Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


American Troop transport

Photo courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American Troop transport Dorchester.

Aboard Dorchester when hit on 3 Feb 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAce, Walter H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAckermann, Ira Emil, Merchant Marine28Chief CookDorchester +
AmericanAdams, Earl L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAdkins, Leonard E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAdrian, Joseph, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAlbach, Thomas J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAlbert, Leonard S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAlejandro, Juan R., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanAlesi, Alfred H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAliano, George N., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanAllen, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanAlvarez, Abraham, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAlvarez, Alejandro M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishAndersen, Alex C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAnderson, Albert L., US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAnderson, Bruce, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAnderson, Odis Herman, USN25Passenger (Boatswain)Dorchester +
DanishAndreasen, Holger H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanAngel, Bertie F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAngerman, Herbert G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAnzur, Frank G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanAppleton, Wilfred E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAragona, John S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanArcher, Joseph G., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester
AmericanArcher, Robert, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanArgyro, James B., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
AmericanArmijo, Ermilo T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanArnett, Henry H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanArpaia, William Howard, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)Dorchester
AmericanAshby, Theodore F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanAyres, Elijah Hanes, US Army30Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBailey, John W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBailey, Thomas J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBallard, Fred, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
MalteseBarbara, Pasquale, Merchant Marine42WaiterDorchester +
AmericanBarends, Arnulfo Ottmar Alberto, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
AmericanBarlow, Joel R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
Puerto RicanBarrios, Alejandro, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanBarron, Harry, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBarry, John D., Merchant Marine41Fire WatchmanDorchester
AmericanBartrug, Ralph J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBasaly, John, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBates, John B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBaylis, Graham Whitney, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
AmericanBeach, Harold W., Merchant Marine31Third MateDorchester
AmericanBeam, Otto, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBebber, Fred F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanBecerra, Angelo, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBeckman, Harold F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBednar, William B., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester
AmericanBeevers, Dewitt E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBelisle, Henry R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBelli, Joseph Bartholomew, USCGRPassenger (Chief Yeoman)Dorchester +
AmericanBenkler, Frank A., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanBennett, Donald M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBerentsen, Arnfelth E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBernstetter, Mike, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBertolotti, Joseph, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
AmericanBevelacque, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBeyer, Louis C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBidgood, Frederick, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanBird, Lafayette L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBirmingham, Thomas J., USCGPassengerDorchester
AmericanBisconti, Francis J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishBisgaard, Tony, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanBitter, Herny H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBlackwood, John, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBlakely, Robert L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBlalock, Fred H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBlick, Gustaf A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBodeen, Gilbert W., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanBoeckholt, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
DanishBojesen, Knut, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanBokal, Edward R., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBon, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBones, John W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBonlie, Melvin O., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBontjes, Andy, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBooth, Paul H., USNPassengerDorchester
AmericanBorkowitz, Wladyslaw Joseph, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
AmericanBoyd, Melvin T., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBoyle, Hugh J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBradley, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrady, Kenneth, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
AmericanBrandt, Mervin H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBraniff, Willard J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrennan, John W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBricker, Norman, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrighton, Emmett J., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrinsky, William John, US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBroadwell, William A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBroderick, Nicholas, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBrodsky, Harry M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBrohm, Norbert M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrookshire, David C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrown, Eldon R., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrown, Gilbert Francis, Merchant Marine24Fireman/WiperDorchester +
AmericanBrown, Hansel, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrown, Harold M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrown, McIntosh, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrowne, Hiram, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
