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Melbourne Star

British motor merchant

Photo courtesy of John Robertson

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor merchant Melbourne Star.

Aboard Melbourne Star when hit on 2 Apr 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAdams, George James, Merchant Navy35CarpenterMelbourne Star +
BritishAdamson, Emma, Civilian58PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishAitken, George, Merchant Navy18Steward’s BoyMelbourne Star +
BritishAlmond, Charles William, Merchant Navy39Chief Refrigerator EngineerMelbourne Star +
IrishAtkins, Henry Joseph, Merchant Navy22Assistant EngineerMelbourne Star +
BritishAyling, Peter Anthony, Merchant Navy18CadetMelbourne Star +
AustralianBalfour, John Eyres, RANVR30Passenger (Engineer Sub-Lieutenant)Melbourne Star +
BritishBates, William, Merchant Navy47Donkeyman and GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishBest, William, Merchant NavyGreaserMelbourne Star
BritishBlandford, Harry, Merchant Navy52Chief Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishBowles, John, Merchant Navy47Chief CookMelbourne Star +
BritishBoyle, Michael Christopher, Merchant Navy39Refrigerator GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishBradshaw, William, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishBurns, William Joseph, Merchant NavyGreaserMelbourne Star
MalteseCamilleri, William, Merchant Navy31Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishChristie, Alexander Cormack, Merchant Navy29Chief ElectricianMelbourne Star +
BritishClayton, George Samuel, RN30Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishCluff, Winifred Victoria, Civilian19PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishCook, John, Merchant Navy36Boatswain (Bosun)Melbourne Star +
AustralianCoulthard, Alec, Merchant Navy22GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishCowin, Richard, RN32Leading Seaman (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
IrishCurran, John Michael, Civilian36PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishDavies, Frederick Willington, Merchant Navy17Third Radio OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishDavies, Richard Llewellyn, Merchant Navy36Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishDraper, James Henry, British Army39Gunner (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishDunville, Robert Henry, Merchant Navy23Junior Third Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishElsey, Frederick, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishFaux, Louise, Civilian20PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishGessey, John Albert Edwin, Merchant Navy18Steward’s BoyMelbourne Star +
BritishGlenday, George, British Army38Lance Serjeant (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishGoldsmith, Dorothea Rosemary, Civilian28PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishGreenwood, Alexander, Merchant Navy39Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishHall, Anthony George, Merchant Navy17CadetMelbourne Star +
BritishHall, James Bennett, Merchant Navy57MasterMelbourne Star +
BritishHamilton, John Norman, Merchant Navy36Junior Second Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishHampson, Eric, Merchant Navy27Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishHaugh, James, Merchant Navy27Second Refrigerator EngineerMelbourne Star +
BritishHayes, Robert, Merchant Navy29Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishHealey, James Gallop, Merchant Navy33StorekeeperMelbourne Star +
BritishHenshall, Clifford, Merchant Navy20Assistant EngineerMelbourne Star +
BritishHogan, Christopher, Merchant Navy36GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishHutchinson, Ronald Ian William, Merchant Navy21WriterMelbourne Star +
BritishInskip, Ralph Crookshank, Merchant Navy31Second StewardMelbourne Star +
AustralianJackson, Keith Harold, RANVR21Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Melbourne Star +
AustralianKing, Eileen, Civilian54PassengerMelbourne Star +
AustralianKyle, Marjorie J., Civilian35PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishKyte, Norman James, RN18Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
South AfricanLambert, George Frederick, Merchant Navy50BakerMelbourne Star +
BritishLannon, John, Merchant Navy43GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishLawson, Thomas, Merchant Navy26GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishLeay, Eric Norman, Merchant Navy17Steward’s BoyMelbourne Star +
BritishLeckie, Thomas Sproat, Merchant Navy29Second Radio OfficerMelbourne Star +
AustralianLeunig, Norman Alfred, Merchant Navy22Supernumerary Fourth OfficerMelbourne Star +
AustralianLewis, Ian W., Merchant Navy24Passenger (Engineer Officer)Melbourne Star +
AustralianMacfarlane, William, Civilian71PassengerMelbourne Star +
AustralianMacKinnon, Donald John, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
AustralianMacPherson, Donald James, RAAF28Passenger (Wing Commander)Melbourne Star +
