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British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of the Allen Collection

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Oropesa.

Aboard Oropesa when hit on 16 Jan 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
BritishAncell, Leonard, Merchant Navy40BarkeeperOropesa +
BritishBalshaw, Frederick E., Merchant Navy18ScullionOropesa +
BritishBarnes, Thomas, Merchant Navy59CookOropesa +
BritishBeattie, Colin Fletcher, Merchant Navy19StewardOropesa +
BritishBernhardt, Arthur, Merchant Navy45Chief StewardOropesa +
BritishBernstein, Louis, Merchant Navy19StewardOropesa +
BritishBlincow, Harold, Merchant Navy21Fourth OfficerOropesa +
BritishBlundell, William, Merchant Navy26Fifth Engineer OfficerOropesa +
BritishBrackstone, Alfred William, NAPPassenger (Assistant Cook)Oropesa +
BritishBremble, Robert, Merchant Navy57Chief BakerOropesa +
BritishBrennan, Francis, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishBuckley, Harold, Merchant Navy36Assistant BakerOropesa +
BritishBurgess, George, Merchant Navy28Assistant CookOropesa +
IrishBurke, James J., Merchant NavyRadio OfficerOropesa, Irish Oak
BritishByron, Francis, Merchant Navy21SailorOropesa +
BritishCampbell, Alexander, Merchant Navy38StewardOropesa +
BritishCanavan, Peter, Merchant Navy33StewardOropesa +
BritishChadwick, Arthur J., Merchant Navy42BakerOropesa +
BritishClayton, Kenneth Rowland, Merchant Navy24SailorOropesa +
BritishCollister, Willle Kinley, Merchant Navy42QuartermasterOropesa +
BritishCoxen, Samuel, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishCregeen, Alexander, Merchant Navy48Assistant CookOropesa +
BritishCroft, Harry Edmund Hutton, Merchant Navy55MasterOropesa +
BritishDavison, George, RN34Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Oropesa +
BritishDay, Willie Bertram, NAP51Passenger (Second Steward)Oropesa +
BritishDixon, Robert, Merchant Navy18PantrymanOropesa +
BritishDoolan, Joseph, Merchant Navy54ButcherOropesa +
BritishDuncombe, Benjamin J. J., Merchant Navy56StewardOropesa
BritishEdwards, John Percy, Merchant Navy29Third OfficerOropesa +
BritishElias, John, Merchant Navy38Third Engineer OfficerOropesa +
BritishElliott, Edward, Merchant Navy21Assistant CookOropesa +
BritishEllis, Christopher, Merchant Navy29SailorOropesa +
BritishFagan, Thomas, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanOropesa +
BritishFinch, James, Merchant Navy18Steward's BoyOropesa +
BritishFitzgerald, Robert, Merchant Navy35CookOropesa +
BritishFleming, Edward, Merchant Navy27StewardOropesa +
BritishFlynn, Patrick Joseph, Merchant Navy43StewardOropesa +
BritishFord, William, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishFurlong, Joseph Henry, Merchant Navy26StewardOropesa +
BritishGaulton, Eric Stanley, Merchant Navy28StewardOropesa +
BritishGibson, Frederick Richard, Merchant Navy52StewardOropesa +
BritishGill, Kenneth Stanley, Merchant Navy24StewardOropesa +
BritishGuest, William Philip, Merchant Navy32Lamp TrimmerOropesa +
BritishHall, Arthur Clayton, Merchant Navy23Fifth Engineer OfficerOropesa +
BritishHamill, John Thomas, Merchant Navy34StewardOropesa +
BritishHopkins, Frank, Merchant Navy40GreaserOropesa +
BritishHughes, Donald, Merchant Navy18DonkeymanOropesa
BritishHughes, Leslie Charles, Merchant Navy23SailorOropesa +
BritishHutchings, Douglas William Howard, NAPPassenger (Oiler)Oropesa +
BritishJaffe, Isaac, Merchant Navy22StewardOropesa +
BritishJones, Frank, Merchant Navy26StewardOropesa +
BritishKelly, William Armstrong, Merchant Navy51StewardOropesa +
BritishLeahey, Francis John, Merchant Navy17StewardOropesa +
BritishMagee, Walter, Merchant Navy22PantrymanOropesa +
