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T-896 (No 42)

Soviet M/S trawler

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NameT-896 (No 42)
Type:M/S trawler
Tonnage611 tons
Completed1933 - Zavod No 201 (Marine Works), Sevastopol 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack1 Oct 1943Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-960 (G√ľnther Heinrich)
Position75° 28'N, 83° 25'E - Grid AS 2712
Complement43 (43 dead - no survivors)
History Completed in February 1933 as steam trawler RT-308 Krasnyj Onezhanin for Sevgosrybtrest NKRP. On 9 Nov 1939, the ship was requisitioned by the Soviet Navy, converted to the minesweeper T-894 (No 42) and assigned to the Northern Fleet. She participated in the Winter war against Finland and was returned to the owner on 29 Mar 1940. On 25 Jun 1941, the ship was again requisitioned by the Soviet Navy, converted to the minesweeper T-896 and assigned to the Northern Fleet on 29 July. 
Notes on event

At 18.06 hours on 1 Oct 1943, U-960 fired torpedoes at convoy VA-18 in the Kara Sea and reported the sinking of the Soviet steam merchant A. Andreev (2847 grt) and one patrol vessel, but in fact only T-896 (No 42) (CaptLt V.V. Golubets) was hit and sank 58 miles northwest of Michailov Peninsula. Due to darkness and the threat of another U-boat attack no rescue attempts were undertaken by the remaining ships of convoy. All hands were lost.


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