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I Drasi tou Polemikou kai Emporikou Ellinikou Naftikou kata ton B' Pagosmio Polemo

By Manolas, Stamatios G., R. Adm. (ret.), Economist - Attorney at Law
(Actions of the Hellenic Navy and Merchant Navy in WWII)
1998, Pitsilos, Athens
ISBN 9607826140
Paperback, 333 pages, some b&w photos
book is in Greek language

Descripton: This is a history of the Hellenic Navy after the capitulation of Greece in April 1941 until the return of the Fleet to Greece in October 1944. After a brief history of the Mediterranean states and the strategic importance of the Mediterranean Sea, the main part of the book narrates the actions of the units of the Fleet in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, etc. It is divided into chapters written more or less chronologically. The last part (no more than thirty pages) is about the Merchant Navy with separate chapters for the Battle of the Atlantic, D-Day, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Liberty ships, etc.