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Norwegian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Norwegian steam merchant Lysefjord.

Aboard Lysefjord when hit on 2 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
NorwegianAndersen, Ole Severin, Merchant Navy35Second Engineer OfficerLysefjord +
NorwegianDahl, Johan Kornelius, Merchant Navy35FiremanLysefjord
CubanFarinas Casal, José, Merchant Navy31FiremanLysefjord
CubanFonseca, Manuel, Merchant Navy27FiremanLysefjord
NorwegianFrågåt, Harald Henriksen, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanVardaas, Lysefjord
NorwegianFyllingen, Magnus, Merchant Navy24Able Seaman/GunnerLysefjord
NorwegianGabrielsen, Kolbjørn, Merchant Navy25CookMoira, Lysefjord
NorwegianGenthner, Oskar Rasmus, Merchant Navy39Third Engineer OfficerLysefjord +
NorwegianGundersen, Peder Alfred, Merchant Navy29Able SeamanLysefjord
NorwegianHageli, Hans Gudmundsen, Merchant Navy40Able SeamanUniwaleco, Lysefjord
NorwegianJensen, Jakob, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanLysefjord
NorwegianJohansen, Håkon Heidenrich, Merchant Navy34StewardHamlet, Lysefjord
NorwegianJohansen, Ole Østbye, Merchant Navy40DonkeymanLysefjord
NorwegianKlüver, Johan Wilhelm, Merchant Navy32Second OfficerLysefjord
NorwegianNilsen, Ingemar, Merchant Navy34Chief OfficerLysefjord
NorwegianOlsen, Arne, Merchant Navy47MasterLysefjord
NorwegianPettersen, Axel, Merchant Navy31FiremanLysefjord
NorwegianSolbakken, Halfdan, Merchant Navy48Chief Engineer OfficerLysefjord
CubanSuares, Eugenio, Merchant Navy30FiremanLysefjord +
CubanSuarez, Absinio D., Merchant NavyMess Room BoyLysefjord
NorwegianTobiasen, Edvard Antonius Bek, Merchant Navy47Able SeamanLysefjord +
NorwegianØkland, Kristoffer, Merchant Navy27FiremanLysefjord
NorwegianØkland, Theodor Svensen, Merchant Navy28Able Seaman/GunnerLeikanger, Lysefjord

23 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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