AmericanBrubaker, Harry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBrush, Edward, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBuckhahn, Leroy F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBuckheit, Jacob A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBuckingham, Arthur J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBudner, Walter C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBuerdsell, Joseph Disbury, USCGPassenger (Storekeeper Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanBuhn, Frank A., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanBulgrin, Billy N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBunkelman, William G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBurd, Raymond V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBurge, Jay L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBurgos, Louis, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanBurke, Francis J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBurke, William F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanBurns, Clinton F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanBurris, Norman W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBush, Charles R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanBye, Anthony E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCalandriello, Michael A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanCannon, William Thomas, US Army27Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCaradeuc, Raymond Joseph, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
AmericanCarlson, Carl G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCarriero, Samuel J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanCarrow, Norman F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCarson, Edward P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCarter, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCarter, Hubert W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCarter, James H., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanCaruso, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCashen, John T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCasper, Ralph N., US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCaulley, James F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanCavaliere, Raymond A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCentanni, Angelo, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCharbhneau, Joseph C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanChechile, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanChristian, Norman L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCiccia, Charles Benny, USNPassenger (Torpedoman’s Mate Third Class)Dorchester
AmericanClark, Arthur K., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanClark, Grady L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanClark, Wilbur M., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanClarno, Malcolm W., US Army41Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanClayton, Albert L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanClemmons, John V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCline, Charles W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanClute, Willis A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCochran, Ernest W., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Dorchester +
AmericanColin, Henry H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCollins, George A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanCollins, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanColon, Adolph, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanColwill, Leo L., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCommentz, Richard Arthur, US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCorcoran, James E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCornell, Gosta V., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCornett, Vernal L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCorrales, Thomas, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
AmericanCottrell, Joseph Frederick, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanCoughlin, Robert R., US Army35Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCourtney, Philip Michael, USCGRPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
AmericanCox, Charles M., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanCrane, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCrater, Lloyd L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCrockett, Homer L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCrossland, William H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCrotty, Bill B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCrouch, Warren C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanCrump, Columbus G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanCundy, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCunning, George D., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanCunningham, John F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanCurrey, Charles William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDalrymple, George H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDaly, Eugene A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDametsch, Anton, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDamm, Richard P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDaniels, Lester W.J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDaniels, Vincent J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDanielsen, Hans Jorgen, Merchant MarineMasterDorchester +
AmericanDanjou, Emile L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDarnell, Nace F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDavies, Charles, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanDavila, Daniel, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanDavis, Ralph F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDay, Emmette Charles, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanDorchester +
AmericanDe Crow, Joseph C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDe Mack, Anthony J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDe Meo, Pasquale A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDe Munck, Virgil J., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDe Rosa, Jerry, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanDe Vuono, Carl J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDedomenico, Ralph W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDeeds, Jerome W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDekeyser, Albert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDel Llano, Santiago, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanDembofsky, Nathan, Merchant MarinePorterDorchester +
AmericanDembofsky, William, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanDenmark, Harry T., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDi Meo, Frank G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDiaz, Anthony, Merchant Marine36Officers MessmanDorchester +
AmericanDiaz, John N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDickel, Charles W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDickman, Charles, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDierkes, Henry H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDigiantommaso, Thomas John, USNSignalman Second ClassDorchester +
AmericanDionne, Edward J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDix, Samuel W., Merchant Marine52Second MateDorchester
AmericanDobies, Theodore R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDoering, Charles I., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDomanski, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDooner, John J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDore, Eugene N., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanDorn, William H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanDorrington, James, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDowell, William R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDoyle, James E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanDudley, Joseph E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDuffy, George Francis, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanDufort, Latimer G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDuhl, Joseph A., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanDupray, Hubert F., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanDusseau, Lawrence D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEardley, James, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanEdmunds, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanEichwald, Howard W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEliopoulous, George E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEllsworth, Harold John, USCGRPassenger (Mess Attendant Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanElmaleh, Jacob David A., US Army25Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanEngland, Arnold Wain, Merchant MarineFireman/WiperDorchester +
