Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of Allan C. Green Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Ceramic.

Aboard Ceramic when hit on 7 Dec 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abrahall, Terence Henry, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Aitkin, Harry Augustine, RANR23Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Alford, John Ernest, British Army28Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Allan, Thomas Osborne, Civilian51PassengerCeramic +
Allison, George Thomson, British Army23Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Andrew, Charles Percival Kitchener, British Army27Passenger (Lance Corporal)Ceramic +
Arden, Morris Victor, British Army23Passenger (Driver)Ceramic +
Argent, Thomas Henry, RN18Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Armstrong, Andrew John, Merchant Navy24Fifth Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Armstrong, Gordon, Merchant Navy52Able SeamanCeramic +
Arnold, William Henry, British Army21Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Ashcroft, Joseph, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardCeramic +
Atherton, Joseph, Merchant Navy33FiremanCeramic +
Atherton, Samuel Goodearl, Merchant Navy47First ElectricianCeramic +
Atkinson, James, Merchant Navy35StewardCeramic +
Auret, Jacqueline Elizabeth, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Bachegalup, James, Merchant Navy42GreaserCeramic +
Baile, Cyril James, Civilian49PassengerCeramic +
Baker, Margaret, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Baker, William Arnold, Merchant Navy29Assistant StorekeeperCeramic +
Baldie, Edward Harvey, Merchant Navy27Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Baldwin, James, Merchant NavyPassenger (Greaser)Ceramic +
Ballard, Harold Lawrence Purvis, British Army30Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Banks, Walter William, Merchant Navy48Third Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Banner, James Robert, Merchant Navy35Able SeamanCeramic +
Banning, Ronald, Merchant NavyDeck BoyCeramic +
Barton, Arthur Reginald, Merchant Navy35Junior Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Barton, Victor Alfred, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Bedford, Thomas Eric Ernest, British Army32Gunner (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Beer, Marian, Civilian21PassengerCeramic +
Beer, William Arthur Charles, RN28Passenger (Telegraphist)Ceramic +
Bell, John William, British Army32Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Benedict, Louis Vincent, Merchant Navy25FiremanCeramic +
Bennion, Ronald, Merchant Navy20Assistant PantrymanCeramic +
Berry, George, British Army21Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Best, Norman Cornthwaite, Merchant NavySteward's BoyCeramic +
Beswick, Robert, RN24Passenger (Ordnance Artificer Third Class)Ceramic +
Bevis, Eva Emily, British Army34Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Billingsley, John William, Merchant Navy20StewardCeramic +
Billingsley-Hey, Flora, Civilian58PassengerCeramic +
Birch, Walter, Merchant Navy29StewardCeramic +
Biss, Gerald Francis, British Army20Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Blackshaw, Stanley, British Army25Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Blascheck, Grace Marion Alexandra, Civilian48PassengerCeramic +
Blusger, Dr. Isak Nahum, Civilian32PassengerCeramic +
Bootes, James Elson, British Army27Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Boraman, Edward Albert, Merchant Navy29FiremanCeramic +
Boreham, Alfred Clement, British Army41Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Boyd, William Edward, Merchant Navy50TrimmerCeramic +
Bradley, Harry, Civilian46PassengerCeramic +
Bradshaw, Alice Maud, Civilian41PassengerCeramic +
Brawn, Dr. Roland Deligne, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Bretherton, Francis, British Army55Passenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Brobin, Douglas George, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Brodie, Gilbert, Merchant Navy55StewardCeramic +
Brodie-Hall, Francis John, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardCeramic +
Brohee, Fran├žois Joseph Henri, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +
Brookes, George Henry, British Army40Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Broughton, Charles, Civilian20PassengerCeramic +
Broughton, James, Merchant Navy29StewardCeramic +
Brown, Benjamin, Merchant Navy44TrimmerCeramic +
Brown, Reginald Frank, British Army37Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Bruce, Charles Henry, RANR28Leading Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Buchan, Arthur, Merchant Navy21Able SeamanCeramic +
Buchan, Cyril Walter, Civilian36PassengerCeramic +
Buchan, John, Merchant Navy21SailorCeramic +
Bulbrook, Basil John, Merchant Navy31Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Bull, Alfred Victor, Merchant Navy22Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Bunn, Dr. Herbert Wilford, Civilian28PassengerCeramic +
Burke, Joseph, Merchant Navy42StewardCeramic +
Burke, Thomas Ralph, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Caffery, James, Merchant Navy22FiremanCeramic +
Cahill, Thomas John, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanCeramic +
Caine, David Orry, Merchant Navy31BootsCeramic +
Caine, Frank Henry, Merchant Navy22BakerCeramic +
Cardwell, George, Merchant Navy63GreaserCeramic +
Carey, Peter Vivian, British Army22Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Carmichael, Vivienne Stella, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Carr, Frank, Merchant Navy55GreaserCeramic +
