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Indian steam merchant

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Indian steam merchant Jalabala.

Aboard Jalabala when hit on 11 Oct 1943

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NameAgeRankServed on
A. Cader Sheikh Yacoob, , Merchant NavyBhandaryJalabala
A. Gafoor Kutbudin, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
A. Manal Sakar Allee, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Abass Sheikh Usman, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Abbass A. Latif, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Abdul Aziz Maqbul, , Merchant NavyCassabJalabala
Ahmed Jasudeen, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Alleemea Gafoorshah, , Merchant NavyOilerJalabala
Alleesah Sheikh Mohidin, , Merchant NavyDonkeymanJalabala
Bagwalla, R.K., Merchant NavyFifth Engineer OfficerJalabala
Bala Shandoo, , Merchant NavyTopassJalabala
Bawal Manjee, , Merchant NavySeacunnyJalabala
Bhatvadekar, H.T., Merchant NavyFourth Engineer OfficerJalabala
Bhicka Bhai, , Merchant NavyWinchmanJalabala
Bhicka Ganda, , Merchant NavyBhandaryJalabala
Bhicka Ranchord, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Bose, P.K., Merchant NavyPurserJalabala +
Britto, J., Merchant NavyIndian CookJalabala
Campbell, R.F., Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerJalabala
Connor, James George, Merchant NavyMasterJalabala
Curson Manjee, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
D'Souza, Sapitisto, Merchant NavyButlerJalabala
Dais, C., Merchant NavyMess Room BoyJalabala
Edwards, G., RNDEMS gunnerJalabala
Esmail Suleman, , Merchant NavyFourth OfficerJalabala +
Essamoodeen Sheikh Enoos, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Fellows, S.W., RNDEMS gunnerJalabala
Fernandes, Jeo, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantJalabala
Fernandes, L.G., Merchant NavyChief CookJalabala
Fernandes, M.C., Merchant NavySecond CookJalabala
Fernando, O., Merchant NavySecond Radio OfficerJalabala
Gomes, M.A., Merchant NavyGeneral ServantJalabala
Gopal Pema, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Govind Harjee, , Merchant NavyCassabJalabala
Groom, K.S., RNDEMS gunnerJalabala
Hassan Sheikh Esmail, , Merchant NavyFirst TindalJalabala
Hassanmea Shaboodeen, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Hussein A. Rauf, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Joomagal Akleasha, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Joseph, P.A., Merchant NavyApprenticeJalabala
Kann Panchia, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Kann Veera, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Kara Jeewa, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Kursan Ranchhod, , Merchant NavySeacunnyJalabala +
M. Hussein Sheikh Ahmed, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Manjee Jeewa, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Manjee Kann, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Mascarinhas, M.C., Merchant NavyGeneral ServantJalabala
Mistry, A.H., Merchant NavyCarpenterJalabala
Mohomed Jaffar, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Nambisan, P.N., Merchant NavySecond OfficerJalabala
Nana Ranchord, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Narron Ram, , Merchant NavySerangJalabala
Natha Banka, , Merchant NavyTindalJalabala
Nathoo Bhicka, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Nathoo Ramjee, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Otterson, Charles Harry, Merchant Navy53Chief OfficerJalabala +
Pancha Ram, , Merchant NavySeacunnyJalabala
Parbat Heera, , Merchant NavySeacunnyJalabala +
Raimudin Cadermea, , Merchant NavyOilerJalabala
Rebello, W. Francis, Merchant NavyPantrymanJalabala
Reynold, J.W., Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerJalabala
Sheikh Ahmed Sheikh Esmail, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Sheikh Dawood Mohidin, , Merchant NavySerangJalabala
Sheikh Ebrahim Bapoo, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Sheikh Ebrahim Sheikh Ahmed, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Sheikh Esmail Sheikh Mohamed, , Merchant NavyOilerJalabala
Sheikh Eusuf M. Casseem, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Sheikh Hasson Sheikh Ahmed, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Sheikh Usman Mamudkhan, , Merchant NavyFiremanJalabala
Sheikh Usman Sheikh Ahmed, , Merchant NavyTrimmerJalabala
Succar Ram, , Merchant NavyLascarJalabala
Tellis, E., Merchant NavyGeneral ServantJalabala
Tirkey, B.A., Merchant NavyFirst Radio OfficerJalabala
Writer, C.J., Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerJalabala
Yasinkhan Mohamed Khan, , Merchant NavySecond TindalJalabala
Yasudin Hassanmea, , Merchant NavyDonkeymanJalabala

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