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British motor tanker

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British motor tanker Conus.

Aboard Conus when hit on 4 Apr 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Ah Chiu, , Merchant Navy39Chief Steward Conus +
Ah Chu, , Merchant Navy22Cook Conus +
Ah Eng, , Merchant Navy21Sailor Conus +
Ah King, , Merchant Navy47Quartermaster Conus +
Ah Seng, , Merchant Navy41Sailor Conus +
Asquith, Charles, Merchant Navy63Master Conus +
Aw Fook, , Merchant Navy55Fireman Conus +
Barnes, Frederick Albert, RN32Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Conus +
Boers, Benjamin Henry Rudolph, Merchant Navy23Third Officer Conus +
Chan Ah King, , Merchant Navy28Sailor Conus +
Chan Ah Moey, , Merchant Navy34Quartermaster Conus +
Ching Ah Fook, , Merchant Navy48Quartermaster Conus +
Chow Sam, , Merchant Navy28Carpenter Conus +
Chow Wing, , Merchant Navy33Fireman Conus +
Coupe, Frank Lionel, Merchant Navy17Third Radio Officer Conus +
Dan Eng Tiew, , Merchant Navy25Cook Conus +
Fung Pui, , Merchant Navy29Mess Room Boy Conus +
Gregory, William George, Merchant Navy28Writer Conus +
Ham, Herbert Wilson, Merchant Navy36Chief Officer Conus +
Hargadon, Thomas Joseph, Merchant Navy29Third Engineer Officer Conus +
Hei Chuan, , Merchant Navy41Steward Conus +
Hoh Po, , Merchant Navy25Fireman Conus +
Jensen, Aage Christian, Merchant Navy34Able Seaman Conus +
Keong On, , Merchant Navy48Fireman Conus +
Kok Hup, , Merchant Navy44Cook Conus +
Lee Yuan Wong, , Merchant Navy50Boatswain (Bosun) Conus +
Leung So, , Merchant Navy43Mess Room Boy Conus +
Lewis, Geoffrey Evelyn, Merchant Navy22First Radio Officer Conus +
Lim Ah Tay, , Merchant Navy20Sailor Conus +
Ling Ah Tay, , Merchant Navy37Sailor Conus +
Lum Ying, , Merchant Navy34Fireman Conus +
Mak Wing, , Merchant Navy45Donkeyman Conus +
McKeown, William Alexander, Merchant Navy20Fifth Engineer Officer Conus +
McPhail, James Francis, RN23Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) Conus +
Miller, William Mcinroy, Merchant Navy30Third Radio Officer Conus +
Morgan, James John, Merchant Navy25Fifth Engineer Officer Conus +
Morgans, Emrys David, Merchant Navy41Chief Engineer Officer Conus +
Peng Wai, , Merchant Navy30Saloon Boy Conus +
Purser, Robert Alfred, Merchant Navy28Fourth Engineer Officer Conus +
Quok Kheer Lai, , Merchant NavySailor Conus +
Russ, Thomas Lindsay, Merchant Navy18Apprentice Conus +
See Ah King, , Merchant Navy30Sailor Conus +
Shai Ah Moi, , Merchant Navy38Quartermaster Conus +
Smailes, Joseph Wilson, Merchant Navy26Fifth Engineer Officer Conus +
Sun Pao, , Merchant Navy44Boy Conus +
Tam Tak, , Merchant Navy30Boy Conus +
Tan Ah Hoe, , Merchant Navy33Sailor Conus +
Tay Ah Chuan, , Merchant Navy32Sailor Conus +
Thomas, William David Emrys, Merchant Navy19Apprentice Alexia, Conus +
Ting Ah Huat, , Merchant Navy39Sailor Conus +
Tong Foo, , Merchant Navy35Cook Conus +
Walker, William, Merchant Navy24Second Officer Conus +
Wardropper, Vladimir Walter, Merchant Navy42Second Engineer Officer Conus +
Weng Peng, , Merchant Navy38Fireman Conus +
Wong Ah Joie, , Merchant Navy40Storekeeper Conus +
Wong Fook, , Merchant Navy35Pumpman Conus +
Wong Tim, , Merchant Navy46Fireman Conus +
Yong Ah King, , Merchant Navy24Boy Conus +
Youn Chow, , Merchant Navy38Fireman Conus +

59 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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