Carter, Terence, Merchant Navy18Kitchen PorterCeramic +
Cassingham, Albert John, Merchant Navy24Ninth Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Chalmers, James Arthur, Merchant Navy20SailorCeramic +
Charles, Justinian, Civilian41PassengerCeramic +
Charles, Lucy Winifred, Civilian60PassengerCeramic +
Cheetham, Frank, RM39Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Cheetham, Thomas William, Merchant Navy47FiremanCeramic +
Cheshire, Arthur, Merchant Navy34Purser's ClerkCeramic +
Chidgey, Harry, Merchant Navy26Carpenter's MateCeramic +
Clare, Leslie, Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanCeramic +
Clark, Angus William, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Clark, Henry, British Army22Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Clark, William Evan, Merchant NavyPassenger (Second Officer)Ceramic +
Clarke, Roy, British ArmyPassenger (Major)Ceramic +
Cleary, Michael Joseph, Merchant Navy33FiremanCeramic +
Cleary, Sydney Herbert, Merchant Navy23CookCeramic +
Cleaver, Eric, British Army21Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Clement, Nadia Mathilda, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Clucas, George Patrick, Merchant Navy34TrimmerCeramic +
Cochrane, James, RM29Passenger (Sergeant)Ceramic +
Coles, Rev. Horace John, Civilian55PassengerCeramic +
Collingbourne, James Charles, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Collis, William Charles, RNPassenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
Cook, John William, Merchant Navy31Assistant ButcherCeramic +
Coombes, Arthur Edwin Dennis, British Army22Passenger (Signalman)Ceramic +
Cooper, Dorothy Olivia Emms, Civilian29PassengerCeramic +
Cooper, Frederick, Merchant Navy19Assistant BakerCeramic +
Coplans, Dr. Clifford Crossman, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Cormack, Sydney James, Merchant Navy21Able SeamanCeramic +
Corrigan, James Christopher, Merchant Navy62Chief Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Coulter, Joan, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Coutman, Harold Clive, RANR20Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Cowie, Peter, Merchant Navy25SailorCeramic +
Crabtree, Frank, British Army28Passenger (Warrant Officer)Ceramic +
Cribb, Cecilia Maude, British Army30Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Cridland, Dennis Colston, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanCeramic +
Croad, Mary Stephine Doreen, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Croad, Paul Harry Cedric, Civilian25PassengerCeramic +
Crowe, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy42CookCeramic +
Cura, Louis, British Army33Passenger (Lance Bombardier)Ceramic +
Currie, Dugald, Merchant Navy37StewardCeramic +
Curry, Arthur Frederick, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardCeramic +
Cutts, Aubrey Ray, RANVR24Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Dale, Walter James, Merchant Navy64Assistant CookCeramic +
Damiano, Joseph, Merchant Navy41Assistant StewardCeramic +
Daniels, John, Merchant Navy19Assistant PantrymanCeramic +
Darroll, Apolline Sarah Niay, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +
Davenport, Alfred, Civilian53PassengerCeramic +
Davies, Henry John Stanley, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Davies, William Thomas, British Army30Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Day, Alan Charles, Merchant Navy20Third Refrigerator EngineerCeramic +
Dease, Thomas James, Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardCeramic +
Deeley, Raymond Victor, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Deer, James Reginald, British Army24Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Demol, Armand, Civilian34PassengerCeramic +
Derbyshire, Peter, Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardCeramic +
Devine, Thomas, Merchant Navy33GreaserCeramic +
Dippenaar, Dr. Cecilia Johanna, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Divine, Tom Lennon Johnstone, British Army26Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Dodd, John William, Merchant Navy55StewardCeramic +
Dodson, Sidney Arthur Frank, Merchant Navy22StewardCeramic +
Dolan, Mary Helen, Civilian36PassengerCeramic +
Dolmetsch, Rudolph, British Army36Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Dolphin, Harry, British Army33Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Donovan, Joseph Henry, Merchant Navy26TrimmerCeramic +
Dorian, Douglas, Merchant Navy21TrimmerCeramic +
Doughty, Frederick, Merchant Navy22TrimmerCeramic +
Down, Arthur, Merchant Navy21Passenger (Electrician)Ceramic +
Downes, William, Merchant Navy25Leading SeamanCeramic +
Drake, William Arthur, Merchant Navy22Assistant CookCeramic +
Drinkwater, Samuel Arthur, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardCeramic +
Drysdale, Andrew Douglas, British Army23Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Du Plessis, Adriaan Foster, Civilian37PassengerCeramic +
Duckworth, Baden, Merchant Navy42StewardCeramic +
Dunbar, Walter, Merchant Navy32StewardCeramic +
Dunn, James, Merchant Navy43TrimmerCeramic +
Dunn, Peter, British Army20Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Eastwood, Edgar, Merchant Navy38Assistant StewardCeramic +
Edwards, Arthur Sydney, RN31Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Edwards, Harold, Merchant Navy35Second Refrigerator EngineerCeramic +
Egan, Henry Michael, RN27Passenger (Petty Officer)Ceramic +
Elford, Herbert Charles, Merchant Navy67MasterCeramic +
