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Mont Viso

French Steam merchant

Photo courtesy of Edmond Després

NameMont Viso
Type:Steam merchant
Tonnage4,531 tons
Completed1921 - Sir Raylton Dixon & Co Ltd, Middlesbrough 
OwnerSociété Générale de Transports Maritimes à Vapeur SA, Marseilles 
Date of attack3 Nov 1943Nationality:      French
FateSunk by U-593 (Gerd Kelbling)
Position36° 45'N, 1° 55'E - Grid CH 8296
Complement49 (35 dead and 14 survivors).
RouteOran - Augusta - Bari 
CargoWar material 
History Completed in July 1921. After June 1940 the ship was under Vichy French control and in November 1942 joined the Allies while at Lomé, Togo. 
Notes on event

Between 00.47 and 00.48 hours on 3 Nov 1943, U-593 fired three single T-3 torpedoes at the last two ships in the second column of convoy KMS-30 about 40 miles northeast of Tenes, Algeria. It was a very dark night and the Germans could only observe how the last ship opened fire at the phosphorescent torpedo track before it hit the last ship and shortly afterwards they were forced to dive when another ship of convoy opened fire at them. In fact, the Mont Viso (Master Plurien) was hit by two torpedoes on the port side and sank by the bow with a list to port within two minutes. She sank so fast that the only lifeboat launched was dragged down with the ship as it could not be released in time. The survivors had to jump overboard and swam to rafts that floated free or clung to debris. Eight crew members and six gunners were picked within one hour by HMS Bryony (K 192) (Lt T. Hand, RNR), which then located the U-boat at 02.30 hours and carried out a good attack with depth charges before losing contact. The corvette then rejoined convoy and landed the survivors at Algiers later that day. At 0900 hours the AA cruiser HMS Colombo (D 89) (Capt. D.H. Hall-Thompson, RN), which was part of the convoy escort, doubled back to the sinking position to search for survivors during daylight. She arrived in the area around 1100 hours. After searching for about three hours the cruiser set course for Gibraltar. No more survivors had been found.

On boardWe have details of 13 people who were on board

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