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City of Simla

British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship City of Simla.

Aboard City of Simla when hit on 20 Sep 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ashraf, J., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Barker, A.E., Civilian4PassengerCity of Simla
Barker, J.P., Civilian11PassengerCity of Simla
Barker, K.M., Civilian42PassengerCity of Simla
Barker, S.P., Civilian10PassengerCity of Simla
Bartleet, J.C., Civilian45PassengerCity of Simla
Bartleet, R.A., Civilian10PassengerCity of Simla
Bartleet, S.T., Civilian6PassengerCity of Simla
Bazely, M.V., Civilian22PassengerCity of Simla
Bazely, P.T., Civilian35PassengerCity of Simla
Bell, F.O., Civilian33PassengerCity of Simla
Bristow, R.A., Civilian15PassengerCity of Simla
Bristow, Ronald George, Civilian15PassengerCity of Simla +
Chevallier, H.C., Civilian40PassengerCity of Simla
Chick, D.I., Civilian20PassengerCity of Simla
Chick, E.A., Civilian44PassengerCity of Simla
Cleave, Isabella Mary Fraser, Civilian32PassengerCity of Simla
Cleave, Maureen Diana, Civilian5PassengerCity of Simla
Cleave, Ysabella Mavis, Civilian3PassengerCity of Simla
Cook, A.M., Civilian43PassengerCity of Simla
Cook, J.O., Civilian17PassengerCity of Simla
Dalley, F.F.M.E., Civilian45PassengerCity of Simla
Dalley, R.P., Civilian52PassengerCity of Simla
Dumbreck, J., Civilian22PassengerCity of Simla
Duncan, P.T., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Ellis, Edna Grace, Civilian38PassengerCity of Simla
Ellis, Janet, Civilian12PassengerCity of Simla
Ellis, Timothy, Civilian8PassengerCity of Simla
Farman, W.D., Civilian41PassengerCity of Simla
Farman, W.F.M., Civilian20PassengerCity of Simla
Fawcett, B.G.M., Civilian14PassengerCity of Simla
Fawcett, D.M., Civilian17PassengerCity of Simla
Fawcett, M.A., Civilian37PassengerCity of Simla
Fearn, J.M., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Fletcher, N., Civilian31PassengerCity of Simla
Foss, M.B., Civilian3PassengerCity of Simla
Foss, N.B., Civilian34PassengerCity of Simla
Foss, T.A.G., Civilian4PassengerCity of Simla
Fryde, Lionel Ernest, Civilian15PassengerCity of Simla +
Fryde, M., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Gell, C.W.M., Civilian22PassengerCity of Simla
Gorringe, F.M.G., Civilian40PassengerCity of Simla
Gorringe, M.E., Civilian11PassengerCity of Simla
Hacon, R.M., Civilian43PassengerCity of Simla
Haggart, A.J., Civilian2PassengerCity of Simla
Haggart, A.K., Civilian42PassengerCity of Simla
Haggart, A.T.L., Civilian47PassengerCity of Simla
Hayward, E., Civilian16PassengerCity of Simla
Hayward, E., Civilian46PassengerCity of Simla
Hayward, P., Civilian14PassengerCity of Simla
Hazeel, Harry Alex, Merchant NavyChief OfficerCity of Simla
Hollis, J.R.S., Civilian15PassengerCity of Simla
Hollis, J.S., Civilian20PassengerCity of Simla
Hollis, M.A.C., Civilian50PassengerCity of Simla
Hollis, M.M., Civilian21PassengerCity of Simla
Hollis, P.L., Civilian17PassengerCity of Simla
Hoyroyd, R.A.F., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Hurrell, H.K., Civilian6PassengerCity of Simla
Hurrell, J.M., Civilian11PassengerCity of Simla
Hurrell, M.E., Civilian46PassengerCity of Simla
Illius, R., Indian Army29PassengerCity of Simla
Jones, I.R., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Jones, M., Civilian45PassengerCity of Simla
Kelly, C.R., Civilian5PassengerCity of Simla
