonio, Merchant MarineCook Coamo +
Vega, Pedro Diaz, Merchant MarineWiper Coamo +
Veiga, Henry, Merchant MarineChief Cook Coamo +
Veira, Juan Antonia, Merchant MarineRefrigerator Engineer Coamo +
Walker, Thomas Guy, British ArmyPassenger (Pvt) Coamo +
Wells, Ben, British Army42Passenger (LtCol) Coamo +
Wilson, Calvin Augustos, Merchant MarinePantryman Coamo +
Wilson, Harry Algernon, Merchant MarineLinenkeeper Coamo +

186 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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