Ships hit by U-boats

Crew lists from ships hit by U-boats


British steam passenger ship

Photo courtesy of Memorial University of Newfoundland

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the British steam passenger ship Nerissa.

Aboard Nerissa when hit on 1 May 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
Allen, William, Civilian48PassengerNerissa +
Almond, Frederick, Merchant Navy18FiremanNerissa +
Almond, Stanley, Civilian54PassengerNerissa +
Amos, Maurice Auguste, Canadian Army29Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Andrews, Frank, Merchant Navy34QuartermasterNerissa +
Anson, Lawrence Warton, Canadian Army29Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Arseneau, Daniel, Canadian Army29Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Ashworth, Victor Lawrence, Canadian Army21Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Atkins, Sydney, Merchant Navy26Bedroom StewardNerissa +
Atkinson, P.S., RAFPassenger (Corporal)Nerissa
Aubin, Etienne Joseph, Canadian Army24Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Aylward, Joseph, Merchant Navy39StewardNerissa +
Bailey, Malcolm U., Merchant Navy26Boatswain (Bosun)Nerissa +
Baltus, John Henry, Canadian Army27Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Barton, William Ronald, Merchant Navy30ElectricianNerissa +
Bateman, William Robert, Canadian Army20Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Bell, Duncan, Canadian Army41Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Belyea, Graham Stanley, Canadian Army20Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Bentley, Owen Newton, Canadian Army26Passenger (Warrant Officer Class I)Nerissa +
Berger, B.A., CivilianPassengerNerissa
Bilak, John, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Black, Henry, Merchant Navy22Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Boudreau, Joseph, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Boulanger, Jean Maurice, Canadian Army26Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Brady, P., Merchant Navy31Vegetable CookNerissa
Bristow, R.C., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
Brookes, Jack, Canadian Army30Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Brooks, John James, Merchant Navy26FiremanNerissa +
Brown, George, Canadian Army19Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Brown, William, Merchant Navy22Fourth Engineer OfficerNerissa +
Bruce, Vernon G., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant)Nerissa
Bruines, Arnold, RAF29Passenger (Warrant Officer)Nerissa +
Buddell, William Frank, Canadian Army21Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Burden, Robert John, Civilian20PassengerNerissa +
Burness, Kenneth Charles, Canadian Army47Passenger (Lieutenant Colonel)Nerissa +
Burns, J., Merchant Navy31Night StewardNerissa
Burns, John Anderson, Canadian Army20Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Burns, Joseph John, Merchant Navy34OilerNerissa +
Butler, Charles Edward, RAFVRPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Nerissa +
Butler, H.J., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant)Nerissa
Cahill, Edmund, Merchant Navy27Third Engineer OfficerNerissa +
Caldwell, William, Canadian Army35Passenger (Warrant Officer Class I)Nerissa +
Calvert, George, Canadian Army29Passenger (Company Quartermaster Sergeant)Nerissa +
Cameron, Robert Laird, Canadian Army29Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Campbell, Faber Romanus, Canadian Army20Passenger (Gunner)Nerissa +
Candow, James Ernest, Merchant Navy32SailorNerissa +
Carter, Allister Karl, Merchant Navy20Able SeamanNerissa +
Cashmore, Thomas, Merchant Navy50StorekeeperNerissa +
Chapman, Adrian, Merchant Navy46Bedroom StewardNerissa +
Chapman, H., Merchant Navy42Second BakerNerissa
Chapple, Norman Eric, Merchant Navy18Galley ScullionNerissa +
Chatwin, George Thomas, Canadian Army44Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Chisholm, J.V.B., Canadian ArmyPassengerNerissa
Clarke, Arthur Claude, Merchant Navy26Fifth Engineer OfficerNerissa +
Clarke, Victor, Canadian Army31Passenger (Company Quartermaster Sergeant)Nerissa +
Clarke, W., British Army19DEMS GunnerNerissa