DanishEnquist, Henrik J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanEpstein, Benjamin, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanEstell, Garold R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEstes, Don, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanEthier, Leo R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEvans, George L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanEvans, Oswald R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
BritishEvelyn, Louis V., Merchant Marine25Able SeamanDorchester
AmericanEverett, Donald J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanEvers, Huston N., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanFagerlie, Johannes, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanFarbstein, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFass, Marcus, USCGRPassenger (Chief Aviation Radioman)Dorchester +
AmericanFeeley, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFerrara, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFerrary, William Valentino, Civilian42PassengerDorchester
AmericanFiedler, Daniel G., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFigueroa, Enrique, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanFinnegan, Thomas J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanFischer, Claude E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFisher, John W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanFishman, Morris Simon, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanFitt, John R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFitzgerald, Ray A., US ArmyPassenger (Sgt)Dorchester +
AmericanFlink, Gunnar A., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanFlores, Mariano Torres, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanFlorez, Luis, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanFoot, Arthur F., US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanForley, Arvin, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanForsmark, Harold G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanFoster, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanFox, Rev. George Lansing, US Army42Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanFox, Thomas W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanFranceschi, Germano, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishFrederiksen, Aksel G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanFreed, Irwin, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFreeman, Joseph, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFrese, Fred J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFricke, Glenn H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFromm, Dan F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFrucelli, Vincent, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanFyfe, Thomas, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGaff, Homer F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGagliardi, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGallagher, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGamboa, Cruz, Merchant MarineQuartermasterDorchester +
AmericanGannon, Thomas M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGarafano, Michael, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGarey, John F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGarlich, Edwin G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGarrido, Victoriano Borja, USNPassenger (Cook Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanGarris, George C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGassdorf, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGavin, Edward James, Merchant Marine19Engine CadetDorchester +
AmericanGennrich, Frederick J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGeoguen, Joseph Henry, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGeschwind, David, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanGetz, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGifford, Elliott Temple, USNPassenger (Aviation Metalsmith First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanGill, Charles W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGillette, Donald E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanGillihet, Frank, US Army25Passenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanGiltner, Robert P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGirton, Orville P., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGlobnik, Louis, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGohl, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGoldman, Harry A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGoldsmith, Anvaha L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGonos, William, US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanGoode, Rabbi Alexander David, US Army31Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
BritishGoodridge, Irvine C., Merchant Marine37Crew memberDorchester
AmericanGoodwin, Robert L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGordon, T.J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGormley, James R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGorton, Milan G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanGoss, William P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGott, Charles M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGovorchin, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGraham, Gordon, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGraham, William R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGrandinetti, George V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGray, Ernest L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGreenwood, Lee Roy, US Army24Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGregg, Johnnie B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanGriesmann, Frank Paul, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
AmericanGrimes, Denzle B., US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGrimshaw, James R., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanGrubman, Charles S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanGuidice, Jerome V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGuissa, Antonio Delgado, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanGunther, Emilio, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
AmericanGunthner, Emil G., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanGusmerotti, Joseph P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanGux, Bruno J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHaahti, Wilja, Merchant Marine55Fire WatchmanDorchester +
AmericanHadan, Lee, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHagans, Albert C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHagelberg, Otto A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHagewood, Henry H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHaggerty, John L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHaij, Carl L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHallmark, Orville E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHalsey, Samuel Harry, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