Kelly, J.M., Civilian6PassengerCity of Simla
Kelly, M., Civilian30PassengerCity of Simla
Kennett, B.J., Civilian19PassengerCity of Simla
Kennett, J.B., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Knight, B.C., Civilian29PassengerCity of Simla
Knight, E., Civilian28PassengerCity of Simla
Laidler, H., Civilian38PassengerCity of Simla
Laidler, T.M.R., Civilian1PassengerCity of Simla
McDiarmid, B., Civilian51PassengerCity of Simla
McDiarmid, B.S., Civilian14PassengerCity of Simla
McDiarmid, E.N., Civilian17PassengerCity of Simla
McDiarmid, H., Civilian48PassengerCity of Simla
McLeod, M.A., Civilian25PassengerCity of Simla
McMurrich, E., Civilian66PassengerCity of Simla
Misselbrook, C., Civilian32PassengerCity of Simla
Morrison, A.M., Civilian9PassengerCity of Simla
Morrison, D.J., Civilian11PassengerCity of Simla
Morrison, N., Civilian36PassengerCity of Simla
Morrison, Peter Smith, Merchant NavySecond OfficerCity of Simla, City of Venice
Orr, J.W., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Owen, E., Civilian44PassengerCity of Simla
Pells, G.M., Civilian52PassengerCity of Simla
Percival, Herbert, Merchant NavyMasterCity of Simla
Phelps, J.M., Civilian23PassengerCity of Simla
Powell, A.B., Civilian22PassengerCity of Simla
Prince, A.B., Civilian13PassengerCity of Simla
Prince, M., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Ross-Lewin, H.C., Civilian40PassengerCity of Simla
Ross-Lewin, R.C., Civilian7PassengerCity of Simla
Russell, F.M., Civilian14PassengerCity of Simla
Russell, G.I., Civilian5PassengerCity of Simla
Russell, I.M., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Saville, F., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Shannon, F., Civilian2PassengerCity of Simla
Shannon, M.I., Civilian40PassengerCity of Simla
Shelley, L.G., Civilian34PassengerCity of Simla
Shelley, R.J., Civilian3PassengerCity of Simla
Sladden, E.A., Civilian7PassengerCity of Simla
Sladden, M., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Stewart, James Manson, Merchant NavyShip’s BakerCity of Simla
Streatfield-James, C.G.R., Civilian9PassengerCity of Simla
Streatfield-James, H.E., Civilian35PassengerCity of Simla
Streatfield-James, J.J., Civilian11PassengerCity of Simla
Streatfield-James, T.P., Civilian7PassengerCity of Simla
Tice, M.A.M., Civilian51PassengerCity of Simla
Todd, H.F., Civilian17PassengerCity of Simla
Todd, H.J., Civilian46PassengerCity of Simla
Todd, L.J., Civilian14PassengerCity of Simla
Todd, N., Civilian41PassengerCity of Simla
Treamer, J.S., Civilian24PassengerCity of Simla
Wahib Khan, , Merchant NavySaloon BoyCity of Simla +
Walker, J.C., Civilian51PassengerCity of Simla
Walker, M., Civilian21PassengerCity of Simla
Webb, J.W., Civilian7PassengerCity of Simla
Webb, J.W., Civilian43PassengerCity of Simla
Webb, R.H.C., Civilian5PassengerCity of Simla
Wheeler, D., Civilian38PassengerCity of Simla
Wheeler, M., Civilian9PassengerCity of Simla
White, D.S., Civilian39PassengerCity of Simla
Whitfield, W.H., Civilian23PassengerCity of Simla
Widdicombe, A., Civilian12PassengerCity of Simla
Widdicombe, H., Civilian3PassengerCity of Simla
Widdicombe, J., Civilian7PassengerCity of Simla
Widdicombe, V., Civilian40PassengerCity of Simla
Young, J., Civilian3PassengerCity of Simla
Young, N., Civilian44PassengerCity of Simla

130 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

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