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Clan Macarthur

British steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant Clan Macarthur.

Aboard Clan Macarthur when hit on 12 Aug 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Hadi, , Merchant Navy37WinchmanClan Macarthur +
Abdul Rahim, , Merchant Navy45BhandaryClan Macarthur +
Abdullah, , Merchant Navy31DonkeymanClan Macarthur +
Amir-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy29LascarClan Macarthur +
Andrews, Frederick James, RN51Passenger (Lieutenant Telegraphist)Clan Macarthur +
Anthony, John, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantClan Macarthur +
Asadar Ali, , Merchant Navy35OilerClan Macarthur +
Ashu Mian, , Merchant Navy38FiremanClan Macarthur +
Ayub Ali, , Merchant Navy45CassabClan Macarthur +
Aziz Ullah, , Merchant Navy26LascarClan Macarthur +
Cole, Reginald Ferguson, Merchant NavyFirst Radio OfficerClan Macarthur
Currie, Charles Sime, Merchant Navy45Chief Engineer OfficerClan Macarthur +
Fazl Haq, , Merchant Navy38FiremanClan Macarthur +
Ganga, , Merchant Navy40TopassClan Macarthur +
George, John Vernon, RN23Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Clan Macarthur +
Gopal, , Merchant Navy58SeacunnyClan Macarthur +
Hicks, William Edgar, Merchant Navy22Seventh Engineer OfficerClan Macarthur +
Husain Ali, , Merchant Navy27TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Husain Khan, , Merchant Navy32FiremanClan Macarthur +
Ishad Khan, , Merchant Navy23TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Jafar Ali, , Merchant Navy35Fireman and TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Judd, William Herbert, RN23DEMS gunnerClan Macarthur
Mair, Alexander, Merchant NavyThird OfficerClan Macarthur
Matthews, John Drayton, Merchant NavyMasterClan Macarthur
Missal Khan, , Merchant Navy31FiremanClan Macarthur +
Moklesh Rahman, , Merchant Navy51SeacunnyClan Macarthur +
Mubarak Ali, , Merchant Navy25FiremanClan Macarthur +
Muhammad Abdus Subhan, , Merchant Navy23TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Muhammad Muzammal, , Merchant Navy27TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Musadar Ali, , Merchant Navy41TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Musadar Ali, , Merchant Navy30OilerClan Macarthur +
Musharraf Ullah, , Merchant Navy34Fireman and OilerClan Macarthur +
Muskadar Ali, , Merchant Navy53DonkeymanClan Macarthur +
Nanlaiya, , Merchant Navy36TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Nur Islam, , Merchant Navy42First TindalClan Macarthur +
Rahmat Ullah, , Merchant Navy38DonkeymanClan Macarthur +
Rees, John Iver, Merchant Navy26Second Radio OfficerClan Macarthur +
Riasat Ali, , Merchant Navy34FiremanClan Macarthur +
Ruthven, John Morrison, Merchant NavyChief Refrigeration EngineerClan Macarthur
Sabir Ahmad, , Merchant Navy32LascarClan Macarthur +
Safar Ali, , Merchant Navy40TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Sajid Ali, , Merchant Navy23TrimmerClan Macarthur +
Salt, George, British ArmyDEMS gunnerClan Macarthur
Sayid-Ul-Zaman, , Merchant Navy32LascarClan Macarthur +
Shakur, , Merchant Navy36TopassClan Macarthur +
Sheikh Ahmad, , Merchant Navy32BhandaryClan Macarthur +
Sheikh Ahmad, , Merchant Navy20LascarClan Macarthur +
Sheikh Athur, , Merchant Navy43Second TindalClan Macarthur +
Sheikh Aulad, , Merchant Navy42LascarClan Macarthur +
Sonafur, , Merchant Navy32FiremanClan Macarthur +
Tafazzul Ali, , Merchant Navy31OilerClan Macarthur +
Tafazzul Ali, , Merchant Navy31FiremanClan Macarthur +
Tauhid Ullah, , Merchant Navy37FiremanClan Macarthur +
Taylor, Robert Young, Merchant Navy45Chief Steward and PurserClan Macarthur +
Tonu, , Merchant Navy48General ServantClan Macarthur +
Tota Mian, , Merchant Navy41Second TindalClan Macarthur +
Tozor-Ud-Din, , Merchant Navy38CassabClan Macarthur +
Unger, Emanuel, Merchant Navy55SurgeonClan Macarthur +

58 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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