AmericanHamilton, Anthony J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHamilton, Charles F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHanafin, William Francis, Merchant Marine37First Assistant EngineerDorchester +
AmericanHandler, Lawrence C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
DanishHansen, Olaf, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHaran, Patrick J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHarmon, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHarper, Frank N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHarraadon, Alden F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHarris, Charles F., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHarrison, Archibald J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHarslerode, Wilmet E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHart, Gordon Standish, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHartensveld, Orie J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHartzheim, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
AmericanHassler, George F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHayes, Robert K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHayman, Alfred C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHaymore, Joseph D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHeaten, Ernest Leroy, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHeavel, Roland G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHector, Philip, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
AmericanHederman, William Edward, Merchant Marine60LinenkeeperDorchester +
AmericanHegg, Harry L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHensley, Jack V., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHenson, Robert H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHerr, John E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHickey, Richard T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHicks, Harvie G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHightree, Randall G., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHill, Carl Gibson, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
AmericanHilliard, Daniel F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHillman, Kenneth L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHinchey, Thomas J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHinkle, Edmund B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHitson, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHoatson, James, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHochsprung, Norman C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHogan, Loy C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHolden, Thomas E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHolland, Delmer D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHolle, Edward E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHollers, Donald P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHollister, Kingsley S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHolt, Albert L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHommes, Walter, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanHonaker, Thomas H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHope, Paul Emile, USCGRPassenger (Radioman Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanHorton, Louie C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHoslar, Wilbur E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHoward, Herbert W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHudson, John P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHughston, William M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHull, Rovello S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHull, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanHumble, Willard C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHunter, Albert T., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanHunter, John T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHutchinson, John H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanHutchinson, Walter W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanInks, Arthur E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanIrvin, Thomas A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanJackson, Jack J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJackson, John M., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanJackson, Reuben, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanJacobs, Errol M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJacobsen, Finn, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanJacobson, Donald H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJandura, Caml C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
CanadianJanes, Nicholas N., Merchant Marine28Crew memberDorchester
AmericanJann, William L., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanJatz, Fred P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJennings, Roy L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanJohnson, Francis L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJohnson, Hoyt H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJohnson, Russell E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJohnson, Vilus C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJoines, Presley S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJones, Albert T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanJones, Arnold G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJones, John L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJones, Joseph P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanJones, Ralph L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishJorgensen, Gunnar, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanJorgensen, Paul, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanJosytwo, Roy, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanJoyce, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanJuvinall, Leslie E., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKaar, Hagor W., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanKagy, Fred L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKalman, Israel I., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKaminski, Constanti, Merchant Marine58OilerDorchester +
AmericanKane, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKant, Donald C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKappers, Cornelius, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanKarg, Harold J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKatzoff, Sidney H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKay, Arnold C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKeenan, George, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKeller, Russell E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKelley, George B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKelley, William Joseph, USCGRPassenger (Storekeeper First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanKelly, George N., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanKelly, William B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKerr, Robert H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKilroy, Thomas F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanKing, George L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKirkpatrick, Weldon F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKistler, Robert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishKleberg, Knud B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKlein, Gerald Henry, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanKlein, Thomas H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKline, Charles F., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKlogetvedt, John C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKnowles, McColley W.F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishKnudsen, Knut, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanKnutsen, Knut A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKnutsen, Knute, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Dorchester +
