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Soviet Coastal minesweeper

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Type:Coastal minesweeper (R class)
Tonnage26 tons
Completed1937 - Zavod No 341, Rybinsk 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack30 Jul 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-481 (Klaus Andersen)
Position59° 33'N, 27° 24'E - Grid AO 3666
Complement? men (? dead and ? survivors).
History Completed as MU-42 for the VVMU and used as training vessel by the Frunze Naval Academy. On 25 July 1941 assigned to the Baltic Fleet and converted to the minesweeper No. 1107. On 7 September 1941 renamed KT-807
Notes on event

At 17.36 hours on 30 July 1944 U-481 fired a Gnat at group of coastal minesweepers in the Narva Bay and observed a hit after 35 seconds and saw the KT-804 sink. At 17.40 hours, a second Gnat was fired that detonated after 1 minutes 55 seconds. Andersen could not observe the sinking of the KT-807, but he saw how the damaged KT-806 was towed away. The U-boat later found wreckage in the area.


ship sunk.

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