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Polish Motor merchant

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Type:Motor merchant
Tonnage766 tons
Completed1938 - Crichton-Vulcan AB, Abo 
OwnerZegluga Polska SA, Gdynia 
Date of attack6 Aug 1942Nationality:      Polish
FateSunk by U-66 (Friedrich Markworth)
Position11° 00'N, 57° 30'W - Grid EE 8717
Complement18 (3 dead and 15 survivors).
RoutePara, Brazil (2 Aug) – Port of Spain, Trinidad - New York 
Cargo814 tons of general cargo, including rubber and cocoa 

Completed in April 1938. In September 1939, the Rozewie (Master Lehr) fled to Stockholm but to prevent being interned in Sweden continued via Gothenburg to Rochester, arriving on 14 November. After evacuating refugees from Rouen in May 1940, the ship was interned at Dakar by the Vichy French authorities after the capitulation of France. On 5 Jul 1940, the Rozewie (Master Jerzey Lewandowski managed to escape and headed for Pernambuco to trade between Brazil and the USA.

Notes on event

At 17.19 hours on 6 Aug 1942 the unescorted Rozewie (Master Jerzey Lewandowski) was hit on the starboard side amidships just ahead of the engine room by one torpedo from U-66 while steaming on a non-evasive course at 10 knots about 180 miles east of Tobago. The explosion buckled the deck, destroyed the starboard lifeboat and put the wireless out of action. Two crew members were killed and another was blown overboard and presumably drowned. The survivors immediately abandoned ship in the port boat in choppy seas when she began to settle by the stern with a list to starboard. However, the master ordered three men to return aboard to man the stern gun but the U-boat remained submerged, only surfacing after the ship had sunk by the stern about 10 minutes after the torpedo hit. The men still aboard had to jump overboard and swam to the lifeboat, which was shortly thereafter approached by U-66. The Germans questioned the survivors and asked for the master, who was taken aboard as prisoner, before they left the area at 17.45 hours. The 14 occupants of the lifeboat were picked up by the Norwegian steam merchant Sørvangen and landed Port of Spain on 10 August.

At 14.38 hours the same day, U-155 (Piening) had unsuccessfully attacked the Rozewie with 20 rounds from the deck gun from a distance of 6000 meters, but the U-boat broke off the attack when she returned fire with her armament of one 6pdr gun and three machine guns. Piening then gave up further attacks because in his opinion the ship was too small to fire a torpedo. Shortly afterwards, he sighted U-66 which began to chase the small freighter and eventually sank her.

On boardWe have details of 3 people who were on board

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