Ellis, Amy Louisa, Merchant Navy66StewardessCeramic +
Embleton, John Joseph, Merchant NavyPassenger (Apprentice)Ceramic +
Ennis, George, Merchant Navy37FiremanCeramic +
Essex, Rosemary Nancy, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Evans, Brian George, Merchant Navy22Passenger (Sailor/Engineer)Ceramic +
Evans, Jack, Merchant Navy37Fourth Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Evans, John Howard, British Army28Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Evans, Mair Eluned, British Army27Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Evans, William, Merchant Navy26TrimmerCeramic +
Ewing, Archibald, RN32Passenger (Telegraphist)Ceramic +
Ewing, Doreen Margaret, Civilian6PassengerCeramic +
Ewing, Mary Connolly, Civilian32PassengerCeramic +
Falk, Morris, British Army30Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Fallows, William James, Merchant Navy35Lounge StewardCeramic +
Farrell, Wilfred Frances, RM18Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Feeley, George Henry, Merchant Navy31Ordinary SeamanCeramic +
Fellowes, Ronald James, British Army21Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Felton, Frederick Charles, Merchant Navy36StewardCeramic +
Finnegan, Edward Christopher, British Army32Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Fitch, Henry James, Merchant Navy34Eight Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Flanagan, Daniel, Merchant Navy31FiremanCeramic +
Flattery, James Joseph, Merchant Navy23Passenger (Fireman)Ceramic +
Fleming, Donald Stanley, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardCeramic +
Flewitt, David Charles, Merchant Navy30Assistant StewardCeramic +
Fogwill, Geoffrey Arthur, British Army25Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Ford, Alfred James, Civilian31PassengerCeramic +
Formstone, Stanley Clifford, FAA22Passenger (Air Mechanic (E) First Class)Ceramic +
Forrest, David, British Army30Passenger (Staff Serjeant)Ceramic +
Foster, Douglas Charles, British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Foster, William Logan, Merchant Navy58Passenger (Master)Ceramic +
Fothergill, Herbert, Merchant Navy33Third Radio OfficerCeramic +
Fox, John, British Army28Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Foyle, Elizabeth, Merchant Navy49StewardessCeramic +
Fraser, Donald Jack, Merchant Navy18BoyCeramic +
Fraser, Hamish, British Army20Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Fraser-Jones, Ernest, Civilian50PassengerCeramic +
Fraser-Jones, Quentin, Civilian14PassengerCeramic +
Fraser-Jones, Viola, Civilian48PassengerCeramic +
Freeman, Margaret Joyce, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Freestone, Edward James, RMPassenger (Marine)Ceramic +
French, Henry Richard, British Army22Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
French, Lawrence Cuthbert, Civilian65PassengerCeramic +
Frodsham, William Clifford, Merchant Navy44Junior Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Gannon, Richard William, British Army21Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Gardner, Annie Mary, British Army26Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Gasguili, Joseph, Merchant Navy39FiremanCeramic +
Geruzet, Pierre Jules Paul Raymond, Civilian34PassengerCeramic +
Gibb, Adam, Civilian29PassengerCeramic +
Gibbons, Joseph Patrick, Merchant Navy19FiremanCeramic +
Gibbs, Stanley Vernon, RN36Passenger (Chief Petty Officer)Ceramic +
Gibson, Colin John Rankin, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Gilbey, Horace Percy, British Army26Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Giles, William, Civilian31PassengerCeramic +
Gill, Wilfred Sutcliffe, British Army25Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Gimpelson, Harry, British Army30Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Glasziou, John Victor, RANR21Passenger (Leading Seaman)Ceramic +
Goacher, Percy Wilfred, RN45Passenger (Chief Yeoman of Signals)Ceramic +
Godfrey, William Gerald, British Army23Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Goodridge, Arthur Henry, Merchant Navy27StewardCeramic +
Gray, John Robertson, Merchant Navy48Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Greeff, Frederick Harold, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Green, Albert Stanley, Merchant Navy51Passenger (Boatswain's Mate)Ceramic +
Griffith, Robert Evans, Merchant Navy27FiremanCeramic +
Griffiths, Arthur Potter, Merchant NavyPassenger (Greaser)Ceramic +
Griffiths, George Henry, British Army30Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Griffiths, James George, Merchant Navy36StewardCeramic +
Haan, Sape de, Merchant Navy53Passenger (Chief Engineer Officer)Laertes, Ceramic +
Haig, Eric Gerald, Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardCeramic +
Haines, Joseph Francis, Merchant Navy33Lamp TrimmerCeramic +
Halewood, Harold Thomas, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Hall, John Leonard, British Army32Passenger (Second Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hallam, William Theodore, RN44Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Halsall, James, Merchant Navy40StewardCeramic +
Halsall, Thomas Walter, Merchant Navy53StewardCeramic +
Halse, Linda Winifred, Civilian44PassengerCeramic +
Hampton, Robert James, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardCeramic +
Handel, Donald John, FAA22Passenger (Leading Radio Mechanic)Ceramic +
Harding, Raymond Ernest, Civilian9PassengerCeramic +
Harding, Vernon Keith, Civilian6PassengerCeramic +
Harlow, Stanley Charles, Merchant NavyPassenger (Electrician)Ceramic +