BritishMaher, Patrick, Merchant Navy64BakerOropesa +
BritishMartin, Thomas, Merchant Navy62GreaserOropesa +
BritishMcCormick, Edward, Merchant Navy19StewardOropesa +
BritishMcDonald, Leslie, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishMcEvoy, Thomas, Merchant Navy40FiremanOropesa +
BritishMcGilvery, Alexander, Merchant Navy31FiremanOropesa +
BritishMcKay, Alexander, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishMcKenny, David, Merchant Navy24Assistant CookOropesa +
BritishMelross, Thomas Alexander, Merchant Navy28StewardOropesa +
BritishMiles, David William Norie, Merchant Navy19ApprenticeOropesa +
BritishMilliken, Samuel, RNR46Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (E))Oropesa +
BritishMullineux, George Alexander, Merchant Navy38Chief StewardOropesa +
BritishMurphy, George, Merchant Navy16Steward's BoyOropesa +
BritishNelson, John, Merchant Navy53Able SeamanOropesa +
BritishO'Connor, Michael, Merchant Navy18Deck BoyOropesa +
BritishParrett, Harold, Merchant Navy27QuartermasterOropesa +
BritishParry, Herbert, Merchant Navy20Assistant ButcherOropesa +
BritishPhillips, Thomas Martin, RNR51Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant (E))Oropesa +
BritishPimlett, George, Merchant Navy16Steward's BoyOropesa +
BritishReardon, Eugene, Merchant Navy52Assistant CookOropesa +
BritishRedmond, Anthony, Merchant Navy18Steward's BoyOropesa +
BritishRegan, John, Merchant Navy26Able SeamanOropesa +
BritishRiley, Peter, Merchant Navy18Assistant ButcherOropesa +
BritishRoberts, George Henry, Merchant Navy36QuartermasterOropesa +
BritishRoberts, Kenneth, Merchant Navy18StewardOropesa +
BritishRobinson, Alfred Henry, Merchant Navy28StewardOropesa +
BritishSansum, Bernard, NAP31Passenger (Scullion)Oropesa +
BritishShakeshaft, John, Merchant Navy17StewardOropesa +
IrishSharkey, William, Merchant Navy40StewardOropesa +
BritishSimpson, Harold, Merchant Navy48StewardOropesa +
BritishSmith, Henry, Merchant Navy20StewardOropesa +
BritishSmith, John Joseph, NAP25Passenger (Oiler)Oropesa +
BritishStafford, Walter, Merchant Navy41GreaserOropesa +
BritishStanton, Owen Samuel, Merchant Navy20FiremanOropesa +
BritishStanton, Samuel, Merchant Navy54GreaserOropesa +
BritishSturgeon, Robert, NAP54Passenger (Oiler)Oropesa +
BritishSumner, Eric James, Merchant Navy18Assistant PantrymanOropesa +
BritishSurr, Jonathan, Merchant Navy41CookOropesa +
BritishTaaffe, Alphonsus, Merchant Navy40StewardOropesa +
BritishTrueman, Joseph, Merchant Navy27StewardOropesa +
BritishTucker, Joseph Edward, Merchant Navy20SailorOropesa +
BritishTunstall, Wilfred, Merchant Navy17Steward's BoyOropesa +
BritishTurner, Charles, Merchant Navy25Sixth Engineer OfficerOropesa +
BritishTurner, Thomas Stother, Merchant Navy60DonkeymanOropesa +
BritishVincent, George, Merchant Navy26GreaserOropesa +
BritishWalker, Kenneth Grahame Johnstone, Merchant Navy26StewardOropesa +
BritishWard, Thomas, Merchant Navy54Assistant ButcherOropesa +
BritishWest, William Kempton, Merchant Navy42PurserOropesa +
BritishWethered, Matthew, Merchant Navy51PantrymanOropesa +
BritishWhelan, Joseph, Merchant Navy17StewardOropesa +
BritishWhitley, Joseph Leonard, Merchant Navy33StewardOropesa +
BritishWhittaker, Joseph, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanOropesa +
BritishWilliams, Henry, Merchant Navy58Chief StewardOropesa +
BritishWilliams, Michael, Merchant Navy36FiremanOropesa +
BritishWoods, George, Merchant Navy40PantrymanOropesa +
BritishYeates, Arthur Frederick, Merchant Navy38CookOropesa +
BritishYow, Ernest Lee, Merchant Navy19StewardOropesa +

111 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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