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City of Benares

British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship City of Benares.

Aboard City of Benares when hit on 18 Sep 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abdul Ghani, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Haq, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Khaliq, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Latif, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Majid, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Razaq, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Abdul Razaq, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdul Subhan, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Abdullah Ibrahim, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Abdur Rahman Usman, , Merchant NavyCassabCity of Benares +
Ajm-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Ala-Ud-Din Abdul, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Alfonso, Jose, Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Ali Sahib Qadir, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Ali Taj-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Allah, , Merchant NavyScullionCity of Benares +
Allen, Patricia, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Aman Abdul Ghani, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Armes, Emily Eliza, Civilian65PassengerCity of Benares +
Armes, Jane Prue, Civilian59PassengerCity of Benares +
Asher, Hugh Hendry, Merchant Navy39Second OfficerCity of Benares +
Aziz, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Aziz-Ur-Rahman, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Babu, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Bailey, Annie, Merchant Navy36Assistant StewardessCity of Benares +
Baker, Robert, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Bakr-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Baldwin-Webb, James, Civilian47Passenger (Colonel)City of Benares +
Barrett, Kathleen Beatrice, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Barton, Florence, Civilian45PassengerCity of Benares +
Beesley, Edna Doreen, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Beesley, Phyllis Eileen, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Beesley, Vera Ellen D., Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Bhakua, , Merchant NavyScullionCity of Benares +
Bhickoo, Abbas, Merchant Navy22LascarCity of Benares +
Blake, George W.H., Civilian44PassengerCity of Benares +
Brooker, Michael John, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Brown, Gertrude Helen, Civilian66PassengerCity of Benares +
Buchanan, Marion Dick, Civilian21Passenger (Nurse)City of Benares +
Bulmer, Alice Mary, Civilian44PassengerCity of Benares +
Butlin, Enid Evelyn, Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Came, James Reginald, Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Came, Lewis Victor, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Campbell, Helen Robertson Miller, Civilian72PassengerCity of Benares +
Capel, Alan John, Civilian5PassengerCity of Benares +
Carr, Beryl Irene, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Carr, Cecil Frances Muriel, Civilian55PassengerCity of Benares +
Carr, Derek Stanley, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Charnock, Ernest, RN24Ordinary SignalmanCity of Benares +
Chase, Michael John, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Chase, Sheila Astrid, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Choat, Frank Clifford, Civilian52PassengerCity of Benares +
Coleman, Gretchen, Civilian60PassengerCity of Benares +
Cook, Christina Sharp, Merchant Navy52Chief StewardessCity of Benares +
Cooper, Ronald Mitchell, Merchant NavyFourth OfficerCity of Benares
Cornish, Mary Alice Clara, CivilianPassengerCity of Benares
Crawford, George Geoffrey, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Crawley, Pauline Mary, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Crawley, Sheila Anne, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Croasdaile, Florence Alexandra, Civilian38PassengerCity of Benares +
Croasdaile, John Lawrence, Civilian2PassengerCity of Benares +
Croasdaile, Patricia Joan, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Cuthbertson, James, Merchant Navy21Sixth Engineer OfficerCity of Benares +
D'Costa, Silvester, Merchant NavyCookCity of Benares +
Dadds, Vivian Cynthia, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Darasat Ullah, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Daud Balla, , Merchant NavyDonkeymanCity of Benares +
Daud Muhammad, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Deane, Dorothy Wyatt, Civilian61PassengerCity of Benares +
Deane, Maud Goringe, Civilian50PassengerCity of Benares +
Dhondy, Dr. Nadirshah Jamshedji, Civilian27PassengerCity of Benares +
Dixon, Maureen Margaret, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Fairhead, Barbara Ruth, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Fairweather, Alister, Merchant Navy40First Radio OfficerCity of Benares +
Fernandes, Manuel, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardCity of Benares +
Fernandes, Roque S., Merchant NavyScullionCity of Benares +
Fleetwood-Hesketh, Anne Dorothea, Civilian63PassengerCity of Benares +
Fletcher, Duncan, Merchant Navy67SurgeonCity of Benares +
Forster, Jean, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Galliard, Dorothy, Civilian15PassengerCity of Benares +
Ganpat Sakharam, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Gemmell, James Alexander Walker, Merchant Navy24Fourth Engineer OfficerCity of Benares +
Gibbeson, John Cecil, Merchant Navy30Third Engineer OfficerCity of Benares +
Gilliat-Smith, Sybil Antonia Josepha, Civilian25PassengerCity of Benares +
Glover, Phyllis Elizabeth, Civilian37PassengerCity of Benares +
