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HMS Bullen (K 469)

British frigate

National Maritime Museum Photograph #N6367

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British frigate HMS Bullen (K 469).

Aboard HMS Bullen (K 469) when hit on 6 Dec 1944

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ashworth, Ronald Turner, RNR33Sick Berth AttendantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Bacon, Cecil George, RN46Leading StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Baldwin, Alfred, RN21Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Barker, John Knighton, RN35Electrical Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Bell, Frederick, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Beresford, Andrew, RNAble SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469)
Binks, Norman, RNTelegraphistHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Birt, Norman, RN22Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Bowden, Len, RN21StokerHMS Bullen (K 469)
Broadley, Arthur, RN36Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Brown, Robert Leslie Hume, RN22Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Carruthers, Leslie, RN18Ordinary SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Chatfield, Charles Dennis, RN18Ordinary TelegraphistHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Chesney, Albert Charles, RN24Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Christian, Thomas Bethel, RNPetty Officer StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Clark, Thomas Roderick Jackson, RNVR20Sub-LieutenantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Cleaver, John Howell, RN31Mechanician 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Cocks, Thomas, RNStokerHMS Bullen (K 469)
Cook, Max Dominic, RNEngine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Cook, Robert Crawford Clelland, RN20Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Cooper, Norman Geoffrey, RNCoderHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Crossan, Charles McGibbon, RNR36Lieutenant (E)HMS Bullen (K 469) +
Cull, Hugh Scarlett, RN20Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Daft, Harry Downing, RN19Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Davis, Clarence Arthur, RNStoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Dawson, Harry, RN43Canteen ManagerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Duddle, Samuel, RN24Engine Room Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Dyke, Geoffrey, RN20TelegraphistHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Evans, Edward, RN29Stoker 1st ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Farrell, Francis, RNLeading Stores AssistantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Fisher, Frederick Arthur, RN19Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Fitch, Albert Dennis, RN19Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Gibbs, Frank Alfred, RNStoker 2nd ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Griffin, Anthony Keith, RN20Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Gunn, Benjamin McKenzie, RNLeading StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Hall, James, RNCrew memberHMS Bullen (K 469)
Hayden, John Joseph, RN18Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Hayes, John, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Healy, John, RN20Crew memberHMS Bullen (K 469)
Heard, Albert, RNPetty OfficerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Howie, John Tebay, RNVR24Electrical Sub-LieutenantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Huitson, Alan, RN18Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469)
Husselbee, Thomas Henery, RNCrew memberHMS Bullen (K 469)
Jones, Bernard, RNTelegraphistHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Keeler, Stephen, RN18Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469)
Keenan, Thomas Douglas, RN25Petty Officer StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Laird, Wilfred Stewart, RN19Ordinary SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Lloyd, George, RN45Cook (O)HMS Bullen (K 469) +
Lown, Norman E., RN27Petty OfficerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Matthews, Lewis Davie, RNVR30Petty OfficerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Maxted, Thomas Nash, RN44Leading StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
McLoughlin, John Joseph, RN20Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Noon, Walter John, RN21TelegraphistHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Norman, Percy, RN23Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
O'Neill, Edward Francis, RN31Leading Cook (S)HMS Bullen (K 469) +
Ottowell, Joseph William, RN24Leading CookHMS Bullen (K 469)
Palmer, Frank Ernest, RN39CoderHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Parish, Anthony Heron, RN32Lieutenant CommanderHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Patient, Frank, RN26Petty Officer StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Quinn, Thomas, RN20Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Rankin, James Henry, RN19SignalmanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Read, Felix John, RN28Leading StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Rix, William Albert, RN23Ordnance Artificer 4th ClassHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Roberts, Roy, RNOrdinary SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Robinson, Herbert Henry, RN26Leading SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Routh, Peter Stuart, RNVR21Sub-LieutenantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Saunders, Leslie Joseph, RN28Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Sharrar, Victor James, RN19Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Simpson, Frederick Ralph, RN21Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Spencer, Edward Stanton, RNVR35Sub-LieutenantHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Templeman, Richard William, RN34Ordinary SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Tutt, Stanley Archibald, RN23Petty OfficerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Walker, James, RN22Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Ward, James Robert, RN22Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Wardale, Robert Preston, RN25Leading StokerHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Watsham, Dennis Harold, RN18Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Wealthall, Arthur Ronald, RN19Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Whiting, Reginald, RNAble SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Wilson, George David, RN25Able SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Woodcock, Frederick Edwin, RNAble SeamanHMS Bullen (K 469) +
Wright, William F., RN29Petty Officer StewardHMS Bullen (K 469) +

81 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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