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American steam tanker

Photo courtesy of SSHSA Collection, University of Baltimore Library

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam tanker Seakay.

Aboard Seakay when hit on 19 Mar 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Batkiewicz, Andrew E., Merchant Marine27Second Mate Seakay
Batkiewicz, Stanley, Merchant Marine23Quartermaster Seakay
Bellochio, John Jack, USNR22Gunner's Mate Third Class Seakay
Beninghove, John Elmo, USNSeaman First Class Seakay
Berg, John William, USNGunner's Mate Third Class Seakay
Bergeron, Clifford, Merchant Marine19Utility Seakay
Bong, LeRoy, USNSeaman First Class Seakay
Browser, Edward August, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Call, Robert, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Carrieri, Pasquale, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Chandler, Ernest Paul, USNR19Seaman First Class Seakay
Chieffi, John, Merchant Marine24Ordinary Seaman Seakay
Cisar, Francis J., Merchant Marine21Wiper Seakay
Cole, Howard, Merchant Marine23Second Pumpman Seakay
Covert, Raymond, Merchant Marine28Wiper Seakay
Davis, John C., Merchant Marine20Utility Seakay
Drowns, William Perely, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Dudley, Edwin Marshall, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Edelstein, Morris, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Forrester, Earl Wayne, USNRSeaman Second Class Seakay
Fowkes, Frank Anderson, USNSeaman First Class Seakay
Gervais, Laurier Bertrand, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay +
Goodman, Wilton M., Merchant Marine28Senior Third Assistant Engineer Seakay
Goodwin, Thomas J., Merchant Marine21Oiler Seakay
Haenn, August, Merchant Marine20Chief Cook Seakay
Hall, Becil R., Merchant Marine18Engine Cadet Seakay
Heffernan, Joseph Mel, USNRGunner's Mate Third Class Seakay
Heistand, Clifford, Merchant Marine18Messman Seakay
Helms, Paul H., Merchant Marine20Able Seaman Seakay
Hessel, Oscar W., Merchant Marine18Oiler Seakay
Hudson, John C., Merchant Marine22Fireman Seakay
Hurley, Webster H., Merchant Marine22Third Mate Seakay
Huttmann, Johan H., Merchant Marine50Second Cook Seakay
Idell, Donald C., Merchant Marine20Second Cook Seakay
Ifflander, Edward E., Merchant Marine33Second Assistant Engineer Seakay
Jones, Carl Lee, USNGunner's Mate Third Class Seakay
Jorgensen, Alfred Kristian, Merchant Marine33Master Seakay
Kau, Robert J., Merchant Marine22Senior Third Mate Seakay
King, Arthur, Merchant Marine29Fireman Seakay
Kirschstein, Harry, Merchant Marine41Chief Pumpman Seakay
Kvalo, Arnold, Merchant Marine21Fireman Seakay
Leavitt, Paul Henry, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Marklein, George L., Merchant Marine22Senior Assistant Purser Seakay
Miller, Charles, Merchant Marine19Able Seaman Seakay
Miller, James C., Merchant Marine19Deck Maintainer Seakay
Montgomery, William Robert, USNSeaman First Class Seakay
Moore, Joseph P., Merchant Marine21Ordinary Seaman Seakay
Myers, Glenn P., Merchant Marine26Galleyman Seakay
Oates, George M., Merchant Marine26Boatswain (Bosun) Seakay
Olson, Lester L., Merchant Marine19Utility Seakay
Osborne, George L.S., Merchant Marine31Water Tender Seakay
Ott, John M., Merchant Marine29Deck Maintainer Seakay
Owens, Edgar W., Merchant Marine22Third Assistant Engineer Seakay
Patterson, Thomas J., Merchant Marine19Deck Cadet Seakay
Ralton, Curtis, Merchant Marine38Steward Seakay
Reardon, Raymond F., Merchant Marine24Radio Operator Seakay
Roddy, John A., Merchant Marine28Deck Maintainer Seakay
Rogan, Arthur J., Merchant Marine25Junior Engineer Seakay
Rozzi, Loui, Merchant Marine22Wiper Seakay
Russell, Earnest L., Merchant Marine19Messman Seakay
Sariego, Henry, Merchant Marine27Water Tender Seakay
Scarpato, Martin F., Merchant Marine24Oiler Seakay
Schambers, Edward, Merchant Marine19Quartermaster Seakay
Sewell, Charles Terrell, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Sileo, Raymond, Merchant Marine20Water Tender Seakay
Smith, Wallace LeRoy, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Snee, Robert B., USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Seakay
Stafford, George C., Merchant Marine19Able Seaman Seakay
Stevens, Clinton E., Merchant Marine51Electrician Seakay
Stewart, James Ralton, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Strelic, Michael A., Merchant Marine22Quartermaster Seakay
Stunder, William, Merchant Marine26Utility Seakay
Suppers, Clifford, Merchant Marine38Messman Seakay
Swain, Thomas Jetho, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Taylor, William M., Merchant Marine22Chief Mate Seakay
Thrift, Cornell Hart, USNR21Coxswain Seakay
Vaughn, Raymond Luke, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
White, Richard Harrison, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Williams, Thomas Henry, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay
Winburn, Ralph D., Merchant Marine21Able Seaman Seakay
Winn, Charles H., Merchant Marine58Chief Engineer Seakay
Winters, Joseph P., Merchant Marine35Messman Seakay
Wolfinger, Harry F., Merchant Marine23First Assistant Engineer Seakay
Yovaisis, Matthew, USNRSeaman First Class Seakay

84 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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