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Balao class

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The submarine Archerfish (SS-311) of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1526 / 2414 BRT 
Length312 feet 
Complement6 + 60 men 
ArmamentTen 21" torpedo tubes, six forward, four aft, 24 torpedoes.
one 4"/50 deck gun.
one 40mm gun.
two .50 cal. machine guns. 
Max speed20.25 / 8.75 kts knots (surfaced/submerged)
EnginesDiesel / Electric 2 shafts 
Power5400 / 2740  (surfaced/submerged)
Notes on classThis class saw extensive service in the Pacific in the war, along with their siblings the Gato-class boats they served as the backbone of the US Submarine Service.

Submarines of this class that have detailed patrol info added are shown in bold in the list below.


All ships of the Balao class

US Navy US Navy (more on US Navy)

Apogon (SS-308)
Archerfish (SS-311)
Aspro (SS-309)
Atule (SS-403)
Balao (SS-285)
Bang (SS-385)
Barbel (SS-316) Lost on 4 Feb 1945
Barbero (SS-317)
Batfish (SS-310)
Baya (SS-318)
Becuna (SS-319)
Bergall (SS-320)
Besugo (SS-321)
Billfish (SS-286)
Blackfin (SS-322)
Blenny (SS-324)
Blower (SS-325)
Blueback (SS-326)
Boarfish (SS-327)
Bowfin (SS-287)
Brill (SS-330)
Bugara (SS-331)
Bullhead (SS-332) Lost on 6 Aug 1945
Bumper (SS-333)
Burrfish (SS-312)
Cabezon (SS-334)
Cabrilla (SS-288)
Caiman (SS-323)
Capelin (SS-289) Lost on 23 Nov 1943
Capitaine (SS-336)
Carbonero (SS-337)
Carp (SS-338)
Catfish (SS-339)
Charr (SS-328)
Chivo (SS-341)
Chopper (SS-342)
Chub (SS-329)
Cisco (SS-290) Lost on 28 Sep 1943
Clamagore (SS-343)
Cobbler (SS-344)
Cochino (SS-345) Lost on 26 Aug 1949
Corporal (SS-346)
Crevalle (SS-291)
Cubera (SS-347)
Cusk (SS-348)
Dentuda (SS-335)
Devilfish (SS-292)
Diodon (SS-349)
Dogfish (SS-350)
Dragonet (SS-293)
Entemedor (SS-340)
Escolar (SS-294) Lost on Oct 1944
Greenfish (SS-351)
Hackleback (SS-295)
Halfbeak (SS-352)
Hardhead (SS-365)
Hawkbill (SS-366)
Icefish (SS-367)
Jallao (SS-368)
Kete (SS-369) Lost on 20 Mar 1945
Kraken (SS-370)
Lagarto (SS-371) Lost on 3 May 1945
Lamprey (SS-372)
Lancetfish (SS-296)
Ling (SS-297)
Lionfish (SS-298)
Lizardfish (SS-373)
Loggerhead (SS-374)
Macabi (SS-375)
Manta (SS-299)
Mapiro (SS-376)
Menhaden (SS-377)
Mero (SS-378)
Moray (SS-300)
Pampanito (SS-383)
Parche (SS-384)
Perch (ii) (SS-313)
Picuda (SS-382)
Pilotfish (SS-386)
Pintado (SS-387)
Pipefish (SS-388)
Piper (SS-409)
Piranha (SS-389)
Plaice (SS-390)
Pomfret (SS-391)
Queenfish (SS-393)
Razorback (SS-394)
Redfish (SS-395)
Roncador (SS-301)
Ronquil (SS-396)
Sabalo (SS-302)
Sablefish (SS-303)
Sand Lance (SS-381)
Scabbardfish (SS-397)
Sea Cat (SS-399)
Sea Devil (SS-400)
Sea Dog (SS-401)
Sea Fox (SS-402)
Sea Owl (SS-405)
Sea Poacher (SS-406)
Sea Robin (SS-407)
Seahorse (SS-304)
Sealion (ii) (SS-315)
Segundo (SS-398)
Sennet (SS-408)
Shark (ii) (SS-314) Lost on 24 Oct 1944
Skate (SS-305)
Spadefish (SS-411)
Spikefish (SS-404)
Spot (SS-413)
Springer (SS-414)
Sterlet (SS-392)
Stickleback (SS-415) Lost on 28 May 1958
Tang (SS-306) Lost on 24 Oct 1944
Threadfin (SS-410)
Tilefish (SS-307)
Tiru (SS-416)
Trepang (SS-412)
Trumpetfish (SS-425)
Turbot (SS-427)
Tusk (SS-426)
Ulna (SS-428)

120 Submarines (122 names) of the Balao class. 11 of them were lost.

Full wartime service history on this vessel.

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Books dealing with this subject include:

Fleet Submarines of World War Two, Walkowiak, Thomas F., 1988
World War II American Submarines, Borchers, Duane D., Sr.,

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