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Robin Moor

American steam merchant

Photo courtesy of the Mariners Museum, Newport News VA

This is a listing of people associated with this ship.
We also have a detailed page on the American steam merchant Robin Moor.

Aboard Robin Moor when hit on 21 May 1941

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NameAgeRankServed on
AmericanAguirre, Enrique, Merchant Marine56Water TenderRobin Moor
AmericanBatkiewicz, Francis J., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanBennigan, John J., Merchant MarineThird MateRobin Moor
AmericanBlakely, George W., Merchant MarineOilerRobin Moor
AmericanBoyce, Daniel H., Merchant Marine41MessmanRobin Moor
AmericanBurton, Robert Philip, Merchant Marine28Fireman/WatertenderRobin Moor, Samuel Jordan Kirkwood
AmericanBuss, Peter A., Merchant Marine37Boatswain (Bosun)Robin Moor
AmericanCarlisle, Richard, Merchant MarineFiremanRobin Moor
AmericanCary, William, Merchant MarineBoatswain (Bosun)Robin Moor
AmericanCohen, Ben, CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
AmericanCohen, Mrs., CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
AmericanDanielak, Peter P., Merchant MarineWater TenderRobin Moor
BritishEccles, Philip C., Civilian34PassengerRobin Moor
AmericanElrod, Henry, Merchant Marine43Chief EngineerRobin Moor
AmericanElrod, Troy E., Merchant MarineWiperRobin Moor
AmericanGans, Charles, Merchant MarineChief StewardRobin Moor
BritishGemmell, Mr. H.G., CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
BritishGemmell, Mrs., CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
AmericanGrimm, Oscar L., Merchant MarineSecond CookRobin Moor
AmericanHayes, Fred, Merchant Marine30Able SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanJohnson, John, Merchant Marine49Able SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanLaPera, Salvatore A., Merchant MarineOrdinary SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanMalone, William D., Merchant MarineFiremanRobin Moor
AmericanMcCullough, Mrs., CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
AmericanMcCullough, Robbin N., Civilian2PassengerRobin Moor
AmericanMcCullough, Robert W., CivilianPassengerRobin Moor
AmericanMcHenry, John, Merchant Marine30OilerRobin Moor
AmericanMundy, Melvin V., Merchant Marine44First MateRobin Moor
AmericanMurphy, Hugh T., Merchant MarineMessmanRobin Moor
AmericanMyers, Edward W., Merchant Marine48MasterRobin Moor, Seattle Spirit
AmericanNewton, George, Merchant Marine37Radio OperatorRobin Moor
AmericanNilson, Karl, Merchant MarineFirst Assistant EngineerRobin Moor
AmericanO'Neil, James L., Merchant Marine43Able SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanPhillips, Richard Peter, Merchant Marine45Second Assistant EngineerRobin Moor, City of Alma +
AmericanQuinn, Michael J., Merchant Marine39MessmanRobin Moor
Puerto RicanReyes, Jose, Merchant Marine26Ordinary SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanRice, Hollie O., Merchant MarineSeamanRobin Moor
AmericanRuda, Peter P., Merchant Marine39FiremanRobin Moor
AmericanSandelin, Virgil A., Merchant MarineThird Assistant EngineerRobin Moor
AmericanSantos, Antonio, Merchant MarineChief CookRobin Moor
AmericanSchablein, Donald, Merchant Marine21SeamanRobin Moor
AmericanSilver, Lee, Merchant Marine35OilerRobin Moor
AmericanSperber, Morris, Merchant MarineWiperRobin Moor
AmericanStevens, Frank S., Merchant Marine36Mess BoyRobin Moor
AmericanTaylor, Robert E., Merchant Marine39Second MateRobin Moor
AmericanWard, Frank B., Merchant Marine25OilerRobin Moor

46 persons found.

Served on indicates the ships we have listed for the person, some were stationed on multiple ships hit by U-boats.

People missing from this listing? Or perhaps additional information?
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