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José de Larrinaga

British steam merchant

José de Larrinaga under her former name Loch Tay

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant José de Larrinaga.

Aboard José de Larrinaga when hit on 7 Sep 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAnderson, James William, Merchant Navy23SailorJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishCalzada, Dionisio, Merchant Navy39Third Engineer OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
South AfricanCrowie, Charles, Merchant Navy25Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishCuleso, Stagi, Merchant Navy57GreaserJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishDe La Cruz, Juan, Merchant Navy52Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishDonaldson, John, Merchant Navy39Able SeamanJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishDunn, John, Merchant Navy16Deck BoyJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishFarag Mahmoud Ahmed, , Merchant Navy43Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishFenwick, Henry Joseph, Merchant Navy64Third OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishFinlay, William, Merchant Navy17Deck BoyJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishFitzgerald, William, Merchant Navy35CookJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishFoote, Leslie Leonard, Merchant Navy22SailorJosé de Larrinaga +
CanadianGass, Arthur Townshend, Merchant Navy48MasterJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishHamid Ismail, , Merchant Navy50Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishHassan Abdulla, , Merchant Navy41Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishHay, Robert Stanley, Merchant Navy41Boatswain (Bosun)José de Larrinaga +
BritishHetherington, David, Merchant Navy38Chief OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishHolmes, Thomas, Merchant Navy25Second Radio OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishHughes, James, Merchant Navy40First Radio OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishJack, Thomas James, Merchant Navy57Second Engineer OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishLearreta, Juan Pedro, Merchant Navy28Assistant StewardJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMartinez, Teofilo, Merchant Navy43DonkeymanJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMcEvoy, William, Merchant Navy20Galley BoyJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMerrutia, Antonio, Merchant Navy34Chief StewardJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMills, William David, Merchant Navy54Second OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMohamed Ali, , Merchant Navy48Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishMontigo, Domingo, Merchant Navy62Able SeamanJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishNelson, James R., Merchant Navy23SailorJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishNicolson, William, Merchant Navy20SailorJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishNield, Arthur, Merchant Navy23Fourth Engineer OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
South AfricanNoel, John, Merchant Navy25Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishOtaki, Daisaburo, Merchant Navy44CarpenterJosé de Larrinaga +
IndianRaghavan Yakadanath, , Merchant Navy45Assistant StewardJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishRilo, Domingo, Merchant Navy45GreaserJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishRoberts, Robert Howell, Merchant Navy58Chief Engineer OfficerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishRoss, William, Merchant Navy64Able SeamanJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishSalim Seliman, , Merchant Navy29Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishSimmons, Edwin, Merchant Navy52Able SeamanJosé de Larrinaga +
BritishSmith, Albert, RNVR25Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)José de Larrinaga +
BritishThomas, Augustus Bissong, Merchant Navy29Fireman and TrimmerJosé de Larrinaga +

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Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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