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Minister Wedel

Norwegian motor tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Norwegian motor tanker Minister Wedel.

Aboard Minister Wedel when hit on 9 Jan 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Aasen, Trygve, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerMinister Wedel
Andersen, Bjarne, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Angus, Joseph, GunnerMinister Wedel
Chan Chuen, , Merchant NavyMess Room BoyMinister Wedel
Christensen, Alf Riiber, Merchant NavyChief OfficerTankexpress, Minister Wedel
Eccle, Robert, GunnerMinister Wedel
Ellefsen, Olaf H., Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerMinister Wedel
Elvevold, Leif, Merchant NavyMechanicMinister Wedel
For Yua, , Merchant NavyMess Room BoyMinister Wedel
Frøkedal, Bernt, Merchant NavyMechanicMinister Wedel
Gudvaag, Ossian, Merchant NavySecond OfficerMinister Wedel
Gustavsen, Edvin, Merchant NavyCarpenterMinister Wedel
Hallqvist, Carl, Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)Minister Wedel
Hallqvist, Knut, Merchant NavyPumpmanMinister Wedel
Johanson, Lennard, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Jonassen, Arvid, Merchant NavyRadio OperatorMinister Wedel
Kong Hee, , Merchant NavyMess Room BoyMinister Wedel
Lam Kow, , Merchant NavyMess Room BoyMinister Wedel
Larsen, Wilhelm, Merchant NavyOilerMinister Wedel
Levitt, Benjamin, GunnerMinister Wedel
Maguire, Bernhard, GunnerMinister Wedel
Mikkelsen, Mikal, Merchant NavyAble Seaman/GunnerMinister Wedel
Nielsen, Richard, Merchant NavyMechanicMinister Wedel
Olkio, Kalevi, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Omholt, Andreas, Merchant NavyStewardMinister Wedel
Pedersen, Haakon, Merchant NavyMechanicMinister Wedel
Pettersen, Olaf, Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerMinister Wedel
Rygh, Birger, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Rønning, Peder, Merchant NavyThird OfficerMinister Wedel
Sprague, Jack, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Stormark, Guttorm, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMinister Wedel
Svendsen, Sverre, Merchant NavyAssistant EngineerMinister Wedel
Tallaksen, Kristian, Merchant NavyCookBronxville, Minister Wedel
Waage, Thorleif, Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanMinister Wedel
Wilhelmsen, Arnold, Merchant NavyMechanicMinister Wedel
Wilhelmsen, Wilhelm, Merchant NavyMasterMinister Wedel
Wong Kwan, , Merchant NavyMess Room BoyMinister Wedel

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