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South America

Norwegian motor tanker

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the Norwegian motor tanker South America.

Aboard South America when hit on 6 Apr 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
BrazilianAdelino, Louis, Merchant NavyCookSouth America
NorwegianAmbjørnsen, Alf, Merchant NavyMasterSouth America
NorwegianAndvik, Ørnulf, Merchant NavyThird Engineer OfficerCorneville, South America
NorwegianBeckman, Johan, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
BritishBull, William, Merchant NavySaloon BoySouth America
BritishCampton, Cyril, GunnerSouth America
BritishCobb, Robert, Merchant NavyRadio OperatorSouth America
BritishConnell, R.S., GunnerSouth America
NorwegianEide, Jarl, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianGaarder, Haakon, Merchant NavySecond Engineer OfficerSouth America
BritishGinger, M., GunnerSouth America
NorwegianGjerstad, Alfred, Merchant NavyMechanicSouth America
NorwegianGulbrandsen, Leonard, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
BritishGunn, James, GunnerSouth America
NorwegianHaakonsen, Jacob, Merchant NavyMechanicSouth America
NorwegianHaaversen, Sigurd, Merchant NavyChief OfficerSouth America
NorwegianHeimdal, Jens, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianJohansen, Hans O., Merchant NavyFourth Engineer OfficerSouth America
NorwegianJørgensen, Sigurd, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
BritishLunn, John Rugby, Merchant NavyRadio OperatorSouth America
NorwegianLydersen, Bernhard, Merchant NavySecond OfficerSouth America
BritishMarjoram, George, Merchant NavyMess Room BoySouth America
NorwegianMidtgaard, Ragnvald, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianMorland, Osvald, Merchant NavyElectricianSouth America
NorwegianMullerts, Arnulf, Merchant NavyMechanicSouth America
NorwegianNaley, Knut, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianNilsen, Alf, Merchant NavyMechanicSouth America
BritishOcaome, J., GunnerSouth America
NorwegianPettersen, Peder K., Merchant NavyChief Engineer OfficerSouth America
BritishPowell, J.J., GunnerSouth America
NorwegianPutney, Ray, Merchant NavyMess Room BoySouth America
NorwegianRabben, Johan, Merchant NavyMechanicSouth America
NorwegianRolandsen, Arvid, Merchant NavyRadio OperatorSouth America
NorwegianRunde, Petter, Merchant NavyCarpenterSouth America
NorwegianSahlsten, Ragnar, Merchant NavyThird OfficerSouth America
NorwegianSchibsted, Harald, Merchant NavyBoatswain (Bosun)South America
ChineseShu Woo Wang, , Merchant NavyOilerSouth America
BritishStartford, William, GunnerSouth America
NorwegianTellefsen, Charles, Merchant NavyPumpmanSouth America
NorwegianThorbjørnsen, Kaare, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianTorgersen, Torger, Merchant NavyAble SeamanSouth America
NorwegianWatts, Geoffrey, Merchant NavySaloon BoySouth America

42 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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