Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats

HMS Patroclus

British Armed Merchant Cruiser

Photo Courtesy of Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Patroclus.

Aboard HMS Patroclus when hit on 4 Nov 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
Abernethy, Thomas Fraser, NAP41FiremanHMS Patroclus +
Arney, Gerald James, RNR39Lieutenant Commander (E)HMS Patroclus +
Aspinall, John Francis, NAP18Fireman’s BoyHMS Patroclus +
Barr, John Barclay, RNVR30Surgeon Lieutenant CommanderHMS Patroclus +
Barr, Kenneth Schollar, RNR39ShipwreckedHMS Laurentic (F 51), HMS Patroclus
Barron, Arthur Sydney, NAP30Radio OfficerHMS Patroclus +
Bryant, John Ronald, RNR27Lieutenant (S)HMS Patroclus +
Burdett, William, NAP24TrimmerHMS Patroclus +
Burke, Thomas, NAP42StewardHMS Patroclus +
Campbell, Charles, NAPAssistant EngineerHMS Patroclus +
Charleston, George, RNVRAble SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Clarke, Arthur Ernest Charles, RN21Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Coleman, Victor Charles, NAP23Radio OfficerHMS Patroclus +
Comer, Edward Joseph, NAP21PainterHMS Patroclus +
Coombs, Reginald Charles Henry, NAP56CarpenterHMS Patroclus +
Crank, Frederick Ronald, RN19CadetHMS Patroclus, HMS Salopian (F 94)
Dalgleish, James, RNVR20Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Davidson, James, RNR20SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Dewar, John, RNR25SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Dodsworth, George Raven, RNR24SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Doward, William, NAP33Assistant StewardHMS Patroclus +
Ellsum, William Augustin, NAP38TrimmerHMS Patroclus +
Frampton, Frederick, RNPetty OfficerHMS Patroclus +
Gillie, Benjamin Edmonds, RNR25Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Goymer, Claude Robert, RN37Petty OfficerHMS Patroclus +
Griffith, Howell Jones, RNRSeamanHMS Patroclus +
Griffiths, Alfred, NAP53GreaserHMS Patroclus +
Gullage, Frederick William, RN20Ordinary SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Hetherington, Norman, RN23Able SeamanHMS Patroclus
Hilliard, Walter Charles, NAP40Leading FiremanHMS Patroclus +
Howard, George Benedict, RNOrdnance Artificer 4th ClassHMS Patroclus +
Howard, William, NAPAssistant StewardHMS Patroclus +
Kemp, Alfred Norman, NAP41Senior ElectricianHMS Patroclus +
Kemp, Walter Leonard, RN37Petty OfficerHMS Patroclus +
Kirkpatrick, Harry, RNRSeamanHMS Patroclus +
Mansell, Walter William, NAP27FiremanHMS Patroclus +
Mason, Eric John Binchie, NAP16Assistant StewardHMS Patroclus +
McCann, James Patrick, RN60Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
McDonald, John Alexander, RNVR26Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
McGuire, Michael, NAP30Assistant StewardHMS Patroclus +
Mirams, Henry George, RN48Chief Petty Officer Sick BerthHMS Patroclus +
Moore, Leslie Bertram, RNAble SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Morris, Arthur Cecil, RN22Ordinary SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Murchie, Robert Shields, RNR41LieutenantHMS Patroclus +
Murphy, Andrew, NAP39TrimmerHMS Patroclus +
Myles, George Cumming, RN21Ordnance Artificer 4th ClassHMS Patroclus +
Phimister, Alexander Campbell, RNR24SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Piddocke, Frederick Stuart, RNR34LieutenantHMS Patroclus +
Reid, Thomas, NAP35FiremanHMS Patroclus +
Rendle, Ronald Walter William, RN21Ordinary SeamanHMS Patroclus, HMS Bickerton (K 466)
Richardson, Eric, RNR46LieutenantHMS Patroclus +
Rimmer, John William, NAP20TrimmerHMS Patroclus +
Roberts, Alec Samuel, NAP23Assistant EngineerHMS Patroclus +
Rondeau, Victor Frederick, RN20Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Roy, Thomas, NAPCarpenter’s MateHMS Patroclus +
Saphier, Thomas, NAP22Fireman’s BoyHMS Patroclus +
Sore, William Samuel, NAP59Assistant StewardHMS Patroclus +
Wade, Charles, RN21Able SeamanHMS Patroclus +
Whyte, James Eric, NAPAssistant EngineerHMS Patroclus +
Wynter, Gerald Charles, RN59Captain (Rtd)HMS Patroclus +

60 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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