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I Drasi tou Polemikou kai Emporikou Ellinikou Naftikou kata ton B' Pagosmio Polemo

by Manolas, Stamatios G., R. Adm. (ret.), Economist - Attorney at Law
(Actions of the Hellenic Navy and Merchant Navy in WWII) (1998, Pitsilos, Athens)
ISBN 9607826140
Paperback, 333 pages, some b&w photos
Description: This is a history of the Hellenic Navy after the capitulation of Greece in April 1941 until the return of the Fleet to Greece in October 1944. After a ...
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Vassilissa Olga

by Metallinos, Konstantinos
(HNS Queen Olga)
A destroyer at war (1996, Hellenic Naval Museum Press)
ISBN 9608562120
Softcover, 386 pages, b&w pictures
Description: This is the story of the Hellenic Royal Navy destroyer Queen Olga, detailing all her operational history up to her sinking by Ju87 attack in the Aegea ...
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Y 1

by Tsoukalas, Elias
(Hellenic Navy Submarine Y 1)
Labros Katsonis (Y 1) (1990, Hellenic Navy Museum)
4th edition. Hardcover, 216 pages, maps, photos
Description: The author of this book is Elias Tsoukalas, Y1's last second officer, who survived while 30 officers and sailors died in Y1's last battle in the Skiat ...
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