DanishKock, Johannes D., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKohn, Joe, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKolody, Paul, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKormos, Charles, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKostoff, Herman H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKozub, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKramer, Morris, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanKramer, William W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanKranson, Laurence A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKrecker, Preston S., US Army37Passenger (Capt)Dorchester +
AmericanKretz, William Henry, USNPassenger (Electrician’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanKsenyak, Stefan, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanKuchavick, Victor Joseph, Merchant Marine23Deck Engineer and PlumberDorchester +
AmericanKunickas, Chester F., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanKupinski, Walter J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLabadie, David J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLabux, Joseph J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLafferty, Lee M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLaird, Truman R., US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLallier, John A., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanLambert, William Neal, USNRSeaman Second ClassDorchester +
AmericanLamey, Frank L., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanLandolina, Alexander, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanLandrum, Robert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLandscoot, Lloyd F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLang, Charles Godfrey, Merchant MarineChief StewardDorchester +
AmericanLang, Edward H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLarey, Weldon C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLarsen, Richard B., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLassiter, Ernest C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLaurenanti, Joseph M., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLawrence, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLedford, William G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLee, Robert Everett, USNRPassenger (Machinist’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanLeeka, Keith Lloyd, USN36Passenger (Boatswain)Dorchester +
AmericanLehman, Raymond J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLehr, Lawrence W., US Army27Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLemanski, Casimir F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLemmer, Richard L., US Army40Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLemoine, Victor G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLewis, Albert F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLewis, Carl, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLewis, George H., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLewis, Irvin, US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLinaweaver, Kenzel L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLindstrom, Walter Erick, Merchant Marine31Third Radio OfficerDorchester +
AmericanLisk, Cecil Woodrow, Merchant MarineMessmanDorchester +
AmericanLocacono, Armando, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLoeble, Charles Immanuel, Merchant MarineSurgeonDorchester +
AmericanLogan, John Henry, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
AmericanLogan, William A., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLohr, Charles F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLong, William Lyndon, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLooney, Arthur J., USCGPassengerDorchester
PortugueseLopes, Antonio Jose, Merchant Marine39Assistant CookDorchester +
PortugueseLopes, Diamantino Moreira, Merchant Marine28Ordinary SeamanDorchester +
AmericanLopes, Miguel Antonio, Merchant Marine52GalleymanDorchester +
AmericanLopes, Ramon Emilio, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanLord, Jesse M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLoucks, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLudwig, Frank J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLuisi, Rocco, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLumsden, Charles E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanLuning, Alexander, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLuning, Henry J.C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanLuthy, David M., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanLutkiewicz, Frank L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMacDonald, George James, USNRPassenger (Motor Machinist’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanMacEwen, Wellington A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMacfarlane, Hubert Wayne, US Army25Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMacli, Charles, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMacNeill, Charles A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMacPherson, Roy Charles, Merchant MarineOilerDorchester +
AmericanMahoney, Everett C., US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMahoney, William R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMaier, John C., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMajofsky, Edward M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMajsztrik, Andrew J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMalecki, Albert J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMalinowski, Edwin, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMalone, Fred B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMangafreda, Joseph, USNRRadioman Third ClassDorchester +
AmericanManning, John W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMarin, Arturo, Merchant Marine45StewardDorchester +
AmericanMarino, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMarkowski, Benjamin, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMarshall, Richard J., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
DanishMarstal, Johannes Sofus Boye, Merchant Marine29Able SeamanDorchester +
AmericanMartin, Guy H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMascia, Frank, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMatias, Catalino, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanMatson, Samuel A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMatthews, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMauk, Raymond H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMaxwell, John Francis, Merchant Marine25UtilityDorchester +
AmericanMay, Paul, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMaycrovich, John S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMaye, Paul R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMayer, Erwin K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcAlister, Edgar L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcAtamney, James W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcAteer, Newell C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcCaffrey, Francis E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcCann, Wilburn, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcCanty, Oliver D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcCarthy, William N., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcClain, James Albert, USNRRadioman Second ClassDorchester +
AmericanMcCloud, Linwood B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcClure, Roscoe, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcCoy, Ernest G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcCoy, Winfield, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
