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Norwegian Motor fishing vessel

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Type:Motor fishing vessel
Tonnage10 tons
Date of attack13 Apr 1944Nationality:      Norwegian
FateSunk by U-711 (Hans-Günther Lange)
Position68° 51'N, 3° 38'E - Grid AF 2124
Complement8 (0 dead and 8 survivors).
RouteTromsø (10 Apr) - Blokken, Vesterålen (11 Apr) - Iceland 
CargoRocks as ballast 
History Registration Code: T 169 HS 
Notes on event

On 13 April 1944 U-711 stopped the motor boat Solvoll (approx. 10 grt) about 200 miles west of the Lofoten Islands. The vessel tried to escape from Norway and had five men, one woman and two children on board. One of the men jumped overboard when the vessel was stopped, but was fished out of the water. The Germans then placed a boarding party aboard, but the vessel developed engine troubles the next day and had to be sunk with the 20mm AA gun. On 14 April the people were landed at Lødingen and were held in a prison by the Gestapo until the end of the war.


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