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Dutch steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Dutch steam merchant Sawahloento.

Aboard Sawahloento when hit on 14 Dec 1942

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NameAgeRankServed on
IndianAbbas, , Merchant NavyFiremanSawahloento +
IndianAbdullah, , Merchant NavyGreaserSawahloento +
IndianAbdus Salam, , Merchant NavyCassabSawahloento +
IndianAdam, , Merchant NavyTrimmerSawahloento +
IndianAhmad Din, , Merchant NavyGreaserSawahloento +
IndianAhmad Tirdose, , Merchant NavyTrimmerSawahloento +
IndianBhoma, , Merchant NavyWinchmanSawahloento +
IndianBhudia, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
IndianD'Souza, Constanio, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantSawahloento +
IndianDithia, , Merchant NavySeacunnySawahloento +
IndianDitta, , Merchant NavySeacunnySawahloento +
DutchDrinkenburg, Carolus Franciscus Cornelis, Merchant Navy35Radio OperatorSawahloento +
IndianFernandes, Francisco, Merchant NavyButlerSawahloento +
IndianFernandes, Guilherum, Merchant NavyChief CookSawahloento +
IndianFernandes, Joseph, Merchant NavyCookSawahloento +
IndianFernandes, Pedro, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantSawahloento +
DutchGroot, Albert de, Merchant Navy31Third OfficerSawahloento +
IndianHusain Mian, , Merchant NavyFiremanSawahloento +
IndianHusain Mian, , Merchant NavyTrimmerSawahloento +
DutchIdris, , Merchant Navy30LaundrymanSawahloento +
DutchIke, Hendrikus, Merchant Navy41Chief Engineer OfficerSawahloento +
IndianIsam-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyFiremanSawahloento +
DutchKalfsbeek, Pieter Sikko, Merchant Navy29Fourth Engineer OfficerSawahloento
IndianKasa Dithia, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
DutchKauntur, H., Merchant Navy33Engine DriverSawahloento +
DutchKesseler, Joseph Antonius Lambertus, Merchant Navy36Second OfficerSawahloento +
DutchLap, Gerardus Pieter, Merchant Navy36Chief OfficerSawahloento +
DutchLigten, C. van, Merchant Navy23StorekeeperSawahloento +
IndianMangal, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
IndianMangal, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
DutchMatradjie, , Merchant NavyStewardSawahloento +
DutchMinsgad, , Merchant NavyCarpenterSawahloento
IndianNarayan, , Merchant NavyCassabSawahloento +
IndianNatha Joaquery, , Merchant NavyDeck SerangSawahloento +
DutchPepe, , Merchant NavyCook’s MateSawahloento +
IndianPunja, , Merchant NavySeacunnySawahloento +
IndianRama, , Merchant NavyBhandarySawahloento +
IndianRamaswami, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantSawahloento +
IndianRatna, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
IndianRego, Paul Florino, Merchant NavyPantrymanSawahloento +
DutchRidder, Augustinus Johannes de, Merchant Navy37Second Engineer OfficerSawahloento +
DutchRorinpandey, A.P., Merchant Navy27Engine DriverSawahloento
IndianRoshan Din, , Merchant NavyTrimmerSawahloento +
DutchRuntunuwu, J., Merchant Navy32BlacksmithSawahloento +
IndianSheikh Bawassar, , Merchant NavyFiremanSawahloento +
IndianSheikh Ibrahim Bawa, , Merchant NavyGreaserSawahloento +
IndianSheikh Yusuf, , Merchant NavyTindalSawahloento +
DutchSidie, , Merchant Navy33LaundrymanSawahloento +
IndianSoma, , Merchant NavySeamanSawahloento +
DutchSwieringa, Johan Barteld, Merchant Navy42MasterSawahloento +
DutchTahitu, M.E., Merchant NavyClerkSawahloento +
IndianThomas, I.M., Merchant NavyTopassSawahloento +
DutchZiedses des Plantes, Theodore August Johannes, Merchant Navy28Fourth OfficerSawahloento

53 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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