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HMS Ganilly (T 367)

British M/S trawler

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This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British M/S trawler HMS Ganilly (T 367).

Aboard HMS Ganilly (T 367) when hit on 5 Jul 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Atkinson, Walter, RNPS35Leading SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Beattie, Richard, RNVR26LieutenantHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Brennan, Charles Cuthbert, RNPS28StokerHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Cochrane, Eric Asquith, RNPS22CookHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Craig, James, RNPS20Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Crotty, James, RNPSStewardHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Deeprose, Frederick Thomas, RNPS36SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Dickson, John, RNPSSeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Dundas, James, RNPS31SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Dunham, Arthur, RNPS18SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Grant, Thomas Scotland, RNPS33Leading SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Harrison, Edward Duncan, RNPS31EnginemanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Hayward, Peter Clarence, RNPS20TelegraphistHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Hughes, Thomas, RNPS35SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Jepson, Leonard, RN27SignalmanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Jones, Ernest, RNPS26SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Lander, Charles, RNVRSub-LieutenantHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Lawrence, George, RNPS37StokerHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Lytton, Henry, RNPS41StokerHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
MacIver, Donald Murdo, RNPS20SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
MacKenzie, John, RNPS21SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Maddock, Thomas, RNPS39SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Mason, Robert James, RNPSSeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
McMath, John, RNPS24EnginemanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Moore, James, RNPS19SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Murdock, Stephen Robert, RNPSSeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Owens, Robert James, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Pettitt, James, RNPS20Stoker 2nd ClassHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Renouf, John Henry, RNPSSeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Scragg, Henry Donald, RNPS22TelegraphistHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Simpson, George Hornby, RNPSSeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Smalley, William Duncanson, RNPSSecond HandHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Stephenson, Francis Herbert, RNPSChief EnginemanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Troath, Robert William Harker, RNVRSub-LieutenantHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Turner, Albert Walter, RNPS22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Usher, George Frederick, RNPS19SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Whitford, Albert Henry, RNPS27SignalmanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Wicks, George Frederick Henry, RNPS24Leading SeamanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +
Wright, Jack, RNPS20Ordinary SignalmanHMS Ganilly (T 367) +

39 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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