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HMS Maaløy (J 136)

British M/S trawler

HMS Maaløy (J 136) under her former name Globe VI. Photo courtesy of Peter Greaves

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British M/S trawler HMS Maaløy (J 136).

Aboard HMS Maaløy (J 136) when hit on 27 Mar 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
IndianAbdul Khaliq, , Merchant NavyFiremanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianAbdur Salam, , Merchant NavyFiremanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishBailey, William Alfred, RNPS23Petty OfficerHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishClark, John George, RNPS23Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishDavies, Jack, RN19SignalmanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishFitzgerald, Ernest Bertram, RNVRSub-LieutenantHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianGabir Ali Syedulla, , Merchant NavyDriverHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishGurr, Albert Edward, RNPS19Ordinary SeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
MaldivianHassan Fareed, , CivilianPassengerHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishHollis, Walter, RNPSStoker 1st ClassHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianJan Muhammad, , Merchant NavyBhandaryHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishJones, Emlyn, RNPS20Leading StewardHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishMalloy, Patrick Joseph, RNPSSeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishMcGarrol, Alexander, RNPSSeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishNaulls, James Henry, RNPSEnginemanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishPage, Alfred George, RNPS33SeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishPerkins, Frederick James, RNVRLieutenantHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianPir Ahmad, , Merchant NavyFiremanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishRose, Arthur John, RN21Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianShams-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyDriverHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
IndianSheikh Husain, , Merchant NavyDriverHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishSim, Edward Buchan, RNPS24Leading SeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishSmith, John Robert, RNPS20SeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishSutherland, Daniel, RNPS20SeamanHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishThomas, Sidney Colin, RNPS24Leading CookHMS Maaløy (J 136) +
BritishWalker, Donald Ernest, RAFVR26Flight LieutenantHMS Maaløy (J 136) +

26 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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