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British steam merchant

Kyleglen under her former name Senator. Photo courtesy of State Library of New South Wales

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam merchant Kyleglen.

Aboard Kyleglen when hit on 14 Dec 1940

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAsh, William George, Merchant Navy53DonkeymanKyleglen +
BritishBarjie, Momadon, Merchant Navy29Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishBatchelor, George Rowland, Merchant Navy38First Radio OfficerKyleglen +
BritishBlenkinsopp, Leslie Robinson, Merchant Navy21Third OfficerKyleglen +
BritishBruce, William McPherson, Merchant Navy24SailorKyleglen +
BritishBurke, James Gerald, Merchant Navy15Cabin BoyKyleglen +
BritishBurke, Joseph Pius, Merchant Navy35Deck HandKyleglen +
BritishDavis, John Henry James, Merchant Navy54Chief Engineer OfficerKyleglen +
BritishDudley, John William, Merchant Navy34Able SeamanKyleglen +
BritishFarmer, Ebenezer, Merchant Navy45Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishFewry, Jacob Samuel, Merchant Navy32Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishHammarstrom, Richard Gustave, Merchant Navy19Fourth Engineer OfficerKyleglen +
BritishHarry, John Jelicoe, Merchant Navy25Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishHoward, Bernard, Merchant Navy25SailorKyleglen +
BritishHughes, Thomas Frederick, Merchant Navy31Able SeamanKyleglen +
BritishJames, William Phillip Williams, Merchant Navy25Second OfficerKyleglen +
BritishJohnson, Tommy, Merchant Navy27Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishKane, John Berry, Merchant Navy18Ordinary SeamanKyleglen +
BritishLackenby, Joseph Dobinson, Merchant Navy44Second Engineer OfficerKyleglen +
BritishLee, Henry, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanKyleglen +
BritishLennox, Samuel, Merchant Navy15Mess Room BoyKyleglen +
PortugueseLopez, Jose, Merchant Navy35Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishMacInnes, Donald, Merchant Navy18SailorKyleglen +
BritishMackenzie, Kenneth, Merchant Navy45CookKyleglen +
BritishMcCallum, Thomas, Merchant Navy17Galley BoyKyleglen +
BritishPemberton, Norman Bryce, Merchant Navy33StewardKyleglen +
BritishRamos, John James, Merchant Navy27Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishReardon, John, Merchant Navy24SailorKyleglen +
BritishSadler, Reginald George, Merchant Navy36Chief OfficerKyleglen +
BritishStanley, Richard James, Merchant Navy18Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +
BritishStorer, Thomas, Merchant Navy60MasterKyleglen +
BritishSutherland, Daniel, Merchant Navy28SailorKyleglen +
BritishTemple, Leonard George, Merchant Navy27Third Engineer OfficerKyleglen +
BritishThomson, Arthur Ramsay, Merchant Navy18Second Radio OfficerKyleglen +
BritishWilkinson, Joseph, Merchant Navy45Boatswain (Bosun)Kyleglen +
BritishWilliams, Walter Henry, Merchant Navy24Fireman and TrimmerKyleglen +

36 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.