AmericanMcCrosson, John, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcDonnal, William Henry, USNR17Seaman Second ClassDorchester +
AmericanMcDowell, Hillory L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcEachron, Willie, Merchant Marine42StorekeeperDorchester +
AmericanMcGill, William Joseph, Merchant Marine43Chief Radio OfficerDorchester +
AmericanMcGivney, J.P., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcHale, Richard T., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcHugh, Walter Francis, USCGRPassenger (Yeoman Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanMcIntyre, Alvin E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcIntyre, Clarence E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcLean, Marshall B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMcManus, Charles A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMcMinn, William J., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
AmericanMcTeague, Neil Francis, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanMcVey, Edward J., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
BritishMearns, Robert, Merchant Marine39Chief ButcherDorchester +
AmericanMedina, Antonio, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanMensch, Andrew G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMerritt, Charles Hubert, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanMershon, George N., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanMertes, John G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMetzger, Frederick, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMeyerhoffer, Matthew J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMichaud, Rosaire R., US Army37Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMido, J.R., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester +
AmericanMikolosko, George, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMiles, David S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMiller, Clifford, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMiller, Walter, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMiller, William P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMills, John Edward, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
AmericanMincieli, Nicholas F., US ArmyPassenger (SSgt)Dorchester +
AmericanMizak, Joseph A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMoeller, Ernst J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMoffett, Hugh, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanMolino, Charles, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanMonaghan, Aloysius A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMonge, Alejandro, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanMontalbano, James S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMoran, Glenn J., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
AmericanMoran, Louis, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanMorehead, Emmett H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMorley, James J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMorton, John D., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanMount, Willard Harvey, USCGRPassenger (Radioman Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanMullin, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
AmericanMurphy, Kerney R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanMursch, Eugene A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanMyers, Thomas W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanNash, James M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNau, Harold L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNaydyhor, Anthony J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanNebel, Ralph, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanNeese, Charles B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNehl, August H., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanNeuses, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNewman, Edward, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanNichols, William S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanNicolaus, Marvin C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanNiehaus, Bernhard E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNieman, Fred G., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanNilsson, Bonde, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant EngineerDorchester +
AmericanNimmo, Glenys C., US Army29Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNitti, Daniel Donato, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
AmericanNix, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNolen, Thomas E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNovello, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanNowinski, Michael J., USNRSoundman Third ClassDorchester
AmericanNussear, Lawrence R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanO'Connor, Daniel E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanO'Donnell, John J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanO'Keeffe, Daniel J., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanO'Rourke, James John, Merchant MarineAble SeamanDorchester +
AmericanObee, Eugene C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanOberg, Harold E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanObst, Harold L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanOcasio, Thomas, Merchant MarineWaiterDorchester +
AmericanOchse, Warren R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanOlmo, Jose Antonio, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanOlsen, Joseph W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanOlszewski, Joseph Stanley, USCGPassenger (Storekeeper Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanOppenheimer, Morton, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanOren, Clifford J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanOrlomoski, William E., US Army26Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanOstrow, Edgar J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanOutten, Alvin G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanOverdick, Walter, Merchant Marine33Chief PantrymanDorchester +
AmericanOvervag, Alfred, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanO’Brien, John P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPack, Charles L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPaczosa, Harold C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPaine, James R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPalm, Stanley Victor, US Army23Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPantall, William J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPanter, Roy E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanParent, William W., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanParks, Edward, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanParsons, George W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPatalive, Frank Joseph, Merchant Marine22Second Radio OfficerDorchester +
AmericanPaterson, William Gordon, USNPassenger (Aviation Metalsmith Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanPatteson, Daniel Fletcher, USNR19Gunner’s Mate Third ClassDorchester +
AmericanPaul, David, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanPaulsen, Frederick Harry, Merchant MarineStewardDorchester +
AmericanPazitka, Joseph, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanPearsall, Richard H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPearson, Sven, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanPeffers, William K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPegram, Homer L., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanPeiser, Budd, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
CubanPella, Juan, Merchant Marine25YeomanDorchester +