Cockburn, Lestock Peter, Canadian Army23Passenger (Lance Bombardier)Nerissa
Cockrell, L.P., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Lance Bombardier)Nerissa
Coles, Walter Herb, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant)Nerissa
Collings, Kenneth Brown, Civilian42PassengerNerissa +
Collins, John Wafer, Canadian Army27Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Coosdeo, A.G., Merchant Navy45SurgeonNerissa
Coropka, W., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
Courtney, Peter Paul, Merchant Navy33Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Cowen, Frederick Henry, Merchant Navy25Officers StewardNerissa +
Craig, Gordon Robert, RCN18Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Craig, Wilson Henry, RCN20Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Cummins, John, Merchant Navy36FiremanNerissa +
Currie, Raymond Victor, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Dale, John Ernest, Merchant Navy59PurserNerissa +
Dann, Henry, Merchant Navy31FiremanNerissa +
Davidson, J., British Army19DEMS GunnerNerissa
Davidson, William Alexander, Canadian Army18Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Davidson, William Dixon, Merchant Navy36QuartermasterNerissa +
Davies, Harold Reginald, Merchant Navy28Third Radio OfficerNerissa +
Deadman, Arthur Victor, Civilian34PassengerNerissa +
Denton, F., RNPassenger (Stoker 2nd Class)Nerissa
Denton, Lewis Archer, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Corporal)Nerissa
Dewsnap, Francis Gerald, Merchant Navy22Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Dixon, R.G., RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Nerissa
Doherty, David James, Canadian Army32Passenger (Gunner)Nerissa +
Drew, Donald David Stansfield, Civilian15PassengerNerissa +
Drew, J.G., British Army25DEMS GunnerNerissa
Drew, Vincent, Merchant Navy34Bedroom StewardNerissa +
Dwyer, James, Merchant Navy19Ordinary SeamanNerissa +
Ebbensen, J.J., Royal Norwegian Air ForcePassenger (Second Lieutenant)Nerissa
Edmondson, Henry, Merchant Navy47Chief BakerNerissa +
Edwards, J.R., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant Major)Nerissa
Edwards, Robert Allan, Canadian Army19Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Embree, William Hazen, Canadian Army31Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Evelyn, John, Merchant Navy28Lamp TrimmerNerissa +
Falconer, James N., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Fawcett, Ronald Thayer, Canadian Army36Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Fisher, Ivor Franklin, Canadian Army21Passenger (Signalman)Nerissa +
Fitch, D.C., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Ford, Cecil Wasburry, Merchant Navy25Able SeamanNerissa +
Fordyce, Robert Eugene, Civilian20PassengerNerissa +
Foreman, C.C., CivilianPassengerNerissa
Franklin, E., British Army27DEMS GunnerNerissa
Freeman, David Baines, Merchant Navy22Second OfficerNerissa
Friedrich, Ellis Gustave, Civilian37PassengerNerissa +
Fuller, C., Merchant Navy49ChefNerissa
Gabbott, Herbert C., Merchant Navy47Bedroom StewardNerissa +
Gaffney, Joseph, Merchant Navy37Chief OfficerNerissa
Gallagher, Conal, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Gunner)Nerissa
Gardner, Douglas Raymond, Canadian Army26Passenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa +
Gardner, E., Merchant Navy27Third OfficerNerissa
Garlett, John, RN21Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Nerissa +
Garvin, Walter Alexander, Civilian45PassengerNerissa +
Gibbs, James, Merchant Navy52Engineers' StewardNerissa +
Glatt, Harold, Canadian Army22Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Goodchild, George, Merchant Navy49Second ButcherNerissa +
Grace, Robert Sidney, Merchant Navy38Second PantrymanNerissa +
Graham-Alexander, G., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
Gwynne, George, Merchant Navy34Saloon StewardNerissa
Gwynne, Percy Stanley, Merchant Navy37Dish WasherNerissa
Hall, F.A., Merchant Navy25Saloon WaiterNerissa
Hall, T., Merchant Navy46Bedroom StewardNerissa
Halligan, Benjamin Thomas, Merchant Navy32Senior Second StewardNerissa +
Halligan, William, Merchant Navy15BellboyNerissa +
