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USS Fiske (DE 143)

American Destroyer escort

US Naval Historical Center Photograph #NH53909

NameUSS Fiske (DE 143)
Type:Destroyer escort (Edsall)
Tonnage1,300 tons
Completed1943 - Consolidated Steel Co, Orange TX 
OwnerUnited States Navy 
Date of attack2 Aug 1944Nationality:      American
FateSunk by U-804 (Herbert Meyer)
Position47° 11'N, 33° 29'W - Grid BD 5513
Complement213 officers and men (33 dead and 180 survivors).
History Completed in August 1943. Received one battle star for her WWII service. 
Notes on event

On 2 August 1944 USS Fiske (DE 143) (Lt John Alfred Comley, USNR) was part of the hunter-killer Task Group 22.6 formed around the escort carrier USS Wake Island (CVE 65) and was detached together with the destroyer escort USS Douglas L. Howard (DE 138) to investigate a visual contact about 800 miles east of Cape Race, Newfoundland. The surfaced U-804 quickly dived and fired three Gnats on the approaching warships between 15.31 and 15.36 hours. The first missed, but after 3 minutes the second hit USS Fiske on her starboard side amidships and possibly the third struck her too after 4 minutes 30 seconds. The destroyer escort broke in two after 10 minutes with both parts drifting apart and eventually sinking vertically. The survivors, among them the commander and 50 wounded men, were picked up by USS Farquhar (DE 139), which took them to Argentia for medical attention and subsequently to Boston.

USS Fiske in the foreground after being hit. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270255

The hit amidships broke her in two. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270256

The fore part listing to port. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270257

Both parts drifting apart in patch of fuel oil. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270258

The bow floating vertically in the water. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270259

The stern section drifting upright. US Naval Historical Center Photograph #80-G-270260

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On boardWe have details of 213 people who were on board

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