Golightly, William, Civilian66PassengerCity of Benares +
Goodfellow, Christopher Robin, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Goodfellow, Derek Charles, Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Gralinski, Zygmunt, Civilian42PassengerCity of Benares +
Grierson, Ruby Isobel, Civilian36PassengerCity of Benares +
Grimmond, Augusta E., Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Grimmond, Constance J., Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Grimmond, Edward, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Grimmond, Leonard A., Civilian5PassengerCity of Benares +
Grimmond, Violet C., Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Groberman, Maurice, Civilian24PassengerCity of Benares +
Guggenheim, Emma, Civilian59PassengerCity of Benares +
Guggenheim, Hirsch Benjamin Heinrich, Civilian67PassengerCity of Benares +
Harrington, James Wilfred, Civilian7PassengerCity of Benares +
Harrington, Patricia Doreen, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Harris, Helen, Civilian45PassengerCity of Benares +
Hasan Khamis, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Hashim Ali, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Hicks, Nellie, Civilian56PassengerCity of Benares +
Hillman, Maud Gladys, Civilian44PassengerCity of Benares +
Hillyard, Bruce John, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Hillyard, Jeffrey, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Hodgson, Tom, Civilian35PassengerCity of Benares +
Holmes, Terence Brian, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Hurwitz, William, Civilian46PassengerCity of Benares +
Husain, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Husain Muhammad, , Merchant NavyTindalCity of Benares +
Hutchings, Edgar Robert, Civilian50PassengerCity of Benares +
Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Ibrahim Balla, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Ingersleben, Emmely Blanca von, Civilian41PassengerCity of Benares +
Irving, Joan Anne Florence, Civilian15PassengerCity of Benares +
Ismail Adam, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Ismail Mansur, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
Ismail Sultan, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Jafar Khan Haidar Khan, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Jamal Ahmad, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Jhani, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Jungmann, Karl, Civilian40PassengerCity of Benares +
Karim Ali, , Merchant NavyBhandaryCity of Benares +
Keeley, Joyce Mary, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Khosrovy, Faridun, Civilian27PassengerCity of Benares +
Khotu Amin, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
King, Rev. William Henry, Civilian28PassengerCity of Benares +
Ladyman, Margaret, Merchant Navy49NurseCity of Benares +
Lambert, Lilian, Civilian66PassengerCity of Benares +
Lanyi, Jeno, Civilian38PassengerCity of Benares +
Latif, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Lazarus, John S., Merchant NavyRadio OperatorCity of Benares +
Leigh, Derek, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Leitao, Piedade C., Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Leuenberger, Freda, Civilian42PassengerCity of Benares +
Livingstone, Robert William, Merchant Navy42QuartermasterCity of Benares +
Lloyd, Margaret Eleanor, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Lloyd, Nesta, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Lunt, Garath, Merchant Navy20QuartermasterCity of Benares +
MacFarquhar, William Smith, Civilian34PassengerCity of Benares +
Mackinnon, Edmond Julius Gordon, RNR60Rear-Admiral (Commodore 2nd Class)City of Benares +
Macrae, Donald, Merchant Navy27Fifth Engineer OfficerCity of Benares +
Madaz Azad, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Mansfield, Audrey, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Marriott, Harry, Civilian63PassengerCity of Benares +
Marshall, George, RNPetty Officer TelegraphistCity of Benares +
McLachlan, William, Merchant Navy56QuartermasterCity of Benares +
Miller, Robin, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Mitchell, John Colville, Merchant Navy19Sixth Engineer OfficerCity of Benares +
Mollard, Philip Langford, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Moon, William Robert, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Moss, Aileen Sybil, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Moss, Marion Audrey, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Moss, Rita Ann, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Mubarak Ali, , Merchant NavyBakerCity of Benares +
Muhammad, , Merchant NavyPantrymanCity of Benares +
Muhammad Gulab, , Merchant NavyBarberCity of Benares +
Muhammad Gulab, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Muhammad Husain, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Muhammad Ibrahim, , Merchant NavyPaniwallahCity of Benares +
Muhammad Jafar, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Muhammad Khan, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Muhammad Shafi, , Merchant NavyBarberCity of Benares +
Muhammad Shakir, , Merchant NavyBhandaryCity of Benares +
Muhammad Sheikh Daud, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Muhib, , Merchant NavyBhandaryCity of Benares +
Muncey, Audrey, Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Murphy, Ailsa Burgess, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Murphy, Francis Money Graham, Civilian37PassengerCity of Benares +
Mustand Mian, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
Myatt, Beryl, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Nazir, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Nazru Muhammad Nayki, , Merchant NavyPaniwallahCity of Benares +