Hamilton, James Sydney, Canadian Army22Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Harding, Frederick George, Canadian Army28Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Harding, Harry G., Merchant Navy23Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Haritonis, Harold, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Harrison, Charles Kirkness, Merchant Navy39Second Radio OfficerNerissa +
Harrison, Francis Gordon, Canadian Army21Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Harvey, Barnett, RCN20Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Herrington, George Maxwell, Canadian Army38Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Hibbs, Henry, Merchant Navy44Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Hogan, W.L., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Holt, J.S., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Gunner)Nerissa
Howard, Benjamin, Merchant Navy56Captain's StewardNerissa +
Huldin, Karel Theodoor, Merchant Navy41CookNerissa +
Hutton, James, RCN21Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Irvine, Harold Wellington, Canadian Army22Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Jeffery, John Philip Bartlett, Merchant Navy42First Radio OfficerNerissa +
Johnstone, Charles James, Canadian Army37Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Jones, Florence, Merchant Navy50StewardessNerissa +
Jones, J., Merchant Navy20Dish WasherNerissa
Jordan, James Christian, Merchant Navy43Second StewardNerissa +
Keelan, Gerald Frederick, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Kent, C.J., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
King, Stephen, Merchant Navy48FiremanNerissa +
Kippen, James Wendell, Canadian Army25Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Kitching, Stuart Templeton, RCN20Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Kristoffersen, Sverre, Royal Norwegian Air Force25Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Laite, Bradley, Merchant Navy30CarpenterNerissa
Landis, Irvin Trout, Civilian25PassengerNerissa +
Langmead, William Francis Ryan, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanNerissa +
Leadbetter, John, Canadian Army33Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Ledger, Albert, Merchant Navy34Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Ledsham, H.G., RCNVRPassenger (Paymaster Sub-Lieutenant)Nerissa
Lee, Arnold Sherwood, RAFVRPassenger (Squadron Leader)Nerissa +
Leib, Ernest, Canadian Army24Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Leng, Calvert William, Canadian Army26Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Leseize, Henri, Canadian Army34Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Lester, Harold Robert, RCN18Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Livingstone, C., Merchant Navy34Bedroom StewardNerissa
Lock, Stanley Laurence, Canadian Army20Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Lomas, Elizabeth, Civilian26PassengerNerissa +
Lomas, Joan, Civilian4PassengerNerissa +
Lomas, Joseph Edgar, Civilian31PassengerNerissa +
Lomas, Margaret, Civilian3PassengerNerissa +
Lomas, Terence, Civilian6PassengerNerissa +
Long, Richard Brady, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa +
Lowell, Robert Alfred, Civilian25PassengerNerissa +
Lydon, James, Merchant Navy53Chief Engineer OfficerNerissa +
Lynch, Hilda, Merchant Navy34StewardessNerissa +
MacDonald, Neil Richardson, Canadian Army25Passenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa +
Macgillivray, George, Merchant Navy50BarberNerissa +
MacNeil, John Neil, Civilian44PassengerNerissa +
Macphee, J.E., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Madsen, Clinton Edward, Canadian Army33Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Mara, John Hugh Francis, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Martin, B.A., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Company Quartermaster Sergeant)Nerissa
Mayat, H., Merchant Navy42Assistant StewardNerissa
Maynard, John Robert, Canadian Army26Passenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa +
McCrindle, Robert Reynolds, RCN20Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
McEvoy, Ronald P., Merchant Navy20Able SeamanNerissa +
