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Havant class

6 ships

The destroyer HMS Harvester (H 19) of the Royal Navy. She was lost on 11 Mar 1943.

Technical information

Displacement1340 BRT 
Length323 feet (oa) 
Complement145 men 

3 4.7" guns (3x1)
8 .5" AA (2x4)
8 21" torpedo tubes (2x4) 

Max speed36 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power38000 HP 
Notes on class

Sometimes included with the H class, these six ships were actually built for Brazil. Size and armament was similar but Brazilian specifications for equipment and interior arrangements did not meet Royal Navy standards. These six Brazilian ships were requisitioned by the British government on 4 September 1939 and taken in hand by the Royal Navy. All ships were given British names beginning with H, although HMS Handy was renamed HMS Harvester on 27 February 1940 for fear of the signal clash with HMS Hardy. HMS Hearty was renamed HMS Hesperus on the same date. 

All ships of the Havant class

Royal Navy Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Harvester (H 19) Lost on 11 Mar 1943
HMS Havant (H 32) Lost on 1 Jun 1940
HMS Havelock (H 88)
HMS Hesperus (H 57)
HMS Highlander (H 44)
HMS Hurricane (H 06) Lost on 24 Dec 1943

6 Destroyers of the Havant class. 3 of them were lost.

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Havant class ships hit by U-boats (2)

11 Mar 1943HMS HarvesterSunkU-432
24 Dec 1943HMS HurricaneSunkU-415

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