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HMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601)

British M/S trawler

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British M/S trawler HMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601).

Aboard HMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) when hit on 2 May 1945

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishBirkby, Richard Eric, RNWiremanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishBrindley, Joseph, RNPS42EnginemanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishBrown, John Thomas, RNPS29StokerHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishBruce, George Stewart, RNPS21StokerHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishBuchanan, Alexander, RNPS24SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishCappleman, Robert William, RNPS24Leading SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishCarter, Ernest William, RNPS34StokerHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishElliott, Fergus, RNPSStewardHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishEndean, William, RNPS23SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishGarnham, Alan Albert Henry, RNPS20SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishGarrett, Harry Smith, RNPS23SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishGilbert, Stephen Freeman, RNPS24SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishHarling, Frank, RNPSTelegraphistHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishHowes, Arthur Ernest William, RNR36SkipperHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishHughes, Eric, RNPS25StokerHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishJensen, Hans Albert, RNR59Chief SkipperHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishLee, Edward Douglas, RNPSLeading CookHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishMason, John, RNPSEnginemanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishMilnes, John, RNCoxswainHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601)
BritishMyles, Colin Blair, RNPS21SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishPeake, Ronald Arthur, RNPS19SeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishRosie, William, RNPSSeamanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishTaylor, Frank Morton, RNPS31SignalmanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +
BritishTodd, Cyril, RNPS49EnginemanHMS Ebor Wyke (FY 1601) +

24 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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