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American turbine tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American turbine tanker Jacksonville.

Aboard Jacksonville when hit on 30 Aug 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ackors, Robert Harlan, USNRSignalman Third Class Jacksonville +
Appleton, Thomas Hugh, USNGunner’s Mate Third Class Jacksonville +
Baker, Robert Leonard, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Callahan, Maurice Joseph, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Jacksonville +
Cassidy, William Perry Ottmer, Merchant MarinePumpman Jacksonville +
Chernoff, Arnold Milton, USNRSeaman Second Class Jacksonville +
Dohm, William Jefferson, Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Jacksonville +
Donahue, David Lawrence, USNRSignalman Third Class Jacksonville +
Downs, Roscius Irving, USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Jacksonville +
Everingham, Hubert Cecil, Merchant MarineChief Engineer Jacksonville +
Falesnik, Joseph Francis, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Furman, Jerome, Merchant MarineFirst Assistant Engineer Jacksonville +
Galligan, William Thomas, Merchant MarineMessman Jacksonville +
Geyer, Paul Richard, Merchant MarinePumpman Jacksonville +
Goggins, William Patrick, USNRRadioman Third Class Jacksonville +
Harne, Jack Overton, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Hart, Norris James, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Hodges, Frank P., Merchant MarineFireman Jacksonville
Holmes, Virgil Dewayne, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Hopkins, Matthew Smith, Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Jacksonville +
Houston, George Richard, USN19Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Jacksonville +
Hubenet, Edward, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Jacksonville +
Jackson, Justin Lowe, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Jacksonville +
Kasparek, Edward Hugh, USNGunner’s Mate Second Class Jacksonville +
Katrenick, Emil John, Merchant MarineOiler Jacksonville +
Kendall, John Clifton, USNRGunner’s Mate Second Class Jacksonville +
Kent, Ray Pannell, Merchant MarineMessman Jacksonville +
Kuch, John, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Kunkel, Charles Allen, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Landefeld, Homer Roy, Merchant MarineWiper Jacksonville +
Lawrence, Leroy Pinneo, Merchant Marine23Deck Cadet Jacksonville +
Laws, Naff Lawrence, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Lindsey, Horace Lincoln, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Long, Bernard Franklin, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Lynch, David Bruce, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun) Jacksonville +
Lyon, Lee Byron, Merchant MarineUtility Jacksonville +
Martin, Ralph Allan, Merchant MarineSteward Jacksonville +
McMullen, Foster L., Merchant MarineThird Mate Jacksonville +
Middleton, John Robert, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Miller, Harry Lyons, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Montgomery, Louis Willard, USNRGunner’s Mate Third Class Jacksonville +
Morse, Howard, Merchant MarineRadio Operator Jacksonville +
Norman, Egbert C., USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
O'Neal, Don, Merchant Marine19Oiler Jacksonville +
Paflas, Dan, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Parten, Graham Stone, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Patenaude, Joseph Arsene, Merchant MarineCook Jacksonville +
Patton, Arnold Gene, Merchant MarineUtility Jacksonville +
Pearson, Max Murray, Merchant MarineWiper Jacksonville +
Peterson, Wayne Russell, Merchant MarineFireman/Wiper Jacksonville +
Potts, Denis G., Merchant MarineElectrician Jacksonville +
Prochaska, George William, Merchant MarineDeck Maintainer Jacksonville +
Reed, Robert Henry, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Regions, Jones Peek, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Robbins, William Vernon, Merchant MarineWiper Jacksonville +
Schmitt, Alfred Edward, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Schrader, Denzil Eddy, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Scotchel, Joseph, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Shanower, Maynard Austin, Merchant MarineCook Jacksonville +
Shurin, Paul, Merchant MarineMessman Jacksonville +
Siebert, Valentine Bernelle, Merchant MarineOrdinary Seaman Jacksonville +
Sims, Curtis Edward, Merchant MarineChief Mate Jacksonville +
Smith, Raymond Joseph, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Starlin, Orville Junior, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Stein, Helmert Isadore, Merchant MarineSecond Assistant Engineer Jacksonville +
Stroemple, George Leonard, Merchant MarineOiler Jacksonville +
Tharp, Cecil Eugene, Merchant MarineGalleyman Jacksonville +
Tharp, Leo Gerald, Merchant MarineCook Jacksonville +
Voisine, Renard, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Watson, George Irving, Merchant MarinePurser Jacksonville +
Watt, Frank, USNRLieutenant (junior grade) Jacksonville +
Wavra, Frank Willibald, USNRRadioman Third Class Jacksonville +
Wegs, Marcellus Raymond, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville
Wentworth, Robie Knowles, Merchant MarineThird Assistant Engineer Jacksonville +
White, Ted Franklin, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Wilfong, Dale Edkar, USNRSeaman First Class Jacksonville +
Wilkinson, Ralph Edward, Merchant MarineAble Seaman Jacksonville +
Wilson, Frank Tinnion, Merchant MarineMessman Jacksonville +
Winter, Edgar, Merchant MarineMaster Jacksonville +
Womack, Edgar Clarence, USNRGunner’s Mate Second Class Jacksonville +

80 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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