Harold, Edward, British Army25Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Harper, David, Merchant Navy30Third OfficerCeramic +
Harris, Frank Edward, British Army33Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Harris, Kamon, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Hart, Timothy, Merchant Navy38Fireman and TrimmerCeramic +
Haslett, Charles Edward, Merchant Navy47CookCeramic +
Hawke, Kenneth Malcolm, Merchant Navy18Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Ceramic +
Hawken, Ernest William, Merchant Navy43PurserCeramic +
Hay, William Wilfred, Civilian52PassengerCeramic +
Hazel, Joseph, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Hazell, Leslie Harry Ferdinand, Merchant Navy37Assistant StewardCeramic +
Heath, Henry, Merchant Navy51Second Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Heaton, Robert, RN19Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Hellenburg, Arthur John, Civilian21PassengerCeramic +
Hendrick, Patrick Joseph, Merchant Navy29FiremanCeramic +
Hewitt, Sidney Robert, RN23Passenger (Yeoman of Signals)Ceramic +
Hickling, Eric Arnold, Merchant Navy39Chief OfficerCeramic +
Hickson, John Newton, Civilian20PassengerCeramic +
Higgins, John, Merchant Navy55GreaserCeramic +
Highet, William Bremner, British Army31Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hildick-Smith, Joan, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Hill, Reginald Charles, Merchant Navy29StewardCeramic +
Hilton, James Henry, RMPassenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Hind, William Charles Henry, British Army29Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hindle, Jack Vernon, British Army25Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Hitchens, Frederick, British Army38Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hitchman, Albert Edward, Merchant Navy40Able SeamanCeramic +
Hodkinson, Bernard, British Army29Passenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Holliday, Albert James, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardCeramic +
Hollis, Enid Kathleen, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Holmes, Charles Edward, Merchant Navy54Assistant StorekeeperCeramic +
Hood, Margaret Ann, British Army35Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Hopton, Graham, Merchant Navy35Assistant PurserCeramic +
Hornbrook, Francis Bailey, RNVR36Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Horrod, James, British Army43Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hoskins, William James Edward, British Army39Passenger (Warrant Officer)Ceramic +
Houghton, Jack Foster, RM45Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Howard, Althena Margaret, Civilian2PassengerCeramic +
Howard, Janet Mary, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Howard, Joan, Civilian28PassengerCeramic +
Howells, Douglas Chatham, British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Hughes, George, Merchant Navy25CarpenterCeramic +
Hughes, Robert John, Merchant Navy23TrimmerCeramic +
Hume, Peter Joseph, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Humphrey, Reginald Claude, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanCeramic +
Hung, Peter Colin, Merchant Navy21Able SeamanCeramic +
Hurst, Thomas Herbert, British Army34Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Hustwick, Philip Heap, Merchant NavyApprenticeCeramic +
Hutton, Irvine, Merchant Navy21ElectricianCeramic +
Hyne, William Taylor, Civilian29PassengerCeramic +
Ibbetson, Frederick, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Jackson, Kenneth Douglas, Merchant Navy21Seventh Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Jaques, Claude, British Army38Passenger (Second Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Jeffray, Robert Bruce, Merchant Navy52Chief Refrigerator EngineerCeramic +
Jeffrey, Alan Alexander, RNR31Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Jeffrey, Audrey May, Civilian29PassengerCeramic +
Jenkins, Arthur Ronald, British Army30Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Jillard, Alfred John, RANR29Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Johnson, Edward Ellis, British Army25Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Johnson, Peter William, Merchant Navy21Passenger (Fireman)Ceramic +
Jolly, Norman, British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Jones, Frank, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Jones, Frederick James, Red Cross30PassengerCeramic +
Jones, Harry Lionel, RN53Passenger (Gunner (T))Ceramic +
Jones, Robert Leslie, Merchant Navy21Assistant StewardCeramic +
Jones, Thomas Gwyn, British Army23Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Jones, Walter, Merchant Navy39StewardCeramic +
Jones, William Trevor, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Kaye, Hubert, British Army49Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Keefe, James Mathew, Merchant Navy21TrimmerCeramic +
Keenan, Albert, Merchant Navy22FiremanCeramic +
Keene, Frederick Edwin Bertram, RM32Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Kelly, Charles, Merchant Navy33FiremanCeramic +
Kelly, Thomas Anthony, British Army35Passenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Kenah, Joseph Stanley, Merchant Navy27PorterCeramic +
Kennedy, Douglas Northcote, British Army22Passenger (Bombardier)Ceramic +
Kerr, Annie Park, Merchant Navy51Nursing SisterCeramic +
Kerr, Charles Reginald, Merchant NavyPassenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Kershaw, William Henry, Merchant Navy18PorterCeramic +
Kinealy, Robert Joseph, Merchant Navy27ButcherCeramic +