McGovern, Farrell James, Canadian Army28Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
McKay, G.A., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
McKay, Wallace Andrew, Canadian Army26Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
McLeod, William John Barry, Canadian Army33Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
McSweeney, Bernard Daniel, Merchant Navy38Assistant CookNerissa +
Miller, H., CivilianPassengerNerissa
Mills, William Robert Neilson, Canadian Army22Passenger (Lance Sergeant)Nerissa +
Mitchell, Thomas Elvin, Canadian Army20Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Montgomery, Robert Stewart, Civilian59PassengerNerissa +
Morgan, M., Merchant Navy26SailorNerissa
Morris, Frederick Earl, Canadian Army23Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Morris, J., Merchant Navy26Assistant ChefNerissa
Morrison, George Edward, RAFPassenger (Flight Sergeant)Nerissa +
Morrow, George Dixon, Canadian Army56Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Muir, William Edward, Canadian Army39Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Munnings, Oliver William, Civilian52PassengerNerissa +
Musseau, R., Merchant Navy20Able SeamanNerissa
Nadeau, J.I., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Nance, William Harold, Civilian31PassengerNerissa +
Newhouse, J.S., RCNPassenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa
Nicholas, Alfred Roland, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Nicholl-Cadell, Robert Arthur Francis, RN41Passenger (Lieutenant-Commander, Rtd)Nerissa +
Nixon, Francis Robert Woodcock, RCN37Passenger (Paymaster Commander)Nerissa +
Oliver, George Henry, British Army25DEMS GunnerNerissa
Orvin, Charles Peter, RN42Able Seaman (DEMS gunner)Nerissa +
Park, Samuel, Canadian Army34Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Paul, R.G., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa
Pearse, Joseph Desmond, Merchant Navy23Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Pearson, L., RAFPassenger (Aircraftman 2nd Class)Nerissa
Pettit, Howard, Canadian Army18Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Phillips, Donald Octavius, Canadian Army25Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Phillips, James Arthur, Canadian Army18Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Pithart, R.R., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa
Poock, Graham, RAF28Passenger (Flight Sergeant)Nerissa +
Powell, Jack, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Gunner)Nerissa
Price, Stanley, Merchant Navy38ButcherNerissa +
Quistgaard, Alfred Henri Blichfeldt, Royal Norwegian Air Force33Passenger (Second Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Raine, Earle Sturdee, Merchant Navy19Able SeamanNerissa +
Raper, Alfred Baldwin, Civilian52PassengerNerissa +
Rawlins, Francis, Merchant Navy20Ordinary SeamanNerissa +
Ray, Hugh Percy, Civilian59PassengerNerissa +
Reed, Edward Charles, RAF24Passenger (Flight Sergeant)Nerissa +
Reid, James, RNR30Passenger (Ordinary Seaman)Nerissa +
Reid, Robert, Merchant Navy24StewardNerissa +
Riley, Henry, Merchant Navy35OilerNerissa +
Riley, Stephen Samuel, Merchant Navy25Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Robbins, Edward Gorton, RCN21Passenger (Sub-Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Robertson, John, Merchant Navy52Night StewardNerissa +
Robertson, Samuel Stevenson, Civilian35PassengerNerissa +
Robinson, George Louis, Canadian Army21Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Robinson, James Alan, Merchant Navy39Second Engineer OfficerNerissa +
Rodden, R., Merchant Navy43Second CookNerissa
Rose, Lloyd William Alexander, Canadian Army29Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Sanderson, J., Merchant Navy36Saloon WaiterNerissa
Saull, J.L., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant)Nerissa
Scanlon, Richard Pirt, Canadian Army23Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Scharfe, P.E., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Company Sergeant Major)Nerissa
Shaughnesey, J., Canadian Army19Passenger (Gunner)Nerissa
Shea, Omar Cornelius, Canadian Army26Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Sheppard, A., Merchant Navy48CookNerissa
