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Walter Q. Gresham

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Walter Q. Gresham.

Aboard Walter Q. Gresham when hit on 18 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanBertrand, Louis Anthony, Merchant Marine43Assistant CookWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanBooth, Joseph Wilson, Merchant Marine20Deck CadetWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanBrown, Arthur Noel, USNR18Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanBrown, George Gilbert, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanBunge, Elroy Maynard, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanBurdak, George John, USNR21Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanBurnes, John McGinty, USNSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanButler, William David, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanButts, Walter Eugene, USNR18Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCaldwell, William Pitts, Merchant Marine20Deck CadetWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCampbell, Ernest Donald, USN20Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCanney, James Chester, Merchant Marine45MessmanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanCannon, Russell Leonard, USNR17Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCantrell, Robert Edgar, USNR20Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanCarboni, James Raymond, Merchant Marine66Chief EngineerWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCarmichael, Henry Ernest, Merchant Marine22WiperWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCarps, Warren, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanRobert E. Lee, Walter Q. Gresham
AmericanCarroll, Francis J., Merchant Marine19WiperWalter Q. Gresham
SpanishCebada Avecilla, Jose, Merchant Marine52Fireman/WatertenderWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanCecconi, John, USN26Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCetnar, Norbert Eugene, USNR20Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanChapman, Jack, USNSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanCulvert, Harold George, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanDirks, Ludwig Franz, Merchant Marine20Third Assistant EngineerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanDraper, Charles Albert, Merchant Marine46Radio OperatorWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanEllis, Charles, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanElosua Gomez, Felix, Merchant Marine49Fireman/WatertenderWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanFerragut, Maurice, Merchant Marine33Second MateWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanFerrener, Russell George, USNSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanFleet, William, Merchant Marine30Assistant CookWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanFoelak, Sidney, Merchant Marine31MessmanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanGreene, Edward James, USNSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanHagerty, Philip, Merchant Marine38Second CookWalter Q. Gresham
SpanishHernandez, Mariano, Merchant Marine39MessmanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanHine, David Edwin, USN26EnsignWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanHopkins, Robert Dinzel, USNR22Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanJeanette, Robert Edward, USNR19Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanJiaravinos, Angelus, Merchant Marine25MessmanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanJohnson, Gladden Nourse, Merchant Marine43Third MateWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanKennedy, Alvin Ray, Merchant Marine20Able SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanKenney, Thomas, Merchant Marine49Ordinary SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanKing, George Robert, Merchant Marine49First Assistant EngineerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanKirk, Martin James, USNRCoxswainWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanKneer, William Joseph, Merchant Marine24Ordinary SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanKnight, Gerard Andrew, Merchant Marine20Fireman/WatertenderWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanKufeldt, Frederick William, USNR19Signalman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanLarrea, Jose, Merchant Marine58OilerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanLeague, David, USNGunner’s Mate Third ClassWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanLevandosky, Steve Joseph, Merchant Marine46Deck EngineerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanLeVeck, George Thomas, Merchant Marine36First MateWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanLyons, James Patrick, Merchant Marine22Ordinary SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
NorwegianMadland, Ragnvald, Merchant Marine38Able SeamanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanMiller, Byron Wade, Merchant Marine50MasterWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanMiller, Lloyd A., Merchant Marine19PurserWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanMilliorn, Durwad, Merchant Marine22MessmanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanMylay, William Pierce, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanNewman, Lewis Volney, USNR18Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanOker, Harley Duane, Merchant Marine22OilerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanPeters, John Henry, Merchant Marine61Boatswain (Bosun)Walter Q. Gresham +
AmericanPubillones, Manuel T., Merchant Marine59Chief CookWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanSmith, Howard Walter, USNRSeaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanSmith, Richard Joseph, Merchant Marine23Able SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
BritishSnaith, George, Merchant Marine27MessmanWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanSteelman, Harry Hill, Merchant Marine44Second Assistant EngineerWalter Q. Gresham +
AmericanSwift, Eugene Paul, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanThompson, Harry James, Merchant Marine42OilerWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanWhite, Jack Orlando, USNR22Seaman First ClassWalter Q. Gresham
AmericanWinger, Howard Franklin, Merchant Marine32UtilityWalter Q. Gresham +

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