King, David George, Civilian31PassengerCeramic +
King, Dennis George, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
King, George Edgar, RN32Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Kinvig, Francis James, Merchant Navy25Assistant StewardCeramic +
Knight, Grace Louise, British Army44Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Knock, Albert Joseph, Merchant Navy52Passenger (Greaser)Ceramic +
Kuipers, Carl Friedrich, Royal Dutch Navy28Passenger (Monteur 2e klasse)Ceramic +
Larthe, Henri Alexandre, Merchant Navy29Third OfficerCeramic +
Laslett, George Newman, British ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Lawler, Thomas, Merchant Navy37FiremanCeramic +
Lawson, John Francis, Merchant Navy47StewardCeramic +
Lea, James, British Army22Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Leacy, Patrick Joseph, Merchant Navy19TrimmerCeramic +
Leader, Charles Frederick William, British Army37Passenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Leeming, William Anthony, Merchant Navy27Leading SeamanCeramic +
Levitzke, Gus William, RANR32Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Lewin, Benson Leonard, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Lewin, Betty May, Civilian20PassengerCeramic +
Lewis, Frederick James, Merchant Navy30SailorCeramic +
Lewis, Kenneth Gordon, British Army23Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Lines, Cyril Graham, British Army31Gunner (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Little, John James, British Army28Gunner (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Littleton, Cyril Joseph, Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Liversidge, Kenneth, Merchant Navy30Assistant ButcherCeramic +
Llewellin, William Norman, Merchant Navy39PrinterCeramic +
Lloyd, Edward Vernon, Merchant Navy54StorekeeperCeramic +
Lloyd, George Herbert, RANR19Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Locke, John Joseph, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Lodge, Arthur, Merchant Navy47Passenger (Master)Ceramic +
Lord, John Frederick, Merchant NavyDeck BoyCeramic +
Loughran, Frederick Thomas, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardCeramic +
Luttman, Charles Henry, Merchant Navy18PorterCeramic +
Lutton, Laurence Gregory, Merchant Navy17Passenger (Trimmer)Ceramic +
Mackenzie, Alan Gordon, Merchant Navy37Second OfficerCeramic +
Macleod, Elizabeth Fraser, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Macleod, Rev. Gregor, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Maddison, Leslie, Merchant NavyStewardCeramic +
Maddox, Rev. Leonard Cecil C., Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Magee, Charles Peter, Merchant Navy28StewardCeramic +
Malan, Florence, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Malone, John Edward, Merchant Navy24FiremanCeramic +
Maloney, William, Merchant Navy21FiremanCeramic +
Mankerts, Gordon Edward, Merchant Navy23Captain's StewardCeramic +
Mansell, Ellen, Merchant Navy62StewardessCeramic +
Markey, Edward, Merchant Navy36Passenger (Waiter)Ceramic +
Marney, John, Merchant Navy60GreaserCeramic +
Marshall, David, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanCeramic +
Marshall, Francis Nicholas, Merchant Navy36StewardCeramic +
Marshall, Harry Archer, Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Maslen, Eric James, British Army22Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Mather, James, Merchant Navy28FiremanCeramic +
Matheson, David Black, British Army19Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Mathias, Phyllis Mildred, Civilian31PassengerCeramic +
Maxwell, Margaret, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
May, Howard, RM35Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
McAllister, Neil, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardCeramic +
McArdle, John Stephen, Merchant Navy47StewardCeramic +
McBride, William, Merchant Navy38GreaserCeramic +
McBryde, Katherine Daisy, British Army35Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
McDonald, Sir James Gordon, Civilian75PassengerCeramic +
McDonnell, Phillip, Merchant Navy19Assistant CookCeramic +
McFadden, John, Merchant Navy20Assistant PantrymanCeramic +
McFadyean, Archibald, British Army24Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
McGinn, James Henry, Merchant Navy51Assistant StewardCeramic +
McGovern, Daniel John, Merchant Navy40Passenger (Cook)Ceramic +
McGregor, Mabel Douglas, British Army30Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
McGuinness, William, Merchant Navy45TrimmerCeramic +
McKenna, Patrick Joseph, British Army29Gunner (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
McKevitt, George, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
McMaster, Keith Alexander, Merchant Navy22Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
McNabb, John, Merchant Navy19TrimmerCeramic +
McNally, James, Merchant Navy28Leading FiremanCeramic +
McWaters, Alfred Ernest, Merchant Navy59Assistant StewardCeramic +
Melia, Anthony, Merchant Navy28Leading FiremanCeramic +
Merrick, James, Merchant Navy50Assistant StewardCeramic +
Michaels, John Myer, Merchant Navy44StewardCeramic +
Miller, Leslie Thomas, British Army22Passenger (Signalman)Ceramic +
Milnes, Herbert, British Army22Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Milo, Gustave, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +
Mitchell, Frederick Marrack, Merchant Navy24Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Mitchell, Hayden Hopkin, Merchant Navy19TrimmerCeramic +
Mizzi, Gerald, Merchant Navy32FiremanCeramic +
