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Egyptian Sailing ship

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Type:Sailing ship
Tonnage80 tons
Date of attack7 Sep 1943Nationality:      Egyptian
FateSunk by U-596 (Victor-Wilhelm Nonn)
Position34° 02'N, 33° 05'E - Grid CP 5436
Complement? men (0 dead and ? survivors).
RouteAlexandria - Limassol, Cyprus 
History Registration number: D 169 
Notes on event

At 09.10 hours on 7 Sep 1943, U-596 began to shell the unescorted Hamidieh for seven minutes about 34 miles south of Cape Gata, Cyprus. The schooner caught fire and broke in two. The stern sank after 20 minutes and the forepart was seen to burn for about eight hours before it sank. The survivors were landed at Limassol on 8 September. After this attack, the sailings of schooners were suspended for several days in the Levant Area.


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