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BMO-594 (No 90)

Soviet Patrol craft (A/S)

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NameBMO-594 (No 90)
Type:Patrol craft (A/S) (D-3 class)
Tonnage39 tons
Completed1944 - Zavod No 5 (NKVD), Leningrad 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack24 Dec 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-637 (Wolfgang Riekeberg)
Position59° 27'N, 24° 00'E - Grid AO 3547
Complement? men (? dead and ? survivors).
History Commissioned on 28 November 1944 and assigned to the Baltic Fleet. 
Notes on event

At 09.28 hours on 24 December 1944 U-637 fired a spread of three FAT torpedoes at a group of small Soviet warships off Cape Pakri in the Gulf of Finland and heard a detonation after 3 minutes 44 seconds followed by sinking noises. At 09.49 and 10.09 hours, the U-boat fired two Gnats of which the first missed but 3 minutes after the second was fired a detonation was heard and then again sinking noises. However, the only ship hit was the BMO-594 (No 90).


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