AmericanPennepacker, James E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPeno, John O., USCGPassengerDorchester
AmericanPercy, Francis B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPerdue, Robert S., US ArmyPassenger (Cpl)Dorchester +
AmericanPerez, Robert F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanPerkins, James E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPeters, Arthur E., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPeters, Charles E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
DanishPetersen, Ejnar Reinholdt, Merchant Marine57CarpenterDorchester +
AmericanPeterson, William A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanPetri, James E., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPetricca, Norbert J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanPettit, Albert, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPfohlman, Thomas G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPhelps, Homer L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPhelps, Lloyd E., US ArmyPassenger (TSgt)Dorchester +
AmericanPhillips, James W., USCGPassengerDorchester
AmericanPhillips, Robert J., USNPassenger (Aviation Machinist’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanPhillips, Roland Z., USCGPassengerDorchester
AmericanPhillips, Walter E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPittman, Robert Morris, US Army21Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPitts, John Arthur, USCGRPassenger (Mess Attendant First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanPlemons, George Dewey, US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPoche, Felix A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPolachino, Dante, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanPoling, Rev. Clark Vandersall, US Army32Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanPomelek, Leo J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPonath, Leonard W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPotts, Charles P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanPovlak, Anthony J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanPrellwitz, Harold G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanQuinn, James J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanRaffe, Sam, Civilian29PassengerDorchester +
AmericanRankin, Paul L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRasche, Silas P., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRasmaita, Raymond J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanRathbone, Jack, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRaymond, Richard Thornton, Merchant Marine28Second StewardDorchester +
AmericanRayner, Louis Eugene, Merchant Marine60Chief MateDorchester +
AmericanReed, J.S., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanReed, William P., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanReeder, Martin L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRees, William G., US Army27Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanReilly, John J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanReilly, Philip, CivilianPassengerDorchester
Puerto RicanReinosa, Ignacio, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanReynolds, Edward B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanReynolds, William C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRicks, Carson L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRiggs, John Henry, USN19Gunner’s Mate Third ClassDorchester +
AmericanRitchie, Edward G., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRitter, James Archibald, Merchant MarineChief EngineerDorchester +
AmericanRivera, Francisco, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanRoberts, Guy T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanRoberts, Melvin E., Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
AmericanRobinette, Mervin M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
BritishRobins, George, Merchant Marine42StewardDorchester +
AmericanRobinson, Joseph, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanRobinson, Marshall K., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRoccuzzo, Salvatore R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRodman, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanRolita, Manuel P., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanRooney, Philip H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRosario, Lorenzo Elias, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanRoss, Andrew L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanRoum, William, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRowdon, James A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRowe, Joseph F., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanRude, Vernon E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanRussell, Robert O., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanRyan, James M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSabin, Walter R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSack, Ervin R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSanders, Theodore J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanSanford, Ralph H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSavant, John, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSavidge, Elwood D., US Army34Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSchefbauer, Joseph S., US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanScheibel, Joseph A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSchiavone, Martin, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanSchmoker, Richard Joseph, Merchant Marine21StewardDorchester +
AmericanSchnauder, Ferdinand, Merchant MarineFourth Assistant EngineerDorchester +
AmericanSchreibman, Harry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSchutz, Richard W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanScott, Russell L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanSeeger, Eugene, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
AmericanSeibel, John Anthony, Merchant Marine22PantrymanDorchester +
AmericanSeiler, Ernest H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanSeni, James J., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSepers, Leonard, USCGPassengerDorchester
AmericanSerby, William A., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanShackley, Leo R., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanShaw, Robert K., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanShea, James J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSheiffele, Kenneth F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanSherbondy, Harry J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSherman, Jacob, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSherman, Robert H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanShornak, Joseph F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSienkiewicz, Henry, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanSilberg, Martin, Merchant MarineWiperDorchester +
AmericanSilkey, Leonard F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSilver, Henry, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSilzle, Richard W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSitkowski, Chester E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSlanker, Merle D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanSlawson, Paul Earl, Merchant Marine51Chief PurserDorchester +
AmericanSmith, Alvin Alfred, USCGRPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
