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William Pierce Frye

American steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant William Pierce Frye.

Aboard William Pierce Frye when hit on 29 Mar 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAbrams, Jerry Edward, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanAlvarez, Octavio, Merchant Marine47OilerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanAnderson, Oscar, Merchant Marine57Chief EngineerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanAtwood, Arthur Everett, Merchant Marine35Boatswain (Bosun)William Pierce Frye +
AmericanBates, Lester LeRoy, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBlalock, Hugh Thomas, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBoyer, Earl Williams, USNR21Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBraundmeier, Elmer Edward, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBrown, Bernard Henry, USNRSeaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBrundrett, Everett Lyle, USN25Signalman Third ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanBush, Russell Howard, Merchant Marine44OilerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanClough, Robert John, Merchant Marine22UtilityWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanCorea, Arthur George, Merchant Marine23UtilityWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanCorriera, Manuel, Merchant Marine54Able SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanCzupailo, Henry Francis, Merchant Marine17WiperWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanDalbey, Carl Shepard, Merchant Marine21Radio OperatorPotlatch, William Pierce Frye +
AmericanDuffy, Francis, Merchant Marine37Able SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanEmbree, Arthur Seymour, Merchant Marine50First Assistant EngineerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanFinn, Gerard, Merchant Marine40Deck EngineerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanFranz, Charles Joseph, Merchant Marine22Ordinary SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanGolden, Robert Jules, USNR22EnsignWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanGunter, Ray Anderson, Merchant Marine40Able SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanHagbourne, William, Merchant Marine63Chief StewardWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanHanley, James Joseph, Merchant Marine33WiperWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanHopkins, Walter Pepper, Merchant MarineChief CookWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanIverson, Arthur Eugene, Merchant Marine50MessmanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanIvone, Frank Angelo, Merchant Marine19Ordinary SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanJanowich, Francis Michael, Merchant MarineAble SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanJaslowich, John Stanley, Merchant Marine33Second MateWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanKlinski, Casimir Marion, USNR33Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanLipskas, Benedict, Merchant MarineAble SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanMann, Jacob Albert, USNR22Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanMcHale, William Joseph, Merchant Marine23Fireman/WatertenderWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanMiller, Colie James, USNRSeaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanMiller, Rutledge Lincoln, Merchant Marine23UtilityWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanMontoney, Elliott Ruthford, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanNeal, Leslie Gordon, Merchant Marine43OilerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanNichols, Luther B., USNR34Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanNightman, Frank Joseph, USNR31Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanPerrin, Robert James, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanPerry, Elmer Curtis, USNR18Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanPeters, Robert Joseph, Merchant Marine18Ordinary SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanPoore, John, Merchant Marine51Second Assistant EngineerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanPuorro, Joseph, Merchant Marine22Able SeamanLiebre, William Pierce Frye +
AmericanRhine, Orville Dean, USN19Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanScherf, Meinhard August Herman, Merchant Marine50MasterWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSermons, Carl Winston, USNR24Gunner’s Mate Third ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSerra, Charles Carver, Merchant Marine35Able SeamanWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSettles, Warner Joseph, USNR16Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSherman, Henry Daniel, USNR23Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanShulditski, Anthony Jerome, Merchant Marine32Fireman/WatertenderWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSmyth, John Joseph, USNSeaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanSpear, Thomas Edward, Merchant Marine28Third Assistant EngineerWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanThomas, Leon Henry, Merchant Marine21CookWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanTzirvilakis, George Nicklas, Merchant MarineCookWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanWagner, Raymond Charles, Merchant Marine22PurserWilliam Pierce Frye +
AmericanYoung, Lewis Edward, USNR20Seaman First ClassWilliam Pierce Frye +

57 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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