Mollett, Austin Godfrey, Civilian68PassengerCeramic +
Mollett, Catherine Adelaide, Civilian60PassengerCeramic +
Mollett, Joan Leonore, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Monks, Robert William, Merchant NavyApprenticeCeramic +
Moon, Arthur William, Merchant Navy44Chief ButcherCeramic +
Morgan, Albert Victor, Merchant Navy37StewardCeramic +
Morgan, John Henry, British Army29Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Morgan, Thomas Ralston, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Morland, Mavis, Civilian27PassengerCeramic +
Morris, Colin, Merchant Navy27GreaserCeramic +
Morris, Dora Mary, British Army27Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Morrison, Douglas Hadley, Merchant Navy22Passenger (Fireman)Ceramic +
Mortimer, Philip Arthur Joseph, Civilian18PassengerCeramic +
Moscos, John George, SANFPassenger (Leading Writer)Ceramic +
Moscrop, Henry Abercrombie, Civilian51PassengerCeramic +
Mulcahey, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy32StewardCeramic +
Munday, Eric, British ArmyPassenger (Sapper)Ceramic
Munro, Archibald, Merchant Navy65GreaserCeramic +
Murby, Harry Stockton, British Army24Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Mustoe, Frank Kenneth, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Naus, Hugeus, Civilian40PassengerCeramic +
Needham, Edward John Allport, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Needham, Eric Randolph, British Army32Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Neil, Allan Macdougall, British Army23Passenger (Signalman)Ceramic +
Neill, John Sayers, Merchant Navy37StewardCeramic +
Nel, Louis, RNPassenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
Newby, Charles Henry, Civilian45PassengerCeramic +
Newnham, Harold Percy, Merchant Navy39StewardCeramic +
Newth, Terence Ernest, Merchant NavyDeck BoyCeramic +
Nicholas, Mabel Burgess, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Nicholl, David Iltid, British ArmyPassenger (Major)Ceramic +
Nicholls, John James Alfred Charles, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +
Nicolson, Christina Margaret, British Army22Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Niven, Allan Robert, Merchant NavyPassenger (Junior Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Nolan, Margaret, British Army29Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Norrie, Ernest Murray, British Army23Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
O'Connor, Thomas, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanCeramic +
O'Donnell, Walter, RNPS26Passenger (Stoker)Ceramic +
O'Donoghue, Basil David, RANVR28Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
O'Hare, Henry, Merchant Navy23StewardCeramic +
O'Sullivan, Margaret Mary, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Page, Peter, Merchant NavyPassenger (Steward)Ceramic +
Page, William Henry, Merchant Navy36Leading SeamanCeramic +
Paine, Elsie Cecilia, Civilian44PassengerCeramic +
Palmer, Leonard John, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardCeramic +
Panther, Cyril, Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanCeramic +
Parrish, Harry Giles, British Army46Passenger (Major)Ceramic +
Parry, Kenneth George, British Army26Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Pask, James Ronald, British Army26Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Peacock, Arthur Cyril, Merchant Navy37FiremanCeramic +
Pearson, Ernest Courtenay, RM38Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Peel, Arthur Henry Frederick, RN24Passenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
Peelmans, Abel Louis Fernand Hurbert, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Perkins, James Arthur, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Pery-Knox-Gore, Barbara, Civilian27PassengerCeramic +
Peterken, Dorothy Beatrice, Civilian30PassengerCeramic +
Peterken, Jill Christine, Civilian3PassengerCeramic +
Peterken, Walter Ernest, RN31Passenger (Leading Telegraphist)Ceramic +
Peterken, Wenda, Civilian6PassengerCeramic +
Pettigrew, James Stark, British Army26Passenger (Serjeant)Ceramic +
Pickering, Elizabeth Elsie, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Pickering, John Harold, Civilian28PassengerCeramic +
Pierce, Robert Charles, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardCeramic +
Piron, Hubert Josef, Civilian20PassengerCeramic +
Pitt, Harry, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardCeramic +
Pitt, Joan, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Plage, Philip, Merchant Navy21Ordinary SeamanCeramic +
Polli, Simon, British Army34Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Popham, Reginald David, Civilian41PassengerCeramic +
Portingale, Janet Scott, British Army32Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Potter, Clifford V., British Army32Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Powell, Margaret May, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Pratt, Leonard, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Prentis, James Alan, British Army31Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Preston, Harold Greswolde, RM18Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Preston, John, Merchant Navy28FiremanCeramic +
Price, Robert, Merchant Navy27FiremanCeramic +
Proud, Robert Davidson, British Army27Passenger (Company Quartermaster Serjeant)Ceramic +
Pryor, Edis Elaine, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Pryor, Vincent Lorraine, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Prytherch, Jack Donald, Civilian51PassengerCeramic +