AmericanSmith, Ernest A., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSmith, Raymond W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSnoek, Johannes W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSoto, Nicolas Bonilla, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanSpoonamore, William E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSt. Johns, Emile, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanStack, Charles R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanStamlen, Joseph F., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanStatler, Maynard W., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanStelzman, Conrad J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanStenman, Eiler E., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanStewart, Harold Halbert, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanStiner, Woodward P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanStokes, Franklin Le Rey, USNPassenger (Ship’s Cook First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanStonage, Charles H., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanStonebanks, John, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanStray, Arthur S., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanStreicher, Richard Bernard, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanStricklin, Willie F., USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester
AmericanStruder, James Albert, USCGPassenger (Apprentice Seaman)Dorchester +
AmericanStrzyzykowski, John, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanSuder, Harold R., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSummers, Roy N., USNRSeaman First ClassChatham, Dorchester
AmericanSutton, Garland Alcot, USNR18Seaman Second ClassDorchester +
AmericanSutton, William J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanSwanson, Carl Bertil, USN17Seaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanSwanwick, William E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanSwogger, Herman William, Merchant Marine21Able SeamanDorchester +
AmericanSytsma, Jack, CivilianPassengerDorchester
DanishSørensen, Andy Martin Kr., Merchant Marine39Assistant EngineerDorchester +
AmericanTalvitie, Theodore Toivo, US Army34PassengerDorchester
AmericanTarbet, Thomas Dee, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanTaylor, Blair J., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanTaylor, Ralph Leslie, USNRSeaman First ClassDorchester +
AmericanTaylor, William, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanTelck, John F., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanTessler, Martin, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
CanadianTetreault, Donat E., Merchant Marine20Second ButcherDorchester
DanishThomaen, Helge K., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanThomas, Leander P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanThomas, Paul Harold, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanThompson, Milford H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanThuren, Henry G., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanTitsworth, A.C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanTodd, Vernon, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanToledo, Jose, Merchant MarinePantrymanDorchester +
AmericanTonali, Ernest P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
AmericanTorres, Henry, Merchant MarineUtilityDorchester +
AmericanTowlen, Leonard J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanTownsend, Canniff, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanTravieso, Guillermo, Merchant MarineBakerDorchester +
AmericanTrobaugh, George D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanTuckett, George, Merchant MarineGalleymanDorchester +
AmericanTurney, Kenneth E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanTurpin, George D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanTyler, Samuel Thomas, Merchant Marine18Deck CadetDorchester +
AmericanVan Clief, Allaire W., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanVan Etten, George E., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanVan Naular, Ralph E., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanVanderlaan, Richard, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanVegas, Lawrence F., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanVeidenheimer, Pete P., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanVernalis, Anthony, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanVickers, Ralph A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanVintera, Charles M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanVisconti, Febo, US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanVoce, Frank W., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanVona, Joseph J., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanVosse, John W., US Army28Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanVreeland, George L., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWachtel, Louis, CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanWagner, George B., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWalker, Fred W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWall, Hollis, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWalsh, Michael P., US ArmyPassenger (Pfc)Dorchester +
AmericanWalter, Thomas L., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWalton, Charles, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWard, James A., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWarish, Michael, US Army30Passenger (Sgt)Dorchester
AmericanWashington, Father John Patrick, US Army34Passenger (1st Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanWeaver, George William, USNRRadioman Third ClassDorchester +
AmericanWeaver, Nevin C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWeaver, Walter L., CivilianPassengerDorchester
AmericanWebb, Asher B., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWebb, Burton D., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWeber, Frederick, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanWeinmann, Arthur, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanWells, William S., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWestbrook, Huey M., US Army20Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWhipple, Malcolm E., US Army22Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWhite, Irwin Jr., Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanWicks, Eugene, USCGPassenger (Boatswain’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanWiener, Marcus, US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWilczenski, Cester T., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWilliams, Charles, Merchant MarineCrew memberDorchester
AmericanWilliams, Clarence Vernon, USCGRPassenger (Carpenter’s Mate Second Class)Dorchester +
AmericanWilliams, Robert C., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanWilliams, Robert R., USNRPassenger (Boatswain’s Mate First Class)Dorchester +
AmericanWillis, Aubrey C., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWilson, Earl W., US Army26Passenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWright, Norris Linkfield, Merchant MarineCookDorchester +
AmericanWright, Virgil, US ArmyPassengerDorchester +
AmericanWuestenberg, Clarence J., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanWynne, Bernard T., CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanYakonis, Anthony Charles, Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanDorchester +
AmericanYarbrough, Glenn D., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanYee, Sam M., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanYingling, James W., US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanYoung, Lowell H., US ArmyPassengerDorchester
AmericanYoungman, Samuel, CivilianPassengerDorchester +
AmericanZechini, Peter Tom, USCGPassenger (Yeoman Third Class)Dorchester +
AmericanZelmanowitz, Milton, US ArmyPassenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanZerdeen, Glenn, US Army25Passenger (2nd Lt)Dorchester +
AmericanZiverk, Johnnie, US ArmyPassenger (Pvt)Dorchester +
AmericanZogg, Edward, CivilianPassengerDorchester
HonduranZuniga, Timothy P., Merchant Marine20Crew memberDorchester

897 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.