Nicoll, Landles, Merchant Navy51MasterCity of Benares +
Nolan, Dorothy Sheila, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Nolan, Patricia, Civilian8PassengerCity of Benares +
Olden, Ika, Civilian32PassengerCity of Benares +
Olden, Rudolph, Civilian55PassengerCity of Benares +
Palma, Benedic, Merchant NavyCookCity of Benares +
Panchkori, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Panchu, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Panna, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Pemberton, John, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Pereira, Espexian, Merchant NavyButcher's MateCity of Benares +
Pine, Diana, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Pine, Eileen Emma Maud, Civilian31PassengerCity of Benares +
Poole, Rodger James, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Pugh, Charles Horace, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Pugh, Donald James, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Pugh, John Albert, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Purvis, George, Merchant NavyAssistant StewardCity of Benares
Rahim Bakhsh, , Merchant NavyButlerCity of Benares +
Ramaswami Chikappa, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Ramaswami Ramchandra, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Rangaswami Subramani, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Raskai, Laszlo, Civilian39PassengerCity of Benares +
Razaq Faqir, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Rees, Anita Mary, Civilian14PassengerCity of Benares +
Rees, William Eric, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Rennie, Michael, Civilian23PassengerCity of Benares +
Richardson, Edward Colin Ryder, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares
Roberts, John, Merchant Navy60QuartermasterCity of Benares +
Rodda, Colenso Mackenzie, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Roshan, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Ryan, Annie, Merchant Navy32StewardessCity of Benares
Ryman, Layton George, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Shafi Ullah, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Sharif Sheikh Ismail, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Shaukat Ismail, , Merchant NavySerangCity of Benares +
Sheikh Abbas Usman, , Merchant NavyTindalCity of Benares +
Sheikh Adam, , Merchant NavyBhandaryCity of Benares +
Sheikh Ahmad Bawa Sahib, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Ahmad Kamal-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
Sheikh Ali Ismail, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Sheikh Ali Khotu, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Amjad, , Merchant NavyStewardCity of Benares +
Sheikh Faqir Amin, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Hasan Dharmu, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Husain, , Merchant NavyWinchmanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Husain Sheikh Muhammad, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Ismail Sheikh Ahmad, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
Sheikh Kalu, , Merchant NavyGeneral ServantCity of Benares +
Sheikh Karim, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Sheikh Labhu, , Merchant NavyPantry BoyCity of Benares +
Sheikh Muhammad Jan, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Sheikh Muhammad Sheikh Ibrahim, , Merchant NavyTrimmerCity of Benares +
Sheikh Nur, , Merchant NavyPantrymanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Nur-Ud-Din Bapu, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Sheikh Usman, , Merchant NavyPaniwallahCity of Benares +
Sher Muhammad, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Short, Peter, Civilian5PassengerCity of Benares +
Smith, Dorothy Winifred, Civilian26Passenger (Nurse)City of Benares +
Smith, Edith, Civilian13PassengerCity of Benares +
Smith, Irene, Civilian11PassengerCity of Benares +
Smoolovitch, Henry, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Soria, , Merchant NavyTopassCity of Benares +
Spencer, James Thomas, Civilian5PassengerCity of Benares +
Spencer, Joan Margaret, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Spencer-Davies, John Onslow, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Spencer-Davies, Rosemary Winifred, Civilian15PassengerCity of Benares +
Stern, Kurt Lowe, Civilian29PassengerCity of Benares +
Stewart, Janet Roberts Aitcheson, Civilian37PassengerCity of Benares +
Sulaiman, , Merchant NavyBoyCity of Benares +
Sulaiman Badr-Ud-Din, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Swales, James, Merchant Navy30ElectricianCity of Benares +
Symon, Frank, Merchant Navy27StewardCity of Benares +
Taimas Ullah Azam Ullah, , Merchant NavyGreaserCity of Benares +
Taylor, Anthony Ralph, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Taylor, June Margaret, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Templeton, Robert, Merchant Navy29Able Seaman and QuartermasterCity of Benares
Thorne, Marion Winifred, Civilian7PassengerCity of Benares +
Unwin, Betty, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Usman Baba, , Merchant NavySeamanCity of Benares +
Usman Dhondu, , Merchant NavyFiremanCity of Benares +
Wallace, Agnes H., Merchant Navy25NurseCity of Benares +
Walsh, Gordon, Civilian10PassengerCity of Benares +
Watson, Ann Jordeson, Civilian6PassengerCity of Benares +
Watson, Thomas William, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Wilde, Ethel Martha, Civilian70PassengerCity of Benares +
Willis, Peter John, Civilian12PassengerCity of Benares +
Wilson, Bertha Sproull, Civilian36PassengerCity of Benares +
Wood, Dorothy Gertrude, Civilian9PassengerCity of Benares +
Zeal, B. Margaret, Civilian30PassengerCity of Benares +
Zoond, Bertha, Civilian63PassengerCity of Benares +

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