Puddifer, Edward, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanCeramic +
Quillan, Joseph, Merchant Navy19TrimmerCeramic +
Radford, Frederick, Merchant Navy49Assistant StewardCeramic +
Raine, Daisy Millicent, Civilian49PassengerCeramic +
Raine, Thomas Reginald, Civilian47PassengerCeramic +
Ramsay, Digby Forsythe, Merchant Navy56GreaserCeramic +
Rawson, Jessie Miriam, Civilian24PassengerCeramic +
Rawson, Moira Alice, Civilian1PassengerCeramic +
Ray, Dr. David Bruce, Civilian24PassengerCeramic +
Ray, Margaret McMillan, Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Rees, George, Merchant Navy62StewardCeramic +
Rhodes, Carl Thurman, Civilian50PassengerCeramic +
Rice, George, Merchant Navy32GreaserCeramic +
Richardson, Richard, Merchant Navy21TrimmerCeramic +
Richmond, Hugh Tait, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Riddell, William Forster, RNVR25Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Ridout, Frank Edward, British Army24Passenger (Staff Serjeant)Ceramic +
Ridyard, William Valentine, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardCeramic +
Roberts, Harry, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Roberts, John Hollingworth, RNVR36Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Robertson, Angela, Civilian12PassengerCeramic +
Robertson, Melsom W., Civilian41PassengerCeramic +
Robertson, Richard Phillip, Civilian6PassengerCeramic +
Robertson, Rita Rachael, Civilian40PassengerCeramic +
Robson-Cross, Walter, British ArmyPassenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Rogers, Anthony P., Merchant Navy25FiremanCeramic +
Ross, Walter Matheson, Merchant Navy47First Radio OfficerCeramic +
Roth, Francis James, Merchant Navy21PantrymanCeramic +
Rowbotham, Harry, British Army24Passenger (Sapper)Ceramic +
Rowe, Daniel Donald, Civilian39PassengerCeramic +
Royle, Keith, RM18Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Ruddock, Sampson, Merchant Navy41Leading FiremanCeramic +
Ruse, Orville Thomas, British Army25Passenger (Warrant Officer)Ceramic +
Russell, Carol Margaret, Civilian23PassengerCeramic +
Ryan, John Joseph, Merchant Navy24Passenger (Trimmer)Ceramic +
Sage, Joseph, Merchant Navy63CookCeramic +
Salmon, Alice, Civilian34PassengerCeramic +
Salmon, Jean, Civilian10PassengerCeramic +
Salmon, Keith, Civilian5PassengerCeramic +
Salter, Thomas, Merchant Navy40FiremanCeramic +
Saunders, Herbert Henry, RAN30Passenger (Chief Petty Officer Writer)Ceramic +
Saunders, Leonard Gilbert, Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardCeramic +
Schnetler, Petrus Johannes, Civilian32PassengerCeramic +
Scogings, Michael, Merchant Navy31FiremanCeramic +
Scott, Richard D.J., CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Scott, Robert Gibb Allan, Merchant Navy18FiremanCeramic +
Scott, Ronald, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Scott, William Edward, Merchant Navy44Assistant StewardCeramic +
Scrutton, Harold Francis, RN42Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Scully, Jeremiah, Merchant Navy52GreaserCeramic +
Seabrook, Ethel Caroline, Civilian37PassengerCeramic +
Seabrook, Ronald John Arthur, Civilian13PassengerCeramic +
Selby, Sydney James, RANR20Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Shannon, Gerald Joseph, Merchant Navy23FiremanCeramic +
Shannon, James John, Merchant Navy36GreaserCeramic +
Sharkey, Charles Joseph, Merchant Navy19Assistant StewardCeramic +
Shone, Albert, Merchant Navy20CookCeramic +
Short, Francis Thomas, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardCeramic +
Sibthorpe, George William, Civilian67PassengerCeramic +
Silk, Henry, Civilian49PassengerCeramic +
Simes, Frederick George, RN24Passenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
Simpson, Harry, RAN35Passenger (Stoker)Ceramic +
Sircom, Francis Alan, British Army36Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Skinner, Herbert Henry, Merchant Navy27StewardCeramic +
Skinner, Laurence, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Slater, John, British Army29Passenger (Captain)Ceramic +
Smith, Archie Beaumont, Merchant Navy52StewardCeramic +
Smith, George, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardCeramic +
Smith, George Albert, RN33Passenger (Telegraphist (SO))Ceramic +
Smith, George Hector, Merchant Navy23Assistant StewardCeramic +
Smith, Gordon, British Army22Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Smith, Muriel Elizabeth Agnes, Civilian27PassengerCeramic +
Smith, Raymond Verdun Albert, RN26Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Smith, William, British Army22Passenger (Signalman)Ceramic +
Sorrensen, Jack Morton, RANR25Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Stanton, Edward Patrick, Merchant Navy22TrimmerCeramic +
Stapleton, Ralph Ellis, British Army27Sergeant (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Steedman, William Alfred, Merchant Navy24Passenger (Steward)Ceramic +
Stephen, Alfred John Carle, RMPassenger (Sergeant)Ceramic +
Stevens, Frederick John, Merchant Navy19TrimmerCeramic +
Stevenson, William Allison, RANR24Passenger (Able Seaman)Ceramic +
Stewart, John Forrest, Merchant Navy43Passenger (Chief Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Stokes, Cyril George, British Army23Passenger (Gunner)Ceramic +
Storey, Amos, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Stoyel, Gladys Emmaline, Civilian28PassengerCeramic +
Stratford, Dorothy Muriel, British Army32Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Stringer, Joseph, Merchant Navy40Ordinary SeamanCeramic +