BritishMacPherson, Pamela Yvonne, Civilian21PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishMacSherry, Dennis Louis Thomas, Merchant Navy26SurgeonMelbourne Star +
AustralianMarsh, John Edward, RANR41Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishMarshall, Norman, RN29Petty Officer (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
AustralianMartin, James D'Arcy, Merchant Navy25Senior Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
BritishMartin, Robert, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishMay, William Lawson, Merchant Navy20Junior Fourth Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishMcCafferty, Gerald Columba, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishMcCall, John Strong, Merchant Navy23Assistant EngineerMelbourne Star +
IrishMcGarry, John Bernard, Merchant Navy36Second CookMelbourne Star +
BritishMcGovern, Philip, Merchant Navy21Ordinary SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishMcWhae, Caroline Agnes Henty, Civilian50PassengerMelbourne Star +
AustralianMcWhae, Kenneth, Civilian51PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishMcWilliam, Frederick, Merchant Navy34Able Seaman and Lamp TrimmerMelbourne Star +
BritishMichaels, Thomas, Merchant Navy16Galley BoyMelbourne Star +
IrishMulcahy, Ethne Mary, Civilian23PassengerMelbourne Star +
IrishMurphy, Philip, Merchant Navy38Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishNunn, Ronald, Merchant NavyOrdinary SeamanMelbourne Star
BritishO'Connor, Frank, Merchant Navy17Ordinary SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishO'Connor, Herbert, Merchant Navy41Chief StewardMelbourne Star +
IrishO'Neill, Christopher, Merchant Navy47Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
IrishO'Neill, John, Merchant Navy18Deck BoyMelbourne Star +
AustralianOwen, Eva Doreen, Civilian40PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishParsonage, Peter Matthews, Merchant Navy18Fourth OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishParsons, Leslie Thomas, Merchant Navy38Chief OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishPartridge, Eva J., Civilian72PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishPercival, William Henry, Merchant Navy27Second ElectricianMelbourne Star +
BritishPhillipson, George, British Army20Gunner (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishPilkington, John Samuel, Merchant Navy26GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishPitkin, James Alfred George, Merchant Navy23Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
AustralianPomroy, Alan Browning, RNVR29Passenger (Electrical Lieutenant)Melbourne Star +
AustralianPorter, Alexander Sheridan, Civilian34PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishRice, Henry, Merchant Navy20SailorMelbourne Star +
BritishRichards, William Edward, Merchant Navy31Second OfficerMelbourne Star +
New ZealandRippon, Stanley, Merchant Navy27Senior Fourth Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
AustralianSecker, Charles Archibald, RANVR33Passenger (Lieutenant)Melbourne Star +
BritishSenior, Harry Ferguson, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerMelbourne Star +
IrishSheehan, Patrick, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishSlidders, Elizabeth, Civilian34PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishSlidders, John P., Civilian8PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishSlidders, Sandison W., Civilian4PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishSmith, Frederick, Merchant Navy29Assistant Cook and ButcherMelbourne Star +
BritishSmith, Leslie, Merchant Navy40Able SeamanMelbourne Star +
BritishStevens, Frederick, British Army22Gunner (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishStringfellow, John, British Army38Gunner (DEMS gunner)Melbourne Star +
BritishThom, Agnes W.M., Civilian58PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishThom, Alfred Marshall Graeme, Civilian57PassengerMelbourne Star +
FrenchThomas, Andre Emile, Civilian45PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishTreliving, Harold, Merchant Navy40Senior Second Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishWebb, Edward John, Merchant Navy54Refrigerator GreaserMelbourne Star +
BritishWhipp, Eric, Merchant Navy26Assistant EngineerMelbourne Star +
AustralianWhishaw, Peter, RANVR41Passenger (Lieutenant)Melbourne Star +
BritishWhite, Leonard, Merchant NavyAble SeamanMelbourne Star
New ZealandWhite, Selwyn William, Merchant Navy28Senior Third Engineer OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishWhiteside, Gerald M., Merchant Navy49Passenger (Radio Officer)Melbourne Star +
AustralianWhyte, Nina K., Civilian34PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishWilson, Ernest, Merchant Navy22Assistant StewardMelbourne Star +
AustralianWilson, Sheila, Civilian28PassengerMelbourne Star +
BritishWitham, Soren Albert Terkelsen, Merchant Navy26First Radio OfficerMelbourne Star +
BritishYoung, Reginald, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanMelbourne Star +

117 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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