Sherwood, F., RAFPassenger (Flight Sergeant)Nerissa
Sinkins, Walter George, Merchant Navy17ApprenticeNerissa +
Slater, John Frederick Richard, Canadian Army24Passenger (Private)Nerissa +
Smith, Allan Montague, Merchant Navy25Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Smith, G.C., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Lieutenant Colonel)Nerissa
Smith, Robert Glenn, Civilian33PassengerNerissa +
Smith, Thomas, Merchant Navy18Assistant StewardNerissa +
Snow, Henry Sterling, Merchant Navy52OilerNerissa +
Spencer, John, Merchant Navy24Lounge StewardNerissa
Squires, John Francis, Merchant Navy31PrinterNerissa +
Stanfield, Cecil George, Merchant Navy25Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Starke, Arnold Thomas Francis, Canadian Army19Passenger (Bombardier)Nerissa +
Stenli, Odd, Royal Norwegian Air Force26Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Stettaford, Arthur, Merchant Navy37Assistant StewardNerissa +
Stinchcombe, Arthur Roland, RCN20Passenger (Ordinary Telegraphist)Nerissa +
Stojak, Francis, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Sergeant)Nerissa
Stokes, Ronald, Merchant Navy21WriterNerissa +
Storer, Walter Joseph, Merchant Navy27Saloon WaiterNerissa +
Strickland, A.W., Merchant Navy36Chief Steward 3rd ClassNerissa
Stuart-French, Joy, Civilian35PassengerNerissa +
Stuart-French, Robert, British Army38Passenger (Major)Nerissa
Syvret, Herbert, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Taite, O.H., Merchant NavyCarpenterNerissa
Taschereau, Ernest, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Quartermaster Sergeant)Nerissa
Teare, Kenneth William, Merchant Navy20Assistant StewardNerissa +
Thorne, Kenneth, Merchant Navy28Able SeamanNerissa +
Thornhill, A., Merchant Navy31QuartermasterNerissa
Tillbrook, S.A., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa
Tiller, William J., Merchant Navy21ScullionNerissa +
Tinsley, John, Merchant Navy35FiremanNerissa +
Torpey, James Charles, Civilian30PassengerNerissa +
Townshend, John Robert, Canadian Army38Passenger (Captain)Nerissa +
Tree, John Victor, RAFVR38Passenger (Flight Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Trevethick, Thomas Richard, Merchant Navy23OilerNerissa +
Trites, James Albert, Canadian Army32Passenger (Lieutenant)Nerissa +
Trudel, Jean, Canadian Army34Passenger (Staff Sergeant)Nerissa +
Turner, Clifford Redverse, Canadian Army21Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Wakefield, Richard Theodore, Merchant Navy30Second OfficerNerissa +
Walsh, Michael, Merchant Navy54OilerNerissa +
Watson, Gilbert Ratcliffe, Merchant Navy58MasterNerissa +
Weir, Archibald Graham, RAF55Passenger (Wing Commander)Nerissa +
Wells, Reginald Lawrence, Canadian Army31Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Wescott, Luke, Merchant Navy27Able SeamanNerissa
Whiley, J.S., CivilianPassengerNerissa
White, T., Merchant Navy35FiremanNerissa
Whittaker, Thomas Sidney Edwards, Canadian Army41Passenger (Warrant Officer Class II)Nerissa +
Wicks, James H., Merchant Navy27QuartermasterNerissa +
Wilkinson, Leslie Angus Cecil, Canadian Army26Passenger (Corporal)Nerissa +
Williams, Albert, Merchant Navy30Able SeamanNerissa +
Wilson, Bill Omar, Canadian Army24Passenger (Sergeant)Nerissa +
Winspear, Ernest Walter, Merchant Navy30Deck StewardNerissa +
Woodall, John Allison, Civilian33PassengerNerissa +
Woodward, Baxter., Merchant Navy29Able SeamanNerissa
Woodworth, R.W., Canadian ArmyPassenger (Gunner)Nerissa
Wright, James Seigel, Civilian29PassengerNerissa +
Wright, William Charles, Merchant Navy45PantrymanNerissa +
Yeager, David, Canadian ArmyPassenger (Private)Nerissa
Young, A.F., CivilianPassengerNerissa
Young, E.G., CivilianPassengerNerissa
Young, Edward, Merchant Navy36FiremanNerissa +
Young, G., Merchant Navy19Saloon WaiterNerissa

300 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
If you wish to add a crewmember to the listing we would need most of this information: ship name, nationality, name, dob, place of birth, service (merchant marine, ...), rank or job on board. We have place for a photo as well if provided. You can e-mail us the information here.