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USS PC-558

American Patrol craft

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American Patrol craft USS PC-558.

Aboard USS PC-558 when hit on 9 May 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAitkens, Joseph Mack, USNRRadarman Second ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanAndrekopoulos, Constantina, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanBatch, John Louis, USNRElectrician's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanBuono, Joseph, USNRPharmacist's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCalhoun, Elbert Henry, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanCanesaro, Benedict Frank, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanCarpenter, Neal Neptune, USNGunner's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanChaplinski, Leroy Harold, USNRShipfitter Second ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCharbonneau, Earl John, USNRGunner's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCharbonneau, William August, USNRShipfitter Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCichy, John Joseph, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanCollet, Raymond Gordon, USNRadioman Second ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCooper, Samuel Hall, USNMotor Machinist's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCope, George Francis, USNSignalman Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCorrente, Anthony, USNRCoxswainUSS PC-558 +
AmericanCowan, Herman Cornelius, USNRRadarman Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanCross, John Paul, USNRYeoman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanDaman, Frank, USNRRadioman Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanDrabinowicz, Francis Peter, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PC-558 +
AmericanEdwards, Fred Martin, USNRMachinist's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanFincher, Olin Lamar, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanFisher, Earl Johnson, USNCoxswainUSS PC-558
AmericanGallagher, William Patrick, USNSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanGerberich, George Stoever, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanGladden, Vennie Thomas, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanGorman, Harold James, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanGrant, Robert Francis, USNStorekeeper Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanGreenfield, Ernest Truman, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanGriffin, Gerald Francis, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanHalligan, William Joseph, USNMotor Machinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanHalstein, John George, USNRSoundman Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanHanson, Lawrence Martin, USNRSignalman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanHolmes, Mathew McKibben, USNRPharmacist's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanHolzworth, LeRoy David, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanKerr, Harold Alfred, USNChief QuartermasterUSS PC-558
AmericanKuljis, Frank Luke, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanLamprecht, George Rayford, USNChief Boatswain's MateUSS PC-558 +
AmericanLeber, Edward Charles, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PC-558
AmericanLipinski, William Rudolph, USNSignalman Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanLopez, Franciso Campos, USNRRadioman Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanMaurer, Jennings Gerald, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanMayo, John Nelson, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanMinier, Charles August, USNRChief Motor Machinist’s MateUSS PC-558 +
AmericanMorton, Stanley Reed, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PC-558
AmericanNolfi, Americo, USNQuartermaster Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanNordstrom, Warren John, USNRElectrician's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanPatterson, Virgil Glenn, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanPiatek, Frank Bernard, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanRatcliffe, Edward Franklin, USNMotor Machinist's Mate First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanRayle, Thomas Guy, USNRShip's Cook Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanRogers, James Furniss, USNRShip's Cook Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanRoxbury, Gerald, USNSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanSchmerling, Norman Jacob, USNSoundman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanSchmuck, Richard Elmer, USNRFireman First ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanScroggings, George Oliver, USNRGunner's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanSheerin, William Arthur, USNQuartermaster Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanTabbutt, Fred Clayton, USNSoundman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanTercero, Edward, USNRMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanThomson, Walter Craig, USNRSoundman Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanWeber, Robert Edward, USNRSoundman Third ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanWheeler, Wilford Allen, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanWhitney, Lawrence Thomas, USNRBoatswain's Mate Second ClassUSS PC-558
AmericanWilliams, Dennis Daniel, USNMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassUSS PC-558 +
AmericanWilson, James Clarence, USNRSteward Third ClassUSS PC-558 +

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