Stroud, Henry Arthur, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Sutherland, Barbara Munro, British Army31Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Tanner, Thomas Lesley, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Tayler, Nevil Haig, Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Taylor, Robert Logan, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardCeramic +
Tedford, Henry Stewart, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Tetley, Moira Catherine, Civilian22PassengerCeramic +
Thompson, Arthur Frederick, Merchant Navy28Assistant BootsCeramic +
Thompson, Charles Francis, British Army27Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Tilston, Lionel Frederick Robert, Merchant Navy42Linen KeeperCeramic +
Timmins, William, British Army27Gunner (DEMS gunner)Ceramic +
Tonge, James, Merchant Navy32Assistant StewardCeramic +
Toohey, Kathleen, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Towey, Michael, Merchant Navy38GreaserCeramic +
Townson, Thomas Holmes, Merchant Navy18TrimmerCeramic +
Tripp, John Holloway, Merchant Navy38Chief StewardCeramic +
Tuck, Clarence Willie, Merchant Navy34Assistant StewardCeramic +
Tudor, Hettie Annie, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Turnbull, John Clare, RNPassenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
Turner, Ethel Lillian, Civilian61PassengerCeramic +
Tutt, Lewis Ernest, Civilian45PassengerCeramic +
Underhill, George Edward, Civilian46PassengerCeramic +
Ungi, Ernest, Merchant Navy23SailorCeramic +
Utting, Richard Haynes, RANVR33Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Van Breda, Vera Ellin, Civilian50PassengerCeramic +
Van Gucht, Gustaf Petrus, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +
Vaughan, Edward, Merchant Navy37Boatswain (Bosun)Ceramic +
Vaughan, Ernest, Merchant Navy30Boatswain's MateCeramic +
Vaughan, Kelvin James, RANVR35Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Vernon, Donald, Merchant NavyDeck BoyCeramic +
Wakefield, Sydney, RMPassenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Waldron, Samuel Frederick, RM37Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Walker, Richard, RM18Passenger (Marine)Ceramic +
Ward, Peter, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardCeramic +
Warren, John Gunn, British Army37Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Wase, Philip Hills, Merchant Navy37Passenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Waters, Gladys, British Army31Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Watson, Elizabeth, Civilian62PassengerCeramic +
Watson, Richard, Merchant Navy28BakerCeramic +
Wattiez, Jules Maurice Rene Auguste, Civilian32PassengerCeramic +
Watts, George, Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardCeramic +
Weaver, Edward James, Merchant Navy40Chief CookCeramic +
Welch, John Henry, Merchant Navy42PantrymanCeramic +
Welch, Joseph Patrick, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Wells, Edward Albert Frederick, RNPassenger (Stoker First Class)Ceramic +
West, Cecil Gladstone Samuel, Merchant NavyPassenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
Wethered, Francis John, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
Wharton, Richard Horatio, Merchant Navy39Assistant StewardCeramic +
Wheelock, Lilian Maria Ethel, British Army28Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Whelan, Vincent Paul, Merchant Navy20Assistant CookCeramic +
Whitby, Barbara Ethel, Civilian3PassengerCeramic +
Whitby, Maisie Caroline Helena, Civilian38PassengerCeramic +
Whitby, William Henry, Merchant NavyPassenger (Engineer Officer)Ceramic +
White, Charles, Merchant Navy21FiremanCeramic +
White, Genevieve Clothilde, CivilianPassengerCeramic +
White, Katherine Frances Mary, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Wickert, Kurt, Civilian26PassengerCeramic +
Wignall, Richard Henry, Merchant Navy56Chief BakerCeramic +
Williams, David George, Civilian31PassengerCeramic +
Williams, Joyce May, Civilian24PassengerCeramic +
Williams, Owen Griffith, Merchant Navy31Passenger (Second Officer)Ceramic +
Williams, Richard Stanley, Merchant Navy28Sixth Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Williams, William Fenwick Robertson, Merchant Navy35Assistant StewardCeramic +
Williamson, Francis, Merchant Navy30Assistant BakerCeramic +
Willoughby, Joseph Ronald, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardCeramic +
Wilmot, William James, British Army32Passenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Wilson, Thomas, Merchant Navy39Assistant StewardCeramic +
Wilson-Smith, Norman James, Merchant Navy36SurgeonCeramic +
Wingate, Adeline Rita, British ArmyPassenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Winser, Trevor Ernest, British ArmyPassenger (Corporal)Ceramic +
Winslett, Henry Francis, Merchant Navy41StewardCeramic +
Woby, Bruce, Merchant Navy18Second Radio OfficerCeramic +
Wolffe, Jack, Merchant Navy29Steward HairdresserCeramic +
Wood, Charles, Merchant Navy52Second Engineer OfficerCeramic +
Wood, Harry, RNVR33Passenger (Lieutenant)Ceramic +
Wood, Horace, British Army37Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Wood, Thomas, Merchant Navy43StorekeeperCeramic +
Wood, Winifred Mary Fry, British Army25Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Woodhouse, Mary, British Army37Passenger (Sister)Ceramic +
Woolfall, Thomas Robert, Merchant Navy58StewardCeramic +
Woolley, Wilfred Morton, British Army29Passenger (Private)Ceramic +
Wortley, Charles, Merchant Navy19FiremanCeramic +
Wright, James Frederick, Merchant Navy40StewardCeramic +
Wyllie, Alexander Veitch, Civilian43PassengerCeramic +

655 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.