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Mary Livanos

Greek steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Greek steam merchant Mary Livanos.

Aboard Mary Livanos when hit on 11 Jul 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Allimonos, Sotirios, Merchant Navy29Third Engineer OfficerMary Livanos
Aspiotis, Kostas, Merchant Navy68Second OfficerMary Livanos +
Athanaseadis, Evaggelos, Merchant Navy33Chief Engineer OfficerMary Livanos
Bashiri, Ali, Merchant Navy24FiremanMary Livanos +
Dakosta, Antonio, Merchant Navy26FiremanMary Livanos
Doukeris, Vasilios, Merchant Navy48FiremanMary Livanos
Doulgeris, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy25SailorMary Livanos
Drivas, Dimitrios, Merchant Navy46CoxswainMary Livanos
Gianakis, Andreas, Merchant Navy45GreaserMary Livanos +
Glyptis, Theodore, Merchant Navy35MasterMary Livanos
Hansen, Carl Willy, Merchant Navy25TrimmerMary Livanos
Hassan, Ali, Merchant Navy23FiremanMary Livanos
Kalafatis, Georgios, Merchant Navy24Chief OfficerMary Livanos
Kassimatis, Georgios, Merchant Navy30Second Engineer OfficerMary Livanos
Katerinis, Markos, Merchant Navy46SailorMary Livanos
Keisidis, Apostolos, Merchant Navy48DonkeymanMary Livanos
Kirtikakis, Kostos, Merchant Navy28Radio OperatorMary Livanos
Mahamed, Mussa, Merchant Navy55TrimmerMary Livanos
Mahmout, Staha, Merchant Navy26TrimmerMary Livanos +
Marasoglou, Christos, Merchant Navy24Assistant CookMary Livanos
Martinez, Pedro, Merchant Navy24SailorMary Livanos
Methane, Ahmet, Merchant Navy52FiremanMary Livanos
Misser, Alfred, RN24GunnerMary Livanos
Plummer, George, RAN26GunnerMary Livanos
Roussis, Antonios, Merchant Navy52Third OfficerMary Livanos
Saad, Abdulla, Merchant Navy42SailorMary Livanos
Said, Mohamed, Merchant Navy40SailorMary Livanos
Sevastis, Kostos, Merchant Navy24SailorMary Livanos
Sotto, Morales, Merchant Navy25SailorMary Livanos
Spinarolis, Emmanouil, Merchant Navy40Assistant StewardMary Livanos
Styliamidis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy60CookMary Livanos +
Tomatidis, Ioannis, Merchant Navy55Mess Room BoyMary Livanos +
Tsakiridis, Tassos, Merchant Navy40StewardMary Livanos
Tsakos, Nicolaos, Merchant Navy65Fourth Engineer OfficerMary Livanos +
Validakis, Tasos, Merchant Navy43FiremanMary Livanos
Zairis, Dimoshenis, Merchant Navy25GreaserMary Livanos +

36 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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