Ships hit by U-boats

T-883 (No 37)

Soviet M/S trawler

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NameT-883 (No 37)
Type:M/S trawler
Tonnage633 tons
Completed1931 - AG Neptun Schiffswerft und Maschinenfabrik, Rostock 
OwnerSoviet Navy 
Date of attack29 Dec 1944Nationality:      Soviet
FateSunk by U-995 (Hans-Georg Hess)
Position68° 09'N, 40° 22'E - Grid AW 2297
Complement49 (49 dead - no survivors)
RouteIokanga (29 Dec) - Svyatoj Nos - Iokanga 
History Built as steam trawler RT-45 Dvina for Sevgosrybtrest NKRP. On 25 June 1941 the ship was requisitioned by the Soviet Navy, converted to the minesweeper T-883 (No 37) and on 29 July assigned to the Northern fleet. Since 13 August 1941 part of the White Sea Flotilla. 
Notes on event

At 15.15 hours on 29 December 1944 U-995 fired a torpedo at T-883 (No 37) about 15 miles east of Cape Svyatoj Nos and hit her after 2 minutes 40 seconds, causing the ship to sink fast with only the capsized bow being visible afterwards. At 11.40 hours, the minesweeper had left Iokanga together with the Soviet minesweeper T-887 and the patrol craft BO-142 to sweep the area southeast of Cape Svyatoj Nos prior to the arrival of convoy KB-37. Just when the second minesweeper discovered a U-boat 7.5 miles southeast from the Cape, T-883 (No 37) was torpedoed, but the other ships returned to the harbor without providing any help or searching for the attacker. About two hours after the attack, the Soviet patrol craft BO-225 and BO-227 were dispatched from convoy to search for survivors, but they located nothing in the area.


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