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American patrol craft

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American patrol craft USS PE-56.

Aboard USS PE-56 when hit on 23 Apr 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAlexander, John Joseph, USNFireman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanBreeze, John Lawrence, USNRMachinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanBrown, James Orval, USNChief Gunner’s MateUSS PE-56 +
AmericanChapin, Seth E., USNREnsignUSS PE-56 +
AmericanColeman, Robert Gurnett, USNRShip’s Cook Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanCollins, Percy, USNRSteward’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanCunningham, James Oliver, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanDavies, Robert Lee, USNRSoundman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanDavis, Oscar Franklin, USNRMachinist’s Mate Third ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanEarly, James G., USNRLieutenantUSS PE-56 +
AmericanEdwards, Lawrence Leland, USNRGunner’s Mate Third ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanFrane, Cletus Julius, USNRMachinist’s Mate Third ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanGegan, Joseph Patrick, USNRCarpenter’s Mate Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanGlenn, Harold Samuel, USNRMachinist’s Mate First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanGoe, Walter Wrenn, USNRMachinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanGonzales, John Rodriquez, USNRWater Tender Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanGrosch, Arthur Albert, USNCoxswainUSS PE-56 +
AmericanHappoldt, John Atwood, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanHarden, William Lloyd, USNChief Pharmacist’s MateUSS PE-56 +
AmericanJaronik, Daniel Edward, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanJohnson, James Paul, USNPharmacist’s Mate First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanJones, Norris Wilbur, USNRFireman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanKessler, Robert Velgene, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanKnapp, Paul Jaron, USNR18Seaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanLaubach, John Robert, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PE-56 +
AmericanLockhart, Edward Geer, USNMachinist’s Mate First ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanLuttrell, John Edward, USNRSeaman First ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanLydon, Joseph Andrew, USNRRadioman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanManning, Maurice Joseph, USNRWater Tender Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanMathys, Edwin Frederick, USNChief Machinist’s MateUSS PE-56 +
AmericanMcKenzie, Jerry Howard, USNRMachinist’s Mate Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanMerk, John Charles, USNRElectrician’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanMichelsen, Fredrich John Ralph, USNR28Machinist’s Mate First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanMorgan, Willie Benton, USNChief Boatswain’s MateUSS PE-56 +
AmericanNeugen, George William, USNRMachinist’s Mate First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanPetersen, Harold Henry, USNRMachinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanPhelps, Zug Chesley, USNRSignalman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanPhillips, Christopher Columbus, USNRSteward Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanPriestas, Joseph Charles, USNRWater Tender Third ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanPulley, Jasper Davis, USNSeaman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanQuinn, Virgil, USNRShip’s Cook Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanRodman, Harold Ralph, USNRYeoman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanRonald, Archibald, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanSabatino, George, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanScagnelli, John Paul, USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PE-56
AmericanSchneider, Edwin Joseph, USNRRadioman Third ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanSetzer, Joseph Frederick, USNRRadioman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanShinn, Elliott Massey, USNRQuartermaster Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanSmith, James Hutchnes, USNRSteward’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanStafford, Nathan Cheney, USNRFireman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanSurowiec, Leonard Jozef, USNRFireman First ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanSwan, Roy Frederick, USNR24EnsignUSS PE-56 +
AmericanTalley, James Francis, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanThompson, William Austin, USNRFireman First ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanVanderheiden, Ambrose G., USNRLieutenant (junior grade)USS PE-56 +
AmericanWallace, Raymond Robert, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanWengert, Henry Louis, USNRFireman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanWesterlund, Ivar Adolph, USNSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanWhitcomb, Ellis Elmer, USNRSeaman Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanWisniewski, John Albert, USNRRadarman Third ClassUSS PE-56
AmericanWoods, Ralph William, USNRMachinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +
AmericanYoung, Earle Erdelbert, USNRMachinist’s Mate Second